Wednesday, April 02, 2008

Clarence. Stop, Please!

A press release by Clarence Mitchell, spokesman for the McCanns.

Subject: The arrival of the Polícia Judiciária on April 7th to re-question the friends of the McCanns regarding events surrounding the disappearance of Madeleine McCann and to attempt to clarify discrepancies in the statements given to the PJ by the friends, the so called "Tapas Seven."

Kate and Gerry McCann are formal suspects in the disappearance of their daughter.

Mr Mitchell said: “We would hope that the police will do the decent and proper thing and open up the files."

“I would go further than that, and say once they have completed the interviews with the friends, they should go back to Portugal and assess the evidence and eliminate Kate and Gerry and allow everyone once again to concentrate on the search for Madeleine.”

"Kate and Gerry and their friends have long expected this visit by Portuguese police officers."

"It comes as no surprise to them at all that some reports in the Portuguese papers in the last few days have been speculating about the arrival date."

" I am not in a position to confirm any dates or give any details about the re-interviewing of the friends and all matters will have to go to Leicestershire police to be dealt with."

"However, Kate and Gerry and their friends welcome the police interviews. The friends are more than happy to co-operate fully, as are Kate and Gerry, although in this case Kate and Gerry will not be re-interviewed."

" This has not been requested but Kate and Gerry would have agreed to answer any questions had they police wished to put anything to them.

" There were some reports from Portugal last week that police were not going the question Kate and Gerry because they thought they would not co-operate. This is utterly ridiculous and completely baseless."

"Kate and Gerry and their friends see this as an important chance to help the police."

" We hope that the police will realise that there is no evidence to link Kate and Gerry with Madeleine's disappearance in any way and that they will be rapidly eliminated from the inquiry and the arguido status, which was imposed too hastily as the head of the Portuguese admitted, will be lifted as soon as possible."


Anonymous said...

scroll down a tad, LØOK Betty, text above: "I cannot resist this picture" - it's a small world,
another fan.

Himself said...


You're not the only one that gets around.

Will I become rich and famous one day, when I publish my big book of cartoons?

If we ever get a conviction that is.