Tuesday, July 05, 2011

Don't Upset The Huldufólk

For a bloke that doesn't do supernatural, I do love faerie stories.

Icelandic town hopes angry elves have been soothed by songs

It is hoped that elves and hidden people around the north-western Icelandic town of Bolungarvik will start to calm down again following their recent dangerous pranks and humans’ subsequent efforts to appease them.

Local residents sang songs and said prayers in honour of the peeved hidden folk and elves this week in an effort to smooth ruffled feathers. Dynamiting began again midweek following a nasty incident, reported here, where rocks and soil rained down on Bolungarvik.

Some people pointed the finger of blame on angry elves who had finally snapped. The dynamiting for the town’s new avalanche defence barrier comes less than a year after a new road tunnel through the Oshlid hill was completed — neither of which with the prior blessing of the hidden people.

Seers requested the Bolungarvik municipal government make a full apology to the hidden people and elves for the disturbance the avalanche barrier and tunnel have caused them. The council failed to see the potential quirky PR value and refused to co-operate — saying that there must be logical explanations for the recent spate of accidents and breakdowns. Some locals then took matters into their own hands; making up their own peace offering.

“I have now been asked by both elves and men to broker a compromise here, and I hope that this song will suffice,” said Bolungarvik musician Benedikt Sigurdsson. All heavy machinery at the site was stopped while the ceremony went ahead, and pre-school children and other interested residents gathered round to show their support. www.icenews

I've watched a few movies starring Iceland's most famous citizen. She'll do for me, she's a babe for all seasons.


Anonymous said...

watch out for the elves; they set the grass on fire

Anonymous said...

recommended holiday reading (if you get the time)

Arnaldur Indriðason (Iceland's most popular writer)

Himself said...

I shall look into the fellow.

Thank you.

Anonymous said...

I am doing a speech on this place and i wasnt to know if these elves are real or what? im so confused??

Himself said...

How real they are depends on your own imagination.

Anonymous said...

Watch out for the Leprechauns.

If ever captured by a human, the Leprechaun has the magical power to grant three wishes in exchange for their release.

Barmaid: "You might as well accuse me of hating Leprechauns"

Jesus: "Actually I DO hate Leprechauns"

Mo: "Me too – little bastards"


Himself said...

You can't be too careful of those Genies as well.


Anonymous said...

Proponents and opponents.


When you have a group of people who have the job of monitoring the network traffic and deciding what would be allowed and what won’t be increases the risk of non-pornography sites to be added to the list and blocked off, explained Prostur Jonasson of Iceland’s Association of Digital Freedom.


Himself said...

Indeed indeed.

Good morning Maren, thank you for the links, all opened and noted.

Just the one reply today m'darlin' much to do today on and off.

I would prefer to see the same concern over violence, the real pornography of our time.

In fact it was only yesterday I saw a quote of John Lennon's in the tweetsphere, let me see if it's findable.

First result:

“We live in a world where we have to hide to make love, while violence is practiced in broad daylight.” ― John Lennon

Nuff said?

Anonymous said...

Good morning H

Yes, although that may depend on where you live.

We have to be able to discuss a ban on violent pornography, which we all agree has a very harmful effects on young people and can have a clear link to incidences of violent crime. - Iceland's Interior Minister Jonasson

I disagree. That’s using children to make an argument and a gross underestimate of children. Just says it all about Jonasson himself.


The bill is only at the parliamentary committee stage, and is unlikely to be make it onto the statute books. Even if it somehow did it would be ineffective and not fulfil the perceived problem it set out to solve. What is effective is good parenting, responsibility, and education. To blame part of the ills of society on the power of the image credits too much power to the image.

Well said Ewan Spence

A Brit?

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

Good morning H

I agree with Teddy http://bit.ly/1487lNk

Also read some comments here.


For example

Olafur Halldorsson
They're British....

Quess what, from Iceland.

Virtual greetings from NL

Himself said...

Good morning my lovely.

Do have a few oooxxx

Anonymous said...


Himself said...

Thank you Chuck.

Some of the early visuals in the clip, remind me so much of my early childhood, the short pants n'all.

Anonymous said...


Awkwardness or cunningness.

Pornography has become the opium of the masses?

The irony.

Himself said...

Good morning Maren.

He's not read the script has he?


The proles are uneducated and unorganized. They have no say in how anything is run and they seemingly don't care. It is because of their lack of education that the Party deems the proles to be of no threat to them. Because the proles pose no danger to the Party they are generally ignored and thought to be unworthy of attention. They are allowed freedoms and indulgences that are otherwise forbidden by members of the Party. They are permitted to indulge in pornography, prostitution, and other acts considered to be thoughtcrimes. They are allowed these freedoms simply because being that they are the masses, it would be impossible to observe...


Anonymous said...

The date is July 2081 and
Britain is in mourning.


Teachers complain that many children spend their schooldays watching films with one eye and tweeting with the other, while there have been problems with MPs watching pornographic videos surreptitiously in the House of Commons. By law, all internet activity is monitored by the National Surveillance Agency in the gigantic Leveson Building.

Good morning H. I too like a bloke with an imagination, albeit in the Mail. M

Himself said...

Bonjour me lovely.

Anonymous said...

Bandwagon effect.


Well, it is about political will.

Himself said...

You sweet girl, how very thoughtful of you.

You have brightened my day considerably, bless you, and your little cotton socks.

M xxx

Anonymous said...

Good morning m'darlin'

Thanks for the link, it made me feel at home.


They regard their bikes as trusty companions in life's adventures.

Well spotted. M xxx

Himself said...

Good morning dear heart.

I've made a note to read the thing myself.
It was such an ungodly time day when I spotted the article, I could not have attempted a read.

Anonymous said...


According to web safety expert John Carr, cultural factors are behind the numbers. But other factors play a role, including the cost of hosting on web servers.

Dutch reporter Jeroen Wollaars commented that we probably also host the most cat pictures in the world. Our infrastructure is very good. Therefore many servers of American porn providers are here. Nothing to do with liberalism, it's just economics.

Anonymous said...


at least while they are fiddling with themselves they are not fiddling exspences[sic]

But we know that they are not interested in doing any work in Parliament and only filling there own pockets

There was an enormous amount of "research" done in November,they must have been "working" night and day?

Anonymous said...

25 July 2013


Anonymous said...

ID [Isabel Duarte] – Do the children have access to the internet at school?

TC [Trish Cameron] says "yes", but she thinks it is monitored and controlled.


Himself said...

Thanks Chuck, I read the transcript.

No, she's definitely not impressed, is Mrs Judgie.

Anonymous said...


Himself said...

I keep waiting for the moment when someone with power and influence says: I've had enough of this fucker.

Never seems to happen though.