Monday, July 11, 2011

Bill Maher: Casey Anthony and Republicans Getting Away With Murder

As expected, Bill Maher is right on the money on both topics.

Maher: Voters Are Like Casey Anthony Jury--Letting GOP Get Away With Murder

Last night's Bill Maher was certainly a potpourri of characters: guests included Ann Coulter, The Nation's Chris Hayes, and Chaz Bono.

Sparks indeed flew, although not necessarily the kind expected (Coulter and Maher's banter frequently veers towards having a nauseating effect on this particular viewer).

Presented below, without further comment, are two clips from Mediaite, including Maher's "New Rules" segment in which he compared voters supporting the GOP with a jury letting a suspected child murderer off the hook, followed by a back-and-forth exchange between the guests over psychotherapy, God, amd Michele Bachmann. alternet

Two versions of the same, they do have a habit of disappearing.

New Rule: Maybe Iraq wasn't ready for democracy--[shot of Phil Spector in huge wig] --and maybe California isn't ready for trial by jury. The jury on Phil Spector has been out two weeks. On this guy. A man who pulled a gun on every woman he met since stereo.

A man who confessed at the crime scene. A man who looks like this. But there's at least one person on that jury saying, "I don't know. She could have killed herself to frame him." Yes. This actress wanted to kill herself and she just happened to meet a guy who puts guns in ladies' mouths. Talk about going to Hollywood and getting your lucky break.

If the person who is holding up this jury writes a book, they have to have the party at Phil Spector's house, and whatever Phil puts in their mouth, they have to suck it. You never know. There's a reasonable doubt. It could be a Slim Jim.


Anonymous said...

Another example of republican contrived laughter: Ann 'I am so in love with myself' Coulter. Amanda Foreman brings true relief and it only takes 14 seconds. M

Himself said...

You're up early, so am I for that matter, but I'm orf back to the feathers for some zeds.

Anonymous said...

Casey Anthony detectives missed 'suffocation' search.

Himself said...

Jeebus! You couldn't make it up.