Friday, April 04, 2008

Pat Condell Talks Islam

I've listened to quite a few monologues from the ubiquitous Pat Condell where the subject as always been Christianity, a typical few minutes in the video below.

Hello angry Christians

But until a few days ago I had never listened to, how shall I describe them? little chats, yes that will suffice, I had never listened to his little chats on the subject of Islam.

So having dropped on one little chat quite by accident I took time out to view some more of his little chats and as a result I offer you four short monologues on the very subject.

Each one chosen for its content only and any little turn of phrase that might pop up just consider it icing on the cake.

This quintessentially English phrase from the quintessential Englishman being one such example.
"Here in the UK we have a technical term for this kind of behaviour, we call it taking the piss."

So, have at it, popcorn optional.

More demands from Islam

Appeasing Islam

Islam in Europe.

A word to Islamofascists


Anonymous said...

He's a real misery.

Anonymous said...

He's real.

Himself said...

Ain't he just.

And he's brave, what with the world being full of religious nutters the way it is.

Anonymous said...