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Kate McCann Becomes Ambassador For The Charity Missing People. Odd Choice That

How to get your message across without getting wound up. Not something I manage to do in the main.

Kate McCann Becomes Ambassador For The Charity Missing People. Odd Choice That

July 12, 2012

R.F.Wilson writes from London: Pardon me for asking but what exactly was Kate McCann thinking when she agreed to become the ambassador for the charity Missing People that deals with issues concerning people going missing. How did it actually play out between her and her public relations advisors? And what was the charity itself thinking when it offered Kate the position of its ambassador? Because let’s face it, she’s not exactly the best person by far to advice anyone on missing people, having left her own kids without supervision when one of them, 4-year-old Madeleine, went missing.

The whole point of preventing people, especially children, from disappearing is to keep an eye on them or, failing that, hiring someone to do that. Kate and her husband Gerry failed to do both of these thing when on a sunny day in May 2007 they decided to leave their children all by themselves in their holiday apartment in a Portuguese sea resort to have dinner with friends.

The McCanns seem not to understand that they are coming across as pretty unpleasant people, having joined the celeb circuit with the help of some dodgy public relations weasels, who obviously had good contacts in the media. Luckily for them Rebekah Brooks, the vain and unintelligent editor of the Sun newspaper, decided that Madeleine’s disappearance would be a great story to run, for weeks and months, with the two parents sharing their grief with the world but never mentioning the fact that they were the main cause of it. It was only a matter of time before the search for Maddy turned into some sort of international public relations campaign, with McCanns getting all offended if anyone dared to point out to them that they should really start grieving in private and raise money to fund their search in a less obvious way.

But encouraged by their advisors the couple pressed onwards, irritating more and more people for obvious reasons. It became pretty clear at some point that Madeleine was dead and that efforts by her parents to keep the interest in her fate alive smacked more of a publicity campaign than of a proper search. And when Prime Minister David Cameron decided to intervene, probably pushed to it by his friend, Rebekah, and ordered a full blown investigation by Scotland Yard into Madeleine’s disappearance, it all started to look distinctly unpleasant. Why should 40 odd investigators be spending their time looking for a child who had disappeared because her parents decided to have some fun and not spend any money on a nanny who was available at their holiday home? It actually looked bizarre, this decision to reopen the case at a cost of millions. It smacked of some perverted sense of justice, if justice is a proper word here.

The McCanns, who are obviously not very intelligent people, can’t seem to understand that their behaviour is offensive to people, who have lost their children through no fault of their own and yet didn’t make a huge fuss of it in public. And both Kate and Gerry should realise that under the circumstance they should be blaming themselves and calling on others never to leave their kids alone. Instead, they pretend to be victims of tragic circumstances rather than accept that they are the ones who are responsible for what had happened on that day. stirringtroubleinternationally


AnnaEsse said...

Excellent, Himself.

Himself said...

I'm not the author Anna.

By the by, do you or any of your colleges have a accurate summary of Missing Peoples accounts?

I would like to make them available as a jpeg.

Anonymous said...

It is an insult to any mother to see Kate McCann as an ambassador for missing children. V

Anonymous said...

Well written article by R.F. Wilson. It aims at the heart of the matter.

By the by, well done Himself, you get the message across, as always.

Anonymous said...

AnnaEsse said...

Hi there, someone on MM forum seems to know about the accounts. They've posted that of $1.9 million, £1.3 million went on salaries.

SteelMagnolia said...

August 27th 2007. Abduction forgotten we are talking child trafficking and child sex abuse.

McCann in the U.S.Ernie Allen

Before he left, he had a tearful goodbye to his wife Kate, who is still in Portugal with twins Sean and Amelie.

Gerry is in the U.S. to learn more about how the country works to prevent children from becoming victims of trafficking and sexual abuse.

Heart Specialist McCann, according to Sky News, among other things, met America's first lady, Laura Bush. He will also meet with several senators and congressmen, reports Sky News.

