Thursday, July 14, 2011

Panorama: Tabloid Hacks Exposed


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Not available in the UK I'm afraid.

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"The pain caused to innocent people is unimaginable. That I was ignorant of what apparently happened is irrelevant and in the circumstances I feel it is proper for me to resign from News Corp and apologise to those hurt by the actions of News of the World." (Les Hinton)

Isn't Hinton contradicting himself? Assuming he was ignorant of what happened, why is it irrelevant. If he really feels sorry for those hurt by the actions of News of the World, I feel it is proper for him to figure out why he was ignorant. M

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Frankly I would also like to see just how many politicians they blackmailed

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At the heart of the scandal were News International's claims that the phone-tapping was the work of a "rogue reporter" - royal reporter Clive Goodman.

In his statement, Hinton says at the time he believed that to be the case.

"When I appeared before the committee in March 2007, I expressed the belief that Clive Goodman had acted alone, but made clear our investigation was continuing. In September 2009, I told the committee there had never been any evidence delivered to me that suggested the conduct had spread beyond one journalist.

"If others had evidence that wrongdoing went further, I was not told about it."

He also has a bridge he wants to sell you.

He might also be readying himself to get out of Dodge before the Feds roll in.

Himself said...

Don't you think that should read, how many they didn't blackmail?

I think I'm far from alone in wishing and hoping and praying, that some disgruntled hack will blow the lid off the McCann case and we can finally see some justice in that little nest of vipers.

The odds on the Screws not hacking the McCann's phones are about the same as Hinton being in the dark about all the rest of it.

Every media outlet in the country is complicit in covering this thing up, the Guardian included. It's one thing to have to comply with a D Notice, but it's something entirely different to ignore the bleedin' obvious and paint the two twats whiter than white.

What do the hacks know about Mitchell's dirty dealings, or Carter-Ruck for that matter? Because surely there could be no more attractive targets for hacking than those scumbags.

Didn't I read somewhere where Mitchell was to be questioned again?

But what are questions from Scotland Yard worth in this enquiry? It's about the same as asking the KGB to look into the ethical conduct of the Stasi.

Let's face it, the Met, the Yard, SOCA, NPIA, they are all a fucking joke, they've already proved that, as well you know.

Ever since the writing was on the wall as to how this case was being dealt with here in the UK, I have contended that justice would never be achieved by due process.

Maintaining that justice, if it were ever to come about, would be accidental and come via the back door. Whether this scandal turns out to be that back door, we have no way of knowing.


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kept in the dark as those behind the wall many years ago, time for change; wonders never cease.

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The Fox video mentioned here should be good for a laugh if nothing else.

I can't be bothered looking for it tonight, but it might be doing the rounds tomorrow.

It's the feathers for me.

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you're the right boy, fighting for right

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Vielan dank.