Sunday, April 06, 2008

Why Do Some Google Searches Go Viral?


They come in all colours, shapes and sizes; tits that is, or more specifically for the purpose of this post, bare tits.

I could change the subject matter, for their have been previous subjects, that for reasons unknown and especially to me, that have gone viral in Google searches.

Why so? I haven't the foggiest idea and if there is someone out there that can give me an answer I would be more than grateful.

As I mention, there have been other stories that have gone off the scale in the way of searches, but the one that most sticks in the mind was this one:
Aunty Maiduguri And Her Four "Wives"

With the follow up here:
Aunty Maiduguri To replace Sappho?

And in part I said this at the second article:

I have just totted up "aunty maiduguri" hits to the blog made via a Google search, fifty four hits from Google out of the last hundred visits, and from every corner of the globe.
Why the interest? I haven't a clue.

The above just about says it all, so if we apply the same to this story and ask the same question, it's not unreasonable to come up with the same answer, I haven't a clue.

So let's have a look at the story that's causing the current wave of inexplicable interest.

It is hardly an earth shattering revelation, nor a story that is current, but the hits for "bums for Bush" have been many but the hits for "bare tits" are off the scale and have been so for weeks.

There must be, I can only assume, some mechanism in place that promotes people to make this specific search, it can't be from porn fans as I'm sure no self respecting porn head would be Googling bare tits, I rather think their searches would be, shall I say, a tad more interesting.

Can anybody enlighten me as to why?

Now having written all this I can indulge myself in decorating the post with my kind of "bare tits."

Friday, September 07, 2007

Wot No Sheilas? Bums Out For Bush

Judging from the photo it's just the blokes dropping their strides. What ever happened to tits out for the lads?

A protest involving around 50 bare-bottomed activists spilled onto Sydney streets today, stalling an APEC motorcade and triggering scuffles with police.

The Bums for Bush campaign was hailed a success by organisers, even though drizzling rain kept many protesters away from the mooning anti-Bush protest.

Around 50 people lined up at Hyde Park's north end and mooned an audience of several hundred people, including supporters and media. more

And just to prove the point this is a screen capture from today.


krakherjack said...
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krakherjack said...

i can answer that for you, well maybe.
the whole way i found this post was by searching guessed it "bare titts"
i am a female and i am married so i have no reason to be a "hard core porn addict" as you called it however i do like the ladies as well [and being married i donnot get to...act out this part of my sexuality] so i search for "bare titts" so that i can admire for a bit.
another answer are teenage boys who may not be hardcore porn addicts but just need a little bit to...relieve tension.

Himself said...

Good morning, thank you for your reply it is much appreciated.

Initially I have to say I remained unconvinced by your argument so for the first time I did a "bare tits" search, and yes I think you could well be right.

All I can imagine is that once the photo of the lass with her tits out on my "bums for Bush" post started moving up the Google rankings then the whole thing began to snowball.

Your theory would also go a long way way to explain why the "aunty Madiguri" post took off as it did.

By design and to add a little interest I have always illustrated my posts with graphics relevant, though not necessarily original to the story at hand.

With this in mind it is most probable that my use the photo of the five black girls about to get it together sent the post to the top of the rankings and as such it went "viral."

So I have to now say you are quite right, no mechanism in place at all, just the power of a relevant and shall I say interesting photo.

The hard/soft porn thing I can well imagine, on the odd occasion that I have tried to find a tasteful image to illustrate some post or other can take an awful lot of finding in among all the hardcore, how we men have to suffer at times.

I note with some sadness that you are unable to share with or be open about what in part is an important element of your essence.

I know not your taste in ladies, and as long as it doesn't run to milk cows, might then I recommend to you "Met Art," lovely creatures abound there, those that adorn this post are in fact "Met Girls."

Again thank you for taking the time to reply, I wish you peace and fulfilment.