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Lady Meyer Kate McCann Now I See

'Twould appear that Lady Meyer's chum, newly appointed Ambassador for Missing Children, Kate McCann, have one or two things in common, not least, lining their pockets with other peoples' money. One without a doubt fraudulently, and t'other, how shall a describe it? Perhaps I don't need to, you might glean your own description after reading the text.

But the "now I see" certainly seems to ring a bell, could it be . . . . ah yes! I remember now, I have employed that phrase before, let me go and seek it out.

Here you go, The McCann Connection: Now I See

PACT: Matthew Steeples Exposes PACT - LADY MYER And Her Charity - Nothing More Than A Sham.

Published BY Matthew Steeples. 2011

I am Matthew Steeples and having seen this I thought I should explain how I came to be involved with a charity that turns out to be a sham. I met Lady Meyer with mutual friends in 2004. She was charming and polite and I had no reason to doubt her or her motives. She had just returned from Washington, where her husband had been an ambassador at a most interesting time in history. She was a good conversationalist and well versed. He had interesting tales to tell. She told of the problems she’d had “recovering” her children. When she explained what, she claimed, happened, I thought “how awful” and felt her plight. She mentioned she was having a fundraising ball at The Dorchester and asked if I would like to come. I attended along with friends. Between us we spent £1500 on a table.

I now cannot comprehend why I then continued to believe this lady and her nonsense for six years, but sadly I did. I supported Lady Meyer’s events initially just by attending, but invited her to a dinner I gave above the Ferragamo showroom in 2005 and at this point she persuaded me that I should become more involved.

She asked me to get involved in fund raising for PACT. I should have asked to see PACT’s accounts. I did not and there is no excuse for that. It is a lesson I will take forward with me and I urge others to do the same. Do NOT donate to a charity without knowing that the majority of funds raised actually goes to the cause rather than on salaries. Over the following years I, without charging the charity a single penny and believing that Lady Meyer did the same, I helped organise:

PACT with STARS, Ralph Lauren, 25th May 2010; PACT Barbecue, Firehouse, 10th July 2010; PACT Emilia Wickstead Fashion Show, Papillon, 23rd April 2009; PACT Speed Dating, Firehouse, 20th November 2008; PACT Speed Dating, Stanza, 7th February 2008

At most of these events, the majority of attendees came from my address book and those of my friends and so to did the majority of donations. My friends were also duped by the supposedly charming Lady Meyer and her infectiously enthusiastic manner. They handed over cash, paintings, prizes and gave time to create drawings for another fundraiser. They gave up their time, they wrote letters supporting PACT and most of all they believed in Lady Meyer and her cause. They, like me, wanted to support missing children. In addition, Lady Meyer took advantage of my personal connections to help her in other ways. She was determined to forge herself a new career and I involved her in a project I had been approached about. Strangely the people who I was dealing with pulled out after meeting her. I think I now know why. Though she now states “I used to earn a whole lot more in the city”, in relation to her charitable salary, this successful company didn’t want anything to do with her.

At Christmas in 2009, the Meyer pair had nowhere to go as the Eurostar was cancelled and their planned trip to Paris couldn’t happen. I invited them into my home for the day. In the six years I knew them, never did they invite me to dinner in their home and I can only think of a couple of occasions where I was a guest at a lunch or dinner – and I wonder now who really picked up the bill.
The first cracks came in April 2009 when a good friend had a very public row with Lady Meyer. Letters were exchanged and I told this individual how wrong he was. It was me that got it wrong though and for that I again apologise to my friend.

Something previous, only an hour or two ago as it happens. Down The Telegraph's Memory Hole

Matthew Steeples blog


Anonymous said...


Sometimes the percentage of donations taken by senior staff is astonishing. Take PACT, a charity run by the wife of Sir Anthony Meyer, with Cherie Blair – a close friend of Lady Meyer – as patron. Here is the Mandrake column in the Telegraph reporting on 25 May 2011

“… all but £9,500 of the money received in donations by Pact, which stands for Parents & Abducted Children Together, was paid to the Chanel-clad Catherine Meyer, who is the chief executive, and to one member of staff.

“Lady Meyer, who is also its president, and her employee were paid a total of £49,586. Lady Meyer received almost 70 per cent of that sum. Pact’s income from donations was £59,056 and it received a further £38,234 in grants…

“We are doing a huge amount of work for very little salary,” she said. “I used to work in the City and earned much more.”

Her husband, and six of Pact’s 11 trustees, added in a letter: “We consider it to be at the low end of the pay scale for chief executives of charities with a demanding brief


We cannot find the page you are looking for.

Himself said...


We cannot find the page you are looking for.

No fuckin' kidding!

They don't nickname it the Torygraph for nuttin!

SteelMagnolia said...

The 'sighting' was released the day mother earth reached her final goal.

Just looking through the McCann connections with Amsterdam, there are many.

I cannot find anything on cache with regards Lady Meyer corruption. All gone.

Google informed us only at the beginning of the year that the British Government had swept a lot of information from the internet, an alarming amount.

In future I shall copy and paste all links.

My aunt was a volunteer for Oxfam she said one penny went to charity the rest to admin.

Himself said...

The sick do not ask if the hand that smooths their pillow is pure (Oxfam related)

SteelMagnolia said...

Kate has worked on what would appear to the world her latest cause with deep sinister motives.