He has already met with Attorney General Alberto Gonzales.

Gerry McCann and his wife Kate have together fronted a massive campaign after four-year-old Madeleine disappeared from the holiday apartment in Praia da Luz in Portugal 3 May this year.

- My focus now is obviously to get my daughter back. It is most important, said McCann told reporters.

- But I think there is much goodwill out there now, so maybe we can do something tangible to help all children, said Father McCann.

Posters with pictures of the missing four-year-old hanging in bookstores in 200 countries worldwide, at the request of Harry Potter author JK Rowling.

This weekend it was announced that a Portuguese campaign wants to get Madeleine McCann parents accused of neglect. Yesterday parents beat back the criticism and called it painful.

- Kate and I find this criticism very painful and unhelpful. Our pain and anxiety is increasing every hour, said Gerry McCann.

SteelMagnolia said...

Ernie Allen - Missing Child Fraud.

SteelMagnolia said...

The FEST - Missing People - Missing Kids - PACT - At Downing Street.

'LADY Myer' has already been exposed as a fraudster BUT she is a very good friend of Cameron so what the hell.

There is a post on Joanas site will bring it over to you and you can see how the scam works from the horses mouth.

Hope you can have some fun with these images Mel. Mitchell now PR for PACT which means also Missing People.

Using Claudia Lawrence yesterday was unforgivable . My greatest fear, real victims will now have 'sightings '....of their missing loved ones and we all know how good McCann and co are with those.

SteelMagnolia said...

Read poster's 15 - 16 17 18.

16 -17 from Matthew Steeple, he explains how he was stitched up by PACT ...this is what mother earth will be doing. Matt is on twitter if you wish to discuss further with him.

SteelMagnolia said...

E.mails sent in disgust to Missing People and their standard reply.

As usual this is all about money.

Herself said...

It's appalling. It's just so appalling. And we are all so angry again

Herself said...

Why DID you close Quality Wristbands et al? Were you just sick of nothing being resolved despite what was obvious? We all worry about the country we live in now I think.

Himself said...

Anna, it would need to be something less ambiguous if it were to have any worth, but thank you all the same.

Himself said...

Dani, Didn't know where you were going with this 12 July 2012 18:37 then I read 12 July 2012 18:42


Himself said...

12 July 2012 18:49

What a fucking cesspit!

Himself said...

Dani 12 July 2012 18:54 and 12 July 2012 20:23

I'm not getting involved with it any more Dani. Apart from hosting the odd article, I'm done with it all.

And feel much better for it I might add.

Himself said...


I came to the realisation that I wasn't prepared to do the proper research on stuff, and with that I had no right writing about any of it.

Plus the fact, I had been wading through the cesspit for long enough. Time to call it a day and let someone else pick up the banner.

The running this article is a prime example, I just don't want to be involved to this degree.

su said...

I can understand you needing to not spend more time in the sewer. It is bad for the health.
However no-one does it better than you do.
Grateful for what you have presented.
Thanking you.

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Thank you Su.

Himself said...

What am I missing Maren? You will have to direct me.

SteelMagnolia said...

Agree with above poster. No one does it better than you Mel.

Also agree I too have had it. I will however place the comment I directed you to so those may read exactly how the McCann scam will work with Missing People who have tainted their image forever.

Take care. xx

Himself said...

Maybe something will jump out and bite me on the ass and I'll do the ultimate fuck off graphic as a swan song.

Difficult though when I am consciously avoiding thinking about the two most insidious pieces of shit in modern history.

I don't know who is the worst, these two lumps of human detritus, who without a moments doubt have killed their daughter one way or another, thrown her body in the trash like some piece of unwanted garbage, or should we reserve a special place for those that flock around them?

The creatures creatures.

History will out one way or another, the parents might not stand trial for Madeleine's death, but one day they will stand trial for fraud and all the rest of it.

