Saturday, June 23, 2007

Muttawa To Face Trial, Saudi Moral Police Overstep The Mark

I suppose overstepping the mark is a polite way of putting it, I hate to think what the victims had to endure before they died.

Members of the feared religious police in Saudi Arabia are for the first time due to stand trial over the deaths in their custody of two men. more

The above is the update on this short article, Saudi Snippet: Women Can Be The Death Of You

Other tales from the land of darkness can be found here along with "Muttawa Snippets" a look at these pillars of virtue through the eyes of a Saudi, an excerpt below.
They are often recruited from Theology College graduates who fail to get jobs as Imams. Another source of recruitment is "born-again" prisoners. Overall, they are not credited with virtue, judgement or intellect.

Without an accompanying policeman, they are not physically formidable. In fact, when they start yelling at you to go to prayer or cover your wife's face, the temptation to smack them in the face is almost overwhelming.

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