Wednesday, June 27, 2007

The Left Has Prissy Little Fucks Too

Stroll on! how repressed can you get?

And don't miss the nipple on the woman to the right of Coulter - it's simply bizarre that any human being would dress in public like that. You really have to see it live on TV, it's inappropriate as hell, and actually quite apropos of the entire broadcast (and typical of a Republican Coulter fan - no marriage for me, but feel free to flaunt your nipples in public).......Article

Well, then I live in a very different universe from a lot of you. Because people I know would find a woman dressed like that totally inappropriate. I suspect a lot of you, in your heart of hearts, know exactly what I'm talking about. Tell me, you'd have no problem with your daughter, wife, or partner (or mother) dressing in public like that? I just find it very hard to believe that the majority of you really think, in your heart of hearts, that that's appropriate dress in public.


Anonymous said...

We have war, murder, child abuse, hunger, homelessness, torture, famine, disease, climate change, etc. to worry about. Now apparently a woman's nipple has pushed its way onto the list of world problems. I am so sick of hearing this shit over here. Cant breast feed in public because little Johnny may see some booby. Wow....In the mean time, little Johnny's 14 year old sister has her tits and ass hanging out all over the place giving every perv on the block beat off material for months. Seriously this shit happens all the time here. It used to be breasts were frowned on, but with every woman who wants flashing cleavage from the front and side, the morality police have decided that as long as the nipple is covered it is all right. But by god if that nipple flashes there will be hell to pay. I am getting so sick of this backward, repressed, bigoted excuse of a nation. I am sick of beating my head against a brick wall trying to get just one person to understand that hatred is not okay. One of these days I am moving to Canada. Every preist in this country seems to have a hard on for little boys, but don't show the titty. Wow....makes sense to me...HH

Himself said...

Not much I can add to that H, only maybe that they have healthcare in Canada!

I didn't think breast feeding was a problem, I did an article sometime back that EVEN Texas was OK with it.

Maybe because they're used to tits, they had one for Governor long enough.