Tuesday, July 03, 2007

Save Your Prayers For Those That Need Them


Give thanks to God for the excellent work of the American military in the capture of Saddam Hussein. Praise Him for the diligence and attention to detail that led to this monumental event, and for the answered prayers of millions of Americans. Rejoice with President Bush and his team in the opportunity for freedom for the people of Iraq. Pray with the President for the ongoing efforts to build a hopeful and self-governing Iraq.

As reaction to Saddam’s capture has sparked uprisings and violence, pray for peace and calm in Iraq, and protection for our troops.

Pray for the President and Mrs. Bush as well as Barbara, Jenna and other family members as they gather at Camp David this week. Pray for their safety, enjoyment and for the blessing of God to be with them.

As Christmas nears, pray that the spirit of the holiday will spread throughout our nation—that compassion, hope, peace and generosity will characterize our national culture. Pray for those who are homeless, in poverty, addicted or lonely this Christmas, that the love of God will be shed on the neediest Americans. Pray that many will step up to serve their fellow citizens in need.

Pray for the troops who are spending Christmas away from home, friends and family in foreign cultures. Pray that they will remember the constants of the season—God’s love and plan for the world, the high calling of their service to America, and the responsibility they have to honor and serve their Commander-in-Chief with integrity and faithfulness.

Pray for the members of Congress and the Pentagon as they evaluate the necessity of increasing the number of active military held by each branch of the Armed Forces. As more and more troops are called on to serve in the Middle East, many feel there is a need for greater numbers of well-prepared military.

Presidential Prayer Team Dec18 2003

"Free" & Ruined Lives.

I want to burn Plato's Republic and spit on your Constitution, on your Founding Fathers, on your Laws...

Free limbs, detached, solitary limbs, scattered to the four cardinal points and a bleeding heart in the middle, like a compass.
An arm to the West, a leg to the East, a head down South and a torso up North...And that damned bleeding heart in the Center.

Free, so free...
Free, free in Prisons. Free, so free in Detention centers...
Detention centers in the Mnistry of Interior, Ministry of Defense and Ministry of Justice!
Crammed, packed, jammed... The smell of blood, urine and feces...covering the infected wounds. Wounds of torture born on transparent skins covering rib cages...

Free, so free.
Tortured and Free in American camps. Sodomized and Free - American democracy flavor. Tortured and Free, whipped by sectarianism - Iranian flavor. Oh so Free. more

Layla Anwar. arabwomanblues

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