Friday, July 06, 2007

Time To Get The Flags Out. Brown Gets Nationalistic

He said: "When I came into government I realised that you could only fly the flag on 18 days in the year and I thought that was wrong."

He said he also wanted to promote British values of liberty and fairness.

Mr Brown made "Britishness" a key theme in his pitch for the Labour leadership, often appearing against a union flag backdrop.

But he has faced criticism in the past over his calls for a national British day and for praising the American practice of flying the national flag in private gardens. Stop please

Thankfully we don't do much of it any more, wave the flag of empire that is.
Do I say thankfully because I'm not nationalistic? probably, or do I say this because of what the Union Flag represents? definitely.

You see when you are a realist and you cut away the nationalistic fervour and all the bullshit that surrounds these bits of cloth and take a good look at what they have been built on and truly represent, well they're not something a fellow can take a great deal of pride in, and the last thing that any realist wants to be seen waving is this symbol of empire and repression. Previous.

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