Healy has spent more than a year worming her way into the affections of the Lawrence family and their grief.Go to Claudias webpage and their is the McCann site . Google Claudia and there is McCann.

The case is an interesting one and the police are in no doubt Claudia was murdered. There have been no sightings of the then 35 year old until that is the Missing People launch of what must be the coldest most calculating, evil excuse for a woman that ever existed.

I searched a little further and noticed cadaver dogs were brought in shortly after Claudia disappeared , they did not' hit' on anything in her flat, had they done so McCann would not have touched this family with a barge pole.

Anonymous said...

Cherie Blair legged it from PACT when she thought the scandal of Meyer pocketing donations would blow up in her face - not good PR for someone who already has a reputation as "the freebie queen". Somehow the story was contained to just a couple of papers, while the rest of the media ignored it and chose instead to keep their readers in the dark. Perhaps the media ignored it because of Meyer's very close association with the McCanns. They won't publish anything that reflects badly on the McCanns, especially if it concerns mispent public donations.
Then a few months ago PACT began a huge damage limitation exercise. They revamped their website, recruited a few more staff, hired Clarence Mitchell as press officer and Cherie Blair rejoined as patron. All done and dusted in time for PACT to team up with the McCanns for the launch of the Missing Childrens Day campaign and Downing St reception... and, of course, Meyer's OBE. Considering the scandal of the previous, that award is quite outrageous - but it's not what you know, or even what you do, that is most definately who you know that counts.

Himself said...

Thank you all for responses and comments.

Anonymous said...

The wife of the former ambassador Sir Christopher Meyer, once described as “Chanel-clad” by The Telegraph, has applied to The Royal Borough of Kensington & Chelsea to build a number of closets at a property she recently purchased just off the Kings Road.

Anonymous said...


Lady Meyer, wife of Britain's former ambassador in Washington, criticises Canvas restaurant in Chelsea for its 'slightly overcooked' scallops and expensive wines

The friend of Cherie Blair and former U.S. First Lady Laura Bush was also critical of the wines, writing: “We were warned by the maitre d' that they would be high quality and expensive.

“But for very ordinary red burgundy, we were charged as much by the glass as a bottle would cost in a wine merchant; a huge mark-up.”

Mr Riemenschneider told the Daily Mail: “If you ask for high-quality wine and can’t afford it, don’t complain about it!

"What a nasty piece of woman.

“I think we’re the victim of an angry lady. People told me to ban her, but I don’t do that."


Lady Meyer Kate McCann Now I See.

Himself said...

Anonymous said...

Meyer – who also once whinged to The Telegraph that her work in the ‘charitable sector’ meant that she was “doing a huge amount of work for very little salary” – should learn her lesson (...)

Peter says:
Lady Meyer: The guest from hell.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

Gillian Trott - I am a UKIP supporter and I support the McCanns and I am middle class too. (October 14, 2014 at 12:58 am) - comments for dear Kate and Gerry.

Matthew Steeples says:
October 14, 2014 at 5:24 pm

I have been surprisingly tolerant of you Mrs Trott but now I see where you are coming from. I have published your comment and would suggest you have the good sense to read this and reconsider your views on “dear” Gerry and Kate and Sir Christopher and Lady Meyer:

Himself said...

Debra says:
October 14, 2014 at 2:03 pm

Guys – it’s looking likely that Gillian Trott is yet ANOTHER alias of Pamela Gurney. She infiltrates every blog / forum / Facebook page / Twitter string ( as both a male and female entity!!) and floods it with her at first polite then vicious vitriol. Don’t answer and don’t engage.

Gillian Trott says:
October 16, 2014 at 9:07 am

. . . . I will not be making any further comment on this post so please stop writing trolling comments about me. Thank you.

Gillian Trott says:
October 31, 2014 at 3:49 pm

Glad you’ve all quietened down. Now, let me get this thread back on track:


Whereupon, I have left a couple of links.

Anonymous said...

Glad you’ve all quietened down. Now, let me get this thread back on track.


Unknown said...

Yet another unconvincing attempt by the pathologically narcissistic, self-publicising, social climbing Matthew Steeples to smear the good name of Lady Cat Meyer, presumably in revenge for Lady Cat quite correctly ostracising Mr Steeples following an unsavoury incident in a public toilet in Leicester Square with a Peruvian waiter.

Anonymous said...

Interesting. Quite by coincidence, I was at uni with someone named Matthew Steeples: a fat, obnoxious little gay Jewish guy with revolting halitosis, rampant dandruff and a wheedling castrato voice who used to sport tweed jackets and a cravat (I'm really not kidding)in a risible attempt to (presumably) pass himself off as some kind of latterday Sloane Ranger. Arthur Daley, more like, ha!

I really don't mean to be harsh, but the Matthew Steeples I knew back then was probably the most unpopular person in our entire year. It was rumoured later - though one stresses that it *was* just a rumour - that he'd been diagnosed with Borderline Personality Disorder and was eking out a precarious existence on Disability Benefit.

If - as it certainly appears to be - it's the same odious little specimen as the Matthew Steeples I knew back then, it comes as no surprise whatsoever to learn that he now passes his considerable leisure time by attempting to smear the good names of thoroughly decent people such as Lady Meyer and Kate McCann.

I have it on good authority, however, that a public-spirited little phalanx of mischievous London pranksters have become so bored of Matthew 'Triple Chin' Steeples's tedious