Friday, April 04, 2008

Mosely "Not Going": Don't Bet The Farm and a WTF Is This?

Max, one word, toast.

FIA president Max Mosley is facing renewed pressure to resign over newspaper allegations about his private life.

Germany’s national motoring body, ADAC, has written to Mosley asking him to “very carefully reconsider his role” in light of the controversy.

And the Dutch motorsport federation, KNAF, has said it will vote for Mosley to stand down at the upcoming extraordinary general meeting of the FIA membership.

On Thursday four of the six major car manufacturers involved in Formula 1 expressed their concern that the scandal risked damaging the sport's image and the FIA's reputation, and urged the governing body to give an official response.more

But what I find most bizarre is Mosely's response to the statement issued by BMW/Mercedes.

What The Fuck kind of a reply is this to make in the twenty first century to the two leading German auto manufacturers and major participants in Formula One?

"Given the history of BMW and Mercedes Benz, particularly........" Stroll on! need I say more?

Get the fuck gone Max you're goddamn embarrassment, not only to yourself but to everyone else and the sport I love.

H/T Pitpass for the screen capture, they seem a bit possessive of their words.

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