And they will become to the world, what they are to you and me; totally and utterly reviled.

herself said...

I agree with everything you say and understand your withdrawals, but, and it's a very big but, people like you, SM, JB, JM, have each done so much to open so many other eyes. Everything we wait for is postponed while further excrement is piled on the heap of dung. If everyone of integrity has to leave this cesspit in order to breathe fresh air again, who will continue to point to the truth?? So many people continue to believe what has been fed to them: there are far more people in the UK who believe the spin than there are the people who understand the truth of the evidence. Tarry awhile....

Anonymous said...

su said...

Hear me out.
It is going to sound crazy.
Today the sun is shooting out some major flares and the proton levels are high.
The magnetosphere is off the wall.
I know this sounds far fetched as hell but I believe that earth is overdue for some major doom.
Some predictable event which is due now or is slightly overdue.
The reason they are getting away with this is because things were meant to have changed by now dramatically and thus this sordid tale would pale into nothingness.

Hence it keeps going on when it should have been shut down.
I don't know why this is the feeling I am left with - it was not meant to go on for so long.

Anonymous said...

"it was not meant to go on for so long."

I think you're right Sue. And, it's far from over, children grow older, even indoctrinated ones. M

August 10, 2007

Gerry McCann: "I think it's something tangible that could benefit other people and give a renewed interest to other missing kids in a medium that younger people use, tens of millions of people use YouTube. There are over 229 videos of Madeleine on it already and that's interesting."

March 2012

5:07 "I think, if we don’t find Madeleine the next ... period, we will face more difficult times as they get older and they're on internet and they start seeing ..." (Gerry McCann)

Anonymous said...

comment Independentsecularhuman

I feel horribly sorry for ANY parent that loses their child..for whatever reason......however, perhaps the McCanns would better serve the Public and other Parents by presenting a charity group designed to enlighten the Public about the dangers of leaving small children alone while going out to eat in other buildings, however "close".

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Yes, not bad; a few trolls about as you would expect.

She’s out there somewhere and one day the lovely McCanns will get her back.

Well I have heard them being described as a lot of things, but never before have I heard, the lovely McCanns

Stroll on!

Anonymous said...

Re: VIDEO - 'Nasty People' on Forums and Blogs Search for the TRUTH about Madeleine McCann

Not Born Yesterday Today at 8:21 pm

I'm always surprised when I hear that the most blinkered McCann fans such as Pam Gurney are gainfully employed, rather than being permanently in a basement spitting out their bile!

I hope that she wasn't at work recently when she was online for hours on end dealing with the protests over Kate's appointment to the Missing People charity. That was a full time job in itself - rather like trying to hold back the tide - but now with mainly only her and Bren, her mission there is at an end and she's free to move on to Hi-de-Ho!

:) not born yesterday

Himself said...

Re: VIDEO - 'Nasty People'

I have to say, Hi De Ho's videos are the only McCann related that I bother to watch these days, so I have watched the thing.

A 'minority' of millions I guess.

I had to Google pamela gurney mccann, I had no idea who she was.

She is mentioned somewhere among this lot, but it is unimportant as to where. But link for reasons that become obvious.

Again here.

And if you want to join a circle jerk complete with ubiquitous prayers, this is the one for you.

Anonymous said...

"from sunrise till sunset"

Anonymous said...

the 'Windows' woman

Himself said...

That's quite funny.

Chamois Shammy.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

the "terrifying" PJ officer with his "life-threatening" driving (page 92)

Himself said...


Blacksmith seems to have found new vitality of late.

Anonymous said...

MADELEINE McCann’s mum is "really encouraged" by progress in the new police investigation of her daughter’s disappearance.

and Pamela Gurney is in it, too

By the way, what means this comment is under review?

We regret that only the Scottish Daily Record has accepted this as a lead rather than the 376 newspapers and forty two television channels that used to carry our Messages of Hope in the good old days

Himself said...

this comment is under review

Probably something contentious, so they are waiting for a moderator to have a look at it.

