Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Defense: Michael Jackson 'caused his own death'

So reads the headline. and that's as far as I went.

Given that he's shovelled every drug known to man and science down his neck for years, and still clamoured for more, I think it might be a fair assumption that he did.

Perverted demented pathetic paedophile wretch. When I first saw the falsetto fuck on Oprah, he made we want to barf, and then when I saw him on Martin Bashir, listening to how he groomed that kid! fuck me! Predatory cunt. If I'm X and you're Y, that fucker was from an alphabet entirely of his own.

Michael Jackson is a paedo cunt. Was a paedo cunt.

Michael Jackson was a fuckin' paedophile! Stop obsessin' over the cunt!

Glad Michael Jackson is dead the fucking paedo

Fuck Michael Jackson

There's one less child molester in the world today, and we're all going to be assaulted by memorial retrospective teevee specials about it for the next month. Michael Jackson is dead. And good riddance to the batshit crazy pedophile. Fuck him.

And fuck everyone who's driveling on about how "tragic" it is, and how sad they are, and how it's like their childhood died today. And screw the folks simpering about his poor, poor children who have to grow up without him … they're better off. I'm relieved for them. Of course they'll be sad and all, but maybe they'll be able to finish growing up surrounded by a little less crazy now. Maybe they'll be able to go out in public without masks on now … and get into some good therapy before they're permanently mentally fucked like their so-called dad (who is the only black man on earth who could "father" multiple white children, blonde mom or not).

And yeah, yeah, yeah, I know he was acquitted at his child molestation trial. Puh-leeeeeze. OJ was acquitted at his murder trial too, and how many people believe that means he's innocent? Seriously, grown men do not share their beds with little kids unless they're fathers and one of their own kids had a nightmare and came to sleep with mommy & daddy where it's safe. However, wronged people do shut the fuck up about things if very very rich people offer to buy their silence at the right price.

Seriously, even Jacko himself is probably better off dead, and I don't mean that in the "he's in a better place now" sort of way. I mean that as in utter and complete eternal oblivion (which is what I pretty much expect death to be) is preferable to living his life. The guy wasn't just "not firing on all cylinders" … he was trying to drag race with a seized engine and a gas tank full of coffee. His mind didn't exist on the same plane of reality as the rest of the world. Nobody who lives a happy and fulfilled life could possibly let a plastic surgeon turn them into a fucking sideshow freak like good ol' MJ did.

If he'd kicked off after Thriller came out, or maybe one album afterward, I might have been bummed. "Oh, the lost talent! Woe is humanity!" But the sad fact is that Michael Jackson lived long enough to turn into a miserable, deformed lunatic child molester. Big fucking loss to humanity. It's seriously not worth totally clogging the internet over. Wasn't there something important going on somewhere? Like maybe Iran or something? Fuck Michael Jackson

A tip from the comments section, funny and oh so true.


Anonymous said...

"My father was a management genius. But what I really wanted was a dad." (Michael Jackson)

Himself said...

Him and a million others.