Sunday, September 11, 2011

9/11: Architects and Engineers for 911Truth: Experts Speak Out

I haven't done the 9/11 rounds, nor have I any intention of doing so. Imagining well what the content comprises, 50% jingoism and 50% ''lets move on.'' (From those with a vested interest in doing so.)

But how can anybody move on with so many unanswered questions?

The law of physics brought the planet into being. The planet exists due to the law of physics, and one day the planet will cease to exist due to the law of physics.

The law of physics is irrefutable.

For the first second and a half, Building Seven fell at free fall speed.

The only way for a body to fall at free fall speed is that it encounters no resistance in its descent.

Building Seven was brought down, end of story.

The first part of this 140min video deals with Building Seven and then moves on to the Twin Towers.

" Plato is my friend - Aristotle is my friend - but my greatest friend is truth." Isaac Newton


Anonymous said...

Himself said...

I watched all two hours plus of the original. Had I been up to it today I could have written pages on what was discussed in the documentary, I am an engineer when all said and done.

As are all the wonks that made up documentary. And not something they would have done lightly, they know the repercussions that are likely for their forthrightness.