Pamela Gurney! I think the woman has serious problems.

Why would anyone, apart from those seeking the truth, associate themselves with the McCanns to such an extraordinary degree?

It's not as though they are likeable people to begin with. Awful, common people.

Not a bad bit of humour from Blacksmith, not bad at all.

Himself said...

I stumbled on this, quite bizarre!

Sound poor in a couple of places only.

Might post more if I come across anything.

Recorded on August 28, 2010 using a Flip Video camcorder. This is Pitcher Oklahoma and it was formerly a center of lead and zinc mining. Now the GOV has done a buy out of the town because it's no longer safe for people because of all the poisons now in the ground. That and it's all been mined out under the town and could fall into it's self at any time.

Himself said...

There are dozens of them, but here a couple I found quite interesting.

This is a trip we took to Rodney, Mississippi. You would never guess it now, but Rodney was once a bustling and thriving river port town. It missed becoming the state capital by only three votes. However, today it is pretty much in ruins. There are still a few people who live there but most of the town itself is abandoned. There are empty buildings, houses and churches lining the main street in Rodney. One of the churches still bears the scars of a Civil War gunboat attack and even has a cannonball stuck in the wall. Rodney is an absolutely amazing place to visit filled with history and reminders of those that lived before us.

A year later, we return to the ghost town of Rodney to investigate the further. Many of the buildings are open now and damaged badly from weather and neglect. We found photographs strewn about and a hymnal in a church possibly opened to the last song ever sung there. The graveyard was even worse than I remembered.

Rodney is an absolutely amazing place to visit filled with history and reminders of those that lived before us. If you decide to take the trip, please be respectful of their memories.

And it ain't just the USA

Fred Harrison describes how the reckless activities of bankers and property developers have left Ireland in a state of economic collapse with no hope of recovery.

Himself said...

Hi Chuck.

I have the email notification for your comment, but there ain't no comment here.

3:25 Fire Department, flying American flag, ghostly.

Toxic Town Picher, Oklahoma

What your clip shows, which the other two didn't, was the proximity of the mines/spoil to the town itself.

But it is no different today all over America, if there is a dollar involved, then fuck the environment!

The Yanks are on par with the Soviets/Eastern Block when it comes to eco-vandalism. Bastards.

This below is just the first one I opened, but there are hundreds of clips relating to the total disregard for the environment/people by mountain top removal.

The floods depicted in clip, in case you are wondering, are caused by the tops of mountains being dumped in the hollers. (valleys)

You will find similar situations that result from fracking. (poisoned water, earthquakes)

How do they get away with it?

Corrupt legislators, both at State and Federal levels. Big energy has every one of the corrupt bastards bought and paid for.

It's a tune by the way, this thing below.

Anonymous said...

Yes, it's all so discouraging.

As for my comment not here, I noticed. So I tried your post, succeeded.

Anonymous said...

Favstar Pop

Himself said...

It's the way I tell 'em!

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

We were called by a member of staff helping the McCann family who asked us to remove the content.

Anonymous said...

RE: [Missing Abroad - Missing Person Enquiries] M Mccann

Thanks for your email.

Every time a new missing person profile is added to our website it is only with the express approval or request of the immediate family or guardian.

The day Madeleine was reported missing we offered our services and we did run a profile of her for a while, however the McCann’s staff contacted us and asked us to take it off the site as they had their own campaigns and didn’t require our help.

Kate is aware of the services we offer and indeed I have worked with her on the All Party Parliamentary Group dealing with Missing and Runaway Children and Adults.

Of course if it is requested we would immediately place a new profile on our website, but as long as they don’t ask, I’m afraid Madeleine won’t be on there.

I hope that answers your query?

Best wishes,

Kate McCann to launch nationwide campaign to find missing people

Himself said...

