Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Leveson: Cameron Tops The I don't Remember Chart

File under: Whodathunkit?

For more than 100 days during the past 11 months, many of the UK's most powerful people have appeared before Lord Justice Leveson to offer their thoughts on the future of the British press, following allegations newspaper employees had been illicitly hacking people's mobile-phone voicemail messages.

Now the oral hearings have come to an end at the Leveson Inquiry - expected to cost £5.6m - here is a look at its scale, how many words were spoken, who appeared, and which of the key witnesses struggled to remember. More BBC

Mind you, I don't think Camerface is in any danger of knocking Alberto Gonzales off his perch.

Alberto Gonzales Total Recall. And after watching this, you might well understand Alberto's membership to The Gor Blimey Hall of Fame. Right hand sidebar.

Historical update: 'I don't recall' - David Cameron and his foggy memory at the Leveson Inquiry more

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