Tuesday, July 17, 2012

The Totalitarian States of America

I paid a visit to the blog of Alexander Higgins, looking for a Fukushima update, but came away with these three stories.

It all rather makes the $8 Billion (total) expenditure of the present US presidential elections somewhat of an oxymoron don't you think? Because that what is writ below, don't sound much like democracy to me.

And the pay-back from the successful candidate to big business that has fronted that kind of money, even less so.

Mind you, this democracy thing, all it has ever been is an illusion.

Congress Now Trying To Outlaw Reporting On Government Corruption

Lawmakers are pushing legislation through Congress that will criminalize reporting on illegal activities and corruption in the US government.

July 13, 2012

Just when you thought the United States government couldn’t sink any lower our beloved politicians in Washington have introduced legislation that will criminalize reporting on US government secrets.

What makes this new legislation shocking is that we have seen the US government repeatedly use the “State Secrets” and the “National InSecurity card to suspend the Constitution at will to commit a wide variety of heinous activities from torture and indefinite detention without trial to outright forced drugging of prisoners and even repeated assassination by the government, of people including US citizens, which is now being done on the direction of the United States’ first even assassination czar.

Keeping that in mind the fact that lawmakers are now trying to go after reporters that “publish government secrets” more

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Obama Gives DHS Authority To Seize ALL US Communications

July 16, 2012

President Obama admits last weeks executive order gave the DHS authority to seize all public, private and commercial communication systems.

President Obama has taken the unprecedented step of handing the Department of Homeland Security the power to seize all communication systems in the United States — be they private, public or commercial — under any terms the government deems fit in another mind boggling executive order.

RT originally published a story last week reporting that EPIC and other organizations were crying foul because never in the history of the United States has the government ever been granted to seize private communication systems.

Originally the reports more

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Feds Charge Man As Enemy Combatant Supporting Terrorism For Uploading Youtube Video

Feds Charge Man As Enemy Combatant Supporting Terrorism For Uploading YouTube Video, Subjecting Him To Permanent Imprisonment, Torture, And Lethal Beatings Without A Trial
September 2, 2011

Take freedom of speech and other personal liberties — including protections against cruel and unusual punishment, right to face your accuser, and right to trial by jury — and throw them right out the window. All for the crime of uploading a YouTube.

That is what a 24 year old Virginia man, Jubair Ahmad, faces as the feds charge him with providing support for terrorism for allegedly uploading a propaganda video. The crime comes with the dubious distinction that the accused are treated as if they are actually terrorists or as the U.S. government labels them “enemies combatants”. With the declaration of being an enemy combatant the rights and protections engraved into the Constitution with the full force of our founding father’s very own flesh and blood are instantly nullified.

That’s right. The Department of Justice of the great United States of America has charged a Jubair Ahmad, a 24 year old Woodbridge, Virginia man, of providing support for terrorism because he allegedly uploaded a propaganda video to YouTube. The accusation alone instantly classifies the man as an ‘enemy combatant’ and ‘clear and present danger’. Such persons who are a ‘threat to national security’ have absolutely no rights. To make matters worse, businesses and nations aren’t allowed to do business with such so-called ‘terrorists’ or they will be declared a terrorist themselves. That means a lawyer who takes up his case can be charge with providing support for terrorism. That is if the United States government even decides to honor habeas corpus and give the man a trial in the first place. Our beloved supreme court has ruled that ‘enemy combatants’ can be abducted, tortured, assassinated, and even detained for ever without a trial because the constitution does not apply to them. Even worse, the lucky few who are released after being declared innocent have no right to legal recourse because revealing the details of their detention and torture is also a threat to national security.

This is what the ‘war on terror’ has escalated to, more

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