Friday, June 29, 2007

Not Quite An Apology. Kucinich Yap Yap The Elf

If I'm not all together ready to apologise for slagging off Yap Yap in the past then I suppose I should at least stop calling him Yap Yap. So consider it done, but "The Elf," well as unkind as it is it is rather descriptive and that's the trouble isn't it, how seriously does anybody listen to an elf?

Pity really then that he's not a short foot taller for Kucinich does actually talk sense on occasion, what his talk sense to talk drivel ratio is I really have no idea but I dropped on this short clip this morning where he discusses the carving up of Iraqi oil, I can't attack his argument at all at all.

And then a little later on I read this batshit crazy proposal by the House H. Res. 523, all I can say about the resolution, or more specifically the House is, what fucking planet are you living on?
And whilst the House is busy putting on a production of this farce it's the Elf that comes up with the goods and shows wisdom way beyond his four foot eleven.

**"There is reasonable doubt with regard to the accuracy of the translations of President Ahmadinejad's words** in this resolution. President Ahmadinejad's speeches can also be translated as a call for regime change, much in the same manner the Bush Administration has called for regime change in Iraq and Iran, making this resolution very ironic," Kucinich said.

Kucinich attempted to insert into the Congressional Record two independent translations of the speech from The New York Times and Middle East Media Research Institute, which contain significant differences in the translations of the speech compared to the resolution before the House. However, Members objected formally and the attempt was blocked.

"When I learned of these translations, I felt obligated to bring it to the attention of the House. It seems that much has been lost in translation. Members have a right to know of the translations and the refusal to permit them to become a part of the Congressional Record does a disservice to Members." more

Spoken like a true statesman, I can't take that away from him. But what then? he goes on to vote yea for the goddamn resolution. I despair of you Elfkin.

**Farsi Anybody?**

**My original reporting of the translation, the last link in the post takes you to the article.

Now I have to search for a non elf graphic. !!! I have it, whatever his shortcomings there's nothing wrong with the Elf's taste in women.

I'm such a rotten sod I couldn't resist this "Alan Ladd" type photo.

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