Tweeted yesterday thanks.

Himself said...

Bren - Insane bitter and twisted harridan. (Whore, to save you looking)


I should get off my arse and do things, I'm in the middle of revamping my "room."

Anonymous said...

The seven years rule.

Anonymous said...

"I [Kate McCann] wrote to the editor of the newspaper concerned and I got a reply back which made my blood boil," she said. "It was basically telling me they knew what was best for Madeleine and for missing children."


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

"I can never forgive this man for hurting the search for Mudelin," said brave Kate, 59, as she boiled her blood this morning, (...)


Anonymous said...

1 an option, 2 red herring, I'll take 3

4. underestimated/”don’t want to know” disease/defect
5. wrong medication (implication doctors/pharma company)


Reputation anyway.

Anonymous said...

June 2, 2013

KATE MCCANN has begged holidaymakers “Please don’t forget Madeleine” as she urges them to take posters of her missing daughter with them.


12th December 2007

Hundreds of posters, shrines, and photos of Maddie have been ripped down from shop windows, restaurants and even the church in Praia da Luz.

And green and yellow ribbons of hope that fluttered in the trees after Maddie, four, vanished on May 3 have gone.

It reflects a desire to get on with normal life and dwindling support for Kate and Gerry McCann since they were declared suspects and left Portugal.

One woman said: “It makes no sense to display symbols of a child’s disappearance when the parents are suspects.”

6 April 2008

The 'missing' posters are mostly torn down. The hotels are preparing for the first of the season's tourists. Police are still talking to witnesses, but there is growing acceptance that Madeleine McCann's disappearance will never be explained

13th April 2009

The woman [a middle-aged barmaid at the development’s empty tapas bar], who did not want to be named, said: “We need peace in this village. Since Maddie vanished there has been a black cloud hanging over it.

A hostile Scottish barmaid rolled her eyes when asked about residents’ attitudes towards the McCanns. Refusing to give her name, she said: “I think people just want to move on because they are really fed up.

Anonymous said...

Checklist: What You Should Do
When Your Child Is First Missing

(end page)

Call your child's doctor and dentist and ask for copies of medical records and x rays. Give them to law enforcement.

Anonymous said...

The police have the power to access anyones' medical records by applying for a court order, surely!

Anonymous said...

Anon. 24 June 2013 10:16


All you need to do is report a missing person to the local Police - there is usually one in every other town. Or you can call the area telephone number which will be in the phone book. Missing People will charge for any assistance they give.

Anonymous said...

NSA and GCHQ unlock encryption used to protect emails, banking and medical records

Anonymous said...

Anon 3 July 2013 11:27

Now I know the McCanns moved to their current home in Rothley in 2005, and yet they only registered with Dr Schofield in February 2007 ( a few weeks before that fateful holiday in Portugal ) ... so who was their GP before that ?

Madeleine was just a week away from her 4th birthday when she disappeared, and must surely have been registered with a GP prior to February 2007 when the McCanns signed her up with Dr Schofield ( when she was already nearly four years old )

So who was the GP who the McCanns were registered with before February 2007 ? ... who is the GP who had 'seen' Madeleine ( if only to give her jabs )

What was the point of directing the police to a doctor who had never even seen anyone in the McCann family, barring Kate ( on just one occasion )

The secrecy surrounding Madeleine's medical records is very troubling.

Anonymous said...

Let's hope they donate any financial award to an appropriate child protection organisation.

Fischer Man
Why wouldn't she answer the 48 questions put to her by police? Only liars need fear getting caught out. The truth remains the same no matter how many times you repeat it.

I really do not understand the McCanns at all. The disappearance of their little girl, who, sadly, is in all probability, dead, would have been absolutely devastating to most parents. Yet, it would appear, they have made this tragedy into a money making enterprise.
I am not convinced that they are entirely innocent of their daughter's disappearance - there are too many unanswered questions and inconsistencies in this story and now this latest chapter leaves nothing but further unease. No amount of money will ease a guilty conscience, whether it be leaving the children alone that night, or something more sinister.

