Sunday, June 24, 2007

What Next For Blair ?

If we lived in a world where justice prevailed the snatch squad would have him whisked off to the Hague to stand trial.
If Blair thinks he is going to wander the globe Clintonesque style and play the elder statesman methinks he's in for a bit of a shock, he may be delusional but the rest of the world ain't.

If you have never watched the "Trial of Tony Blair" I can thoroughly recommended it, available in bite sized chunks here.

According to one of Blair's closest advisers: "Tony is obsessed with the idea of becoming a roving envoy who would seek to reconcile the Abrahamic religions of Christianity, Judaism and Islam."
Blair sought Papal endorsement for his plans to set up an inter-faith foundation - headed by himself.

And there are also strong hopes in the White House of Blair becoming a Middle East peace negotiator on behalf of the West.
Ken Clarke scoffs at these ideas: "Not that Tony would ask for my advice, but if he did I would say, 'forget about reconciling the faiths. You have disqualified yourself from that in a very big way'." more

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