Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Blog News

Things aren't too sparkling at the moment so I am taking a break until things turn around some biteen.


Anonymous said...

Hope everything is okay and look forward to reading your blog when you return.

Take care, HH

Himself said...

Thanks H.

I just popped in to bring the rogues gallery up to date.

At the moment I just cannot find the slightest inclination to put pen to paper, I think I am maxed out on the whole shabby bunch and all the sordid goings on, to paraphrase, frankly my dear I don't give a fuck.

You keep safe now.


Back to Charlotte said...

Can't say I blame you Himself.

Take a break for a while and hopefully by the time you come back you will feel puckered up with renewed vigour.

God knows I took a long enough break ;) Without it I think I would have gone balmy (although some would say I reached that point some time ago)

Hope you feel better soon,
Charlotte xxx