More comments

Anonymous said...

18 hours even

Although the order to seize medical files came from the Portuguese authorities, the background searches are being carried out by Leicestershire police.

Himself said...

I think that Nick Bennett poses a very good question.

It's pretty clear that something about the the medical history/condition of Madeleine #McCann is being hidden. What + why?

If she was being sexually abused, they wouldn't let her near another GP.

And we're back to old ground then, is (shared) sexual abuse the reason for the extraordinary way the Mcs have been treated?

Anonymous said...

Saturday May 5 [2007]

• Three Family Liaison Officers (FLO) from Leicestershire Police arrive in Portugal to support the family.
• Madeleine's aunt Philomena McCann criticises the Portuguese police, claiming they had played down her disappearance and were being "uncommunicative".
• Detectives reveal they do now believe she was abducted but is still alive and in Portugal, and say they have a sketch of a "suspect". Police also reveal they are considering she might have been abducted for sexual abuse.
• Mr McCann makes a fresh appeal for help and thanks the police for their efforts.
• A colleague of Madeleine's mother offers a £100,000 reward for help in finding the missing girl.


Rewards (among other)

£100,000 (€147,000) by a colleague of Kate McCann

Himself said...

Safe bet.

And I'm sure whatshisface? by the reports of his financial straights, didn't have the odd couple of mill floating around spare either.

Anonymous said...

@15 September 2013 19:41

It's pretty clear that something about the the medical history/condition of Madeleine #McCann is being hidden. What + why?

Yes, a good question.

Neglect, no needed medication/treatment?

Misdiagnosis, wrong medication/treatment?

Kate McCann (former GP), Fiona Payne GP.

Assumptions only. Diverse interests, anyway.

Find the body and...
there's the evidence.

As for old ground thing, blackmail perhaps?

Hippocratic Oath

Himself said...

Hippocratic Oath?

These days, a bit like the Yanky Constitution, I don't think anybody takes any notice of it.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Jerry Lawton
Pike on Kate #McCann suicidal thoughts: `I think I was the only person she shared this with.'

Clarence Mitchell said: "It is beyond offensive to suggest Kate is suicidal. She is not.

Info for the archives darling.

Anonymous said...

somewhat related

If you are in #Blackpool DO NOT buy a #SAMAlert Wristband of ANYBODY

THEY ARE FAKE & the People selling them are NOT giving the money to us

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

That's Blackpool for ye, the place is full of rogues. There is always someone trying to sell you something. (That you don't want, don't need and invariably, very moody)

2, 4 and 7


Anonymous said...

This is a personal request from Kate regarding videos and other pages created about Madeleine on Facebook. We ask that you refrain from creating pages about Madeleine. Madeleine is a child and her parents have every right to ask that people not create pages about her without their permission.


August 10, 2007

Gerry McCann: "I think it's something tangible that could benefit other people and give a renewed interest to other missing kids in a medium that younger people use, tens of millions of people use YouTube. There are over 229 videos of Madeleine on it already and that's interesting."


Not to mention the "sightings" children of course.

Imagine if you are Madeleine's brother, sister or cousin, you are already deeply affected by Madeleine's abduction... then you see your own image on pages about your sister/cousin--it's completely unfair for people to use these other children's images without their parents knowledge or approval.

And imagine if you are Madeleine's brother, sister or cousin, you are already deeply affected by Madeleine's "abduction"... then you read this...

I asked Gerry apprehensively if he'd had any really horrible thoughts or visions of Madeleine. He nodded. Haltingly, I told him about the awful pictures that scrolled through my head of her body, her perfect little genitals torn apart"

Page 129, Madeleine, Kate McCann

Himself said...

Noted m'dear.

I left you a link in the dump.

Anonymous said...

