Friday, April 04, 2008

Mugabe Not For Going


I have to plead guilty to neglecting the blog this past week, such is life.

My little old Mammy said to me yesterday, "He's eighty four, why on earth does he want to be be re-elected for another term."

Perhaps he's afraid of the knock on the door if he is no longer in power says I.

Ah so said the Mammy.

Black Bob is not for going.

Don't mind the graphic, nostalgia not racism and my penchant for word play.

Zimbabwe's ruling Zanu-PF has for several days been on the defensive.

In the face of the party's defeat in parliamentary elections, losing its majority for the first time in 28 years of independence, the leadership had nothing to say in public.

Requests for interviews were summarily dismissed. In private, Zanu-PF was trying to work out how to respond to what a serious and unexpected blow.more


Anonymous said...

Ah so. M x

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Hello Chuck, while it's still in my mouse, have a read of this.

Do you have all this India call centre rubbish in the Netherlands?

Email to Talk talk details removed.

To add further to my unresolved problems, I find that now, I can neither send or receive calls or text messages at all.

Now, please read what I say and not what you think, or that which is shown on your screen relative to my account.

My own screen shows an active account for yyy

It also shows the optional account xxx as inactive.

When I first joined talk talk I asked to retain my original Orange number xxx

This you failed to heed, or to implement; sending me as you did, a sim with the number yyy

When I pointed your failure to carry out my instructions, you then rectified the matter by sending me a new sim for xxx and asking me, as far as I can remember, to destroy the sim card for yyy which I did.

So, without the sim card for yyy I cannot, and never have, only perhaps prior to receiving my correct sim, made any telephone calls or text messages on the number yyy

Do you understand, this is not a variable and not something to be argued? It is an undeniable fact.

Consequently, I ask you once again to sort out this anomaly, which must have its genesis in your very questionable accounting methods.

But in the meantime, and with no little urgency on your part, please resume my service for xxx as soon as is humanly possible.

I shouldn't have to, but I think I must, remind you that in this current age, the loss of cell phone service is no small or insignificant matter.


Actually I'm not long in, so I ain't looked at anything today, save for a brief spell this morning.

The WW girls are doing splendidly, about another week I think.

Himself said...

Thanks for the pic, it's quite a spectacular view. I've never seen a similar view.

Himself said...

Challenging the Dutch?

Anonymous said...

nakedsecurity :)

Anonymous said...

Good morning m'dear.
Thanks for the link, will forward to other interested parties. M x