Monday, July 02, 2012

Immortality! No Thank You

No matter what life offers you, and I know for millions, if not billions of people, that might mean a quality of life we would not envy, nor wish on them. But for us more fortunates who live in some degree of comfort, who have time enough on our hands to philosophise, not of our existence, but that we have existed.

That we were even born, that we, our conciousness, has had the opportunity to revel in the wonders of this remarkable Cosmos, our own pale blue dot, and our unique place in it, is a gift beyond all other gifts.

That we are the only species that is conscious of our own mortality, is not something we should fear. Nor is it any reason to embrace superstition in the hope of some ridiculous afterlife. Paradise, Heaven, Valhalla or wherever, we already have, it is us in the here and now.

I offer up, two short video clips, both dealing in their own way with the question of immortality. The first, courtesy of, The Thinking Atheist, is a slick well produced ten minute clip. The second, and produced by a favourite of this blog, the remarkable Phil Hellenes, is a production of an entirely different stripe, just one of Phil's little chats as it were, but both clips, in their different ways, ending up at the same place.

That is not to say by the way, that Phil Hellenes doesn't produce some very professional short videos. If Phil is a stranger to you, might I suggest, before paying his YouTube channel a visit, you might avail yourself of my selection of Phil's work under the sidebar tag.

Paradise is like Iceland, where there is a blonde haired, blue eyed virgin tied to every tree.

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