Friday, September 16, 2011

Bluegrass Anyone?

Found, upon my rising from the feathers, a link in my inbox to this lovely tune, beautifully performed.

Could This Kid Be the Next Alison Krauss?

Aissa "AJ" Lee made her bluegrass debut in a pizza place when she was just four years old. "They had to hold me up to the microphone because I was too small," she recalls. "I was so nervous. But then at the end I heard the applause, and it was just kind of magical." She's been performing ever since.

Now 13, AJ plays regularly at bluegrass festivals....more and interview.

But I have to confess that the first time I watched her perform, my heart was stolen by this little munchkin below. What it was exactly that made me feel this way, I've never really analysed. Was it her musical talent, her voice, her confidence, or was it when she blew that harmonica Dillon style that she blew me away as well.

I featured Almira Fawn, along with other musical talent, in a previous post, Harlan County USA. (highly recommended) That same video is the first below, and although not the best acoustics in the world it is still worthy viewing.

I had a bit of a root round this morning and came up with a studio performance and a short interview with this remarkably talented girl. (second below) That search also pitching up, enjoy.


Michael's Woodsongs Blog: Lost little Girl

Tragedy, Elmira's Mother.

Police Say Murdered Lexington Woman Died Of Blunt Force Trauma Injuries.

This below is a comment from Michael's Woodsongs Blog and does nothing other than confirm my utter loathing of these Christian cocksuckers that try to shove their fucking god and their fucking shite into any and everybody's personal tragedy. What fucking cunts they all are.

mpresjohn3 said...

The test of life is to believe that even in our deepest sorrows,it still is Gods Will,not ours. Life is our most precious gift from God;but FAITH is believhing and knowing that Life is Eternal! Almira will reunite with her Mother,in Gods Time! Stay in touch with God,He is still with you! May you feel His Love,wrapped around you! You are in my humble prayers,preston

Cunt! Sanctimonious fucking cunt!

And it gets worse; Father, cops, and don't forget the comments.

Lexington police acknowledge 'failure' in Umi Southworth's death


Couple's focus on daughter's career masked a troubled marriage

Whether Sutherland killed his wife I have no way of knowing, but given what the ''justice'' system is like in the US, the clusterfuck at the scene by the cops, and a wrongful death lawsuit filed against the city of Lexington, I would ere on the side of caution rather than jump to conclusions.

From how it started out this morning, what a shitty post this has turned out to be.

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