Gareth Morgan, defending, asked the magistrates not to impose a custodial sentence saying the woman had not touched a drop of alcohol since the night she left her son alone last October 30.

He said: "The parents of Madeleine McCann were guilty of child neglect for leaving their little girl much longer than my client.

"They were never prosecuted for it.

"The mother in this case is ashamed and remorseful at putting her young child at risk in the way she did."

Kate and Gerry McCann as "role models".

Anonymous said...

According to a close pal of the couple Kate and Gerry will be furious, and spokesman Clarence Mitchell said: "We will not comment on details in a court case."

Gerry McCann Blogs

Busy day- some very good phone calls with important child welfare organsations who we will be working closely with in the future. I have no doubt we will be able to sustain a high profile for Madeleines disappearance in the long term.

There has been a lot of media publicity over arrests in Spain tonight following information related to the investigation to find Madeleine. This appears to be a clear signal from European police forces that they are treating all information relating to Madeleines disappearance very seriously

Himself said...

07:04 LOL again.

07:52 Furious!


Anonymous said...

Best rated:

How dare he compare someone who goes out and leaves their child alone to someone who goes out and leaves their child alone......... hang on, actually, there is a similarity. But woe betide anyone who dares stand up and speak out.

Anonymous said...

Himself said...


Mornin' Chuck.

I know it's a beast of their own making, but can you, you yourself, imagine living your life like they have for seven years? Never knowing, that with each new day, if today is the day it all comes tumbling down.

In all my life, I have never come across a pair with the psychological profiles that these two possess.

They are hard buggers, you can't take that away from them. Helped of course no doubt, by possessing what JillyC so accurately diagnosed as: Not an ounce of self awareness.

Below is a reply to somebody or other, I can't remember who, not that it matters, because I never posted it. But it is my thoughts surrounding Mitchell and his spin.

I have no problem whatsoever being in a minority of very few & equally I have no problem with saying there is nothing to sabotage.

The review is a crock of shit. Hence, Mitchell has, or feels he has, carte blanche to feed the press any old crap that takes his fancy, without recrimination from the Met.

Do you honestly think that Redwood's remit, includes embarrassing the hell out of all the press barons, all of Leicestershire police (bar one) and half the establishment, who for reasons best known to themselves, have latched on to this travesty?

And this is to say nothing about his gaffer, (Google Hogan Howe balloon release) Do think Hogan-Howe would thank Redwood for exposing the truth? I would think Hogan-Howe has enough on his plate, over Hillsborough.

And what about our dear unelected leader, and all the millions #Cameron has spunked away on this nonsense?

Again can you tell me, that thirty odd of London's finest, thirty odd Scotland Yard detectives, don't take one look at this case & all the indicia & come up with the right conclusion, the only conclusion, that the parents are as guilty as sin.

That it is something other than what Amaral says it is, a total con from beginning to end?

That Redwood is running some kind of scam, a ploy, to lull the McCanns into a false security & then he's going to nick them?

It's a pipe dream man, a pipe dream of those that want it to be that way. Well it ain't going to happen. And there is nothing I would like to be more wrong about, believe me.

After seven years of watching this grotesque circus play out, I haven't a bit of faith in anybody. And that includes the Portuguese. With the exclusion of one or to I suppose.


Back to real time.

When one thinks back now, since this review fiasco began, how many more reports in the Mirror, were purely plants by Mitchell?

There must have been dozens. And if plod had no pre-knowledge of each article, they certainly had post knowledge. And what did plod do about it?

Maintain the status quo as far as I can make out.


Anonymous said...

Very well written H. I don't know how to describe it, but I couldn't agree more.

On a lighter note:

Good night. Mx

Anonymous said...

from a comment:

Making Kate mccann ambassador of missing children is a bit like putting Gary Glitter in charge of childline! In the event of any other viable suspect maybe the police should ask why a "missing" childs parents refuse to cooperate but instead take rubbish to a tip in a hire car... dont they have bins in portugal!

