Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Billo You're So Predictable

It's hard to believe it was only a week ago, it seems like a lifetime since I had this to say.

No prizes for guessing how this one will pan out, it will be nothing to do with that nice Mister Murdoch and everything to do with us nasty old Brits. Assuming of course, Fox doesn't keep ignoring the story in the hope it will all go away.

But defining moments in history don't go away that easily. (Murdoch Hackgate: Spin This One Billo)

Now listen to Billo.

Here's one I made earlier.

Here's Rachel Maddow on the subject. I love the spot on, Vinny the Chin analogy for Murdoch.

Maddow: Is Murdoch's "Crazy Like a Fox?"

Last night, Rachel Maddow discussed the pattern of News Corp underlings portraying Rupert Murdoch as "old" and "confused" and whether that reoccurring theme in the company's history might in fact be political strategy on the part of the embattled media behemoth. Maddow is asking whether Murdoch is, in her words, pulling a "Vinny the Chin," referring to the notorious mobster who wandered around the Village trying to make himself seem like an eccentric old guy (it didn't work). And if it's not an act, is it possible that someone could truly be so out of touch with the goings on beneath him as Murdoch appeared to be yesterday, she asks? Alternet

And now for something completely different. Well almost.

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Anonymous said...

Listen to Billo 1:01
O'Reilly: "...correct me if I'm wrong doctor ..."
Doctor: "Yeah, that's absolutely right ..."