Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Tony Blair 'Ere Son You're Nicked!

Not that this is likely to happen, but as the organisation that is offering the reward readily concedes, an arrest is not the object of the exercise, but rather to raise public awareness that Blair is a continuing target of the campaign.

Listening to the girleen from Dublin (first video) describing the security that surrounds Blair was more than interesting. Thus prompting me to dig out one or two more clips of Blair's book signing trip to the Dublin branch of Easons.

Citizen's arrest on Tony Blair worth $4,500
25 July 2011
Press Release: Global Peace And Justice Auckland
by John Minto

GPJA is encouraging interested New Zealanders to earn thousands of dollars by making a citizen's arrest of former British Prime Minister Tony Blair for war crimes committed during the illegal invasion and occupation of Iraq.

Up to one million Iraqi civilians have been killed since the 2003 attacks led by Tony Blair and former US President George Bush using lies and deceit to justify the outrage. Iraq posed no immediate threat to any other country, there were no weapons of mass destruction and no plans or programme to develop WMD. Tony Blair knew this but deceived the public and a gullible media because British multinationals wanted their share of the massive Iraqi oil reserves.

Tony Blair is coming to Auckland on Thursday to speak at a corporate fundraising lunch at Eden Park and anyone able to make a citizens arrest according to the criteria below will earn $4,500.

The details of the reward payments are here http://www.arrestblair.org/ and involve
1.. A non-violent "citizens arrest" of Blair which involves
2.. Getting close enough to utter the words "Mr Blair, this is a citizens' arrest for a crime against peace, namely your decision to launch an unprovoked war against Iraq. I am inviting you to accompany me to a police station to answer the charge."
3.. Having the attempt published in a mainstream news outlet (as opposed to a blog etc)

The money comes from donations received by the website which was started by the UK Guardian columnist George Monbiot.

Whoever makes the arrest will receive a quarter of the pool available which now stands at almost 10 thousand pounds. It's a chance for someone to earn some serious money from a good cause. Three payouts have been made so far from the site but no New Zealanders .yet.

We advise anyone wanting to attempt the arrest to try at the airport when he arrives on Wednesday evening or leaves on Thursday afternoon. Alternatively at his hotel or at the Eden Park dinner.

For example an investment of $495 for a ticket could bring a return of $4,500 within a few hours. Even Tony Blair would approve such a sure-fire investment.

Meanwhile protestors will be gathering outside the Walters Road entrance to the park from 11am this Thursday 28th July. scoop.co.nz

- - -

This site offers a reward to people attempting a peaceful citizen’s arrest of the former British prime minister, Tony Blair, for crimes against peace. Anyone attempting an arrest which meets the rules laid down here will be entitled to one quarter of the money collected at the time of his or her application.

Money donated to this site will be used for no other purpose than to pay bounties for attempts to arrest Tony Blair. All the costs of administering this site will be paid by the site’s founder.*

The intention is to encourage repeated attempts to arrest the former prime minister. We have four purposes:

- To remind people that justice has not yet been done.

- To show Mr Blair that, despite his requests for people to “move on” from Iraq, the mass murder he committed will not be forgotten.

- To put pressure on the authorities of the United Kingdom and the countries he travels through to prosecute him for a crime against peace, or to deliver him for prosecution to the International Criminal Court.

- To discourage other people from repeating his crime.

More at http://www.arrestblair.org/

What a douchbag he is. Listen as Blair has the unadulterated bloody nerve to quote infant mortality as one of the justifications for invading Iraq, conveniently failing to mention that the horrific mortality rate amongst children prior to the invasion was due largely to the result of over a decade UN sanctions. Not to mention the UN's deliberate policy of bombing the shit out of Iraqi infrastructure, denying not just children, but the populace as a whole, to the basics to sustain life.

Richard Dawkins takes the piss.

Part two

Unless of course, these lads take it into their heads to effect an arrest proper. I don't think you could put anything past them.

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Tony Blair should face trial over Iraq war, says Desmond Tutu.


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Well done Ed Miliband!

You picked your moment perfectly, played David Cameron to perfection, reflected the public mood and have scored a massive blow against the Coalition government!

Any comment, Tony Blair?

PS - A bonus is that you have saved many Syrian lives, prevented an escalation in hostilities and shown that 'the special relationship' has to be a two-way street!

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