Monday, July 18, 2011

Murdoch Hackgate All The Latest - Guardian Live Link

You can keep abreast of all the latest shenanigans by bookmarking this live link at the Guardian.

And least we forget.

Plenty more on subjects various, here.

And let us not forget this fellow's ties to the Murdoch empire.

......Given Mitchell’s role as Head of Media Monitoring at the government’s COI, his appointment to ‘Freud Communications’ was somewhat inevitable; the company had links to senior government. Ravii Chandiramani, editor of PR Week, noted that Freud Communications was ‘increasingly moving into the corporate and public affairs space’.

The company’s founder is Matthew Freud, celebrated Labour supporter and unofficial PR consultant to Tony Blair. Freud was responsible organising the 1998 Labour Party Conference. At that time the former ‘enfant terrible’ of London society was boyfriend of Elisabeth Murdoch, daughter of the world’s foremost media magnate, Rupert Murdoch. Having eventually married in the late 1990s, Matthew Freud and Elisabeth Murdoch Freud are now regarded as the United Kingdom's best connected 'power couples'. Elisabeth Murdoch is also a close friend of Peter Mandelson. More

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