Saturday, April 05, 2008

On This Day April 5th


Berlin disco bombed. Howard Hughes dies. Churchill resigns. and other.


Anonymous said...

Quintessential English humour.

Former prime-minister Gerbrandy had a meeting with Churchill in London. Gerbrandy enters the room and shakes the hand of Churchill, saying: "Goodbye!" Churchill responded: "This is the shortest meeting I have ever had."

Gerbrandy had looked up the English translation of goedendag, which in Dutch can be both used as a greeting and a valediction.

Himself said...

A Dutch man sees a man on his knees using his hand to drink water from one of Amsterdam’s canal.

He walks up to him and says in Dutch “Hey – you can’t drink that water, it’s dirty and will make you sick”.

The tourist shouts back in German: “Was sagen Sie?“ (What are you saying?)

The Dutch man responds in German: “Sie sollen mit zwei haende trinken, das geht besser!” (Use both hands, it’s much better!”)