Friday, June 29, 2007

Stop! You're Hurting My Head

There can be a downside to asking questions, sometimes we are given an answer we don't really want to hear, as in a few home truths for instance, let's face it none of us is perfect.

And another downside is not what you ask but who you ask, for the world abounds with snake oil salesmen, charlatans and others of dubious character.

It is therefore that we must tread a cautious path when seeking truth and enlightenment regarding our dear Mother Earth and the stars about us, for there are those that would give us Christiananswers in reply to our quest for knowledge.

Christiananswers and I have crossed paths before today and it wasn't my intention to actually write specifically about them when I embarked on creating the first post of the day. But as is the way of things we can easily wander from our intended path, or in the case of Christiananswers get led up the garden path. Is this phrase in common use in America, to be led up the garden path? I only ask out of interest.

As I say this isn't an intended post but I am just going to point you to a couple of answers from our dear (Thou shalt not lie) Christian scholars.
I point to these two answers for no other reason than I became engrossed in reading what they had to say about Young Earth and the Universe.

There be dozens of such "answers" throughout the site, read a few more if your intellect can stand being assailed.
More later.


Anonymous said...

I can't stand these idiots. 'Nough said. And "down the garden path" is not a common phrase here (at least in this part of OH) ...however I have heard it from older generations. HH

Himself said...

Actually H it is you that has the right direction, it is down the garden path not up it.

lead (or take) down the garden path

1. To mislead or deceive (another).

[Middle English gardin, from Old North French, from gart, of Germanic origin.]

And talking of gardens, did you know that there is a faerie at the bottom of my garden, her name is nuff, fair enough.