Himself said...

Not many pros on that site Maren.
I don't have a Facebook nick and pass, so I've never seen any of that facebook stuff, but I am still reading various things as I write, under search terms: gerry mccann trip to the dump

I have got as far as Ironside/Danni (Linda Baki)She was always on the ball.

I shall carry on reading.

Himself said...

Oh, I did find this earlier.

Somebody has gone to an awful lot of trouble. ??

And yours truly MWT

Anonymous said...

@21 May 2014 09:53

Anonymous said...

21 May 2014 13:22

Somebody has gone to an awful lot of trouble.
(uppercase hyphen person)

Himself said...

And no doubt you saw my own little contribution.

Anonymous said...

Jigsaw falling into place

Anonymous said...

1:08 PM on 25/5/2014
So why do we only hear about one, the one that was neglected while parents dined out with friends, left in a hotel room, denied the babysitting service that could have kept her safe. Maybe if those other missing kids had received the same media attention there would be a lot less missing now.

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1:11 PM on 25/5/2014

(...)My final question is, what exactly is going on in our country? Why launch an alert system on this scale? Why is it the job of a charity to bring this crisis to our attention over the governments? Why has our government not alerted us to the problem via the news and media long before a crisis alert system has to be set up by a registered charity? Why do C.E.O.P appear to be background players, not leaders in informing and acting? Surely this is the wrong way round?(...)

Himself said...

It is estimated that 140,000 children and young people go missing in the UK every year according to the charity Missing People.

Yes, of course.

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Jim Gamble, missing children and his lack of understanding.


Come back on their own or ret by Police so why Missing People involved?

kids returning unharmed after voluntarily leaving, and abduction resulting in fatalities or harm are worlds apart

it's sensationalism, and irresponsible to report them as the same issue, they are very different problems FFS

I take the point that it's agony for parents, and law enforcement has to fear the worst, but stop fiddling stats

Well said, grasped the issue.

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So, after seven years of jetting around the world, posters, appeals, sightings in Timbuktu etc they've started digging a few hundred yards from where she disappeared. I wouldn't trust these clowns to search for a missing cat let alone a human being.

A child goes missing every 3 minutes in the UK, nuff said.

from statistics printed in the Daily Mail a couple of weeks ago how many was it 1,400 children missing in the UK

What a load of rubbish, every 3 minutes. 480 children A DAY? That's 3,360 A WEEK! Don't make statistics up just to get a point across. What's more worrying is 313 people believe you. Never has a commenter's name been more apt.

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Op-ed: Can parents really forget kids in cars?

With a photo of an ambassador for the charity missing people.

How apt.

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Odd choice of picture that. LOL

Habit-based memories are stored in a region of the brain called the basal ganglia, which enables people to drive to work in “auto-pilot” mode, requiring minimal conscious effort.

I recognise that all too well.

But that doesn't explain why I forgot my front door yesterday evening. I propped it open yesterday to let a breeze through the house, the bugger was still wide open this morning.

Somebody might have . . . . . Me.

Fill in the blanks.

As you will have no doubt gathered, the Lance Armstrong film was a must watch. I shall keep my eye open for it on youtube.

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Guess what? The car is empty. LOL

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@missingpeople I gave up supporting you when you made k #mccann ambassador, classic example of not what to do with your kids.

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Dear Missing Children UK,

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Not something you come across everyday. Love it.

Thank you Maren.

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victor 2
suit her better to pedal to portugal to find her daughter

Strange smile by the way, sort of American fake. Just my impression. M

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web cache

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Thank you Maren. I'm up and running but a million things to sort out yet.

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The aptly named Missing People.

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Nicolas Davis said...

Is Kate still the ambassador of Charity Missing People? Any way, me and my friends donated to the Charity Missing People but we make a request to them to make sure that our donations will be given to their charity children's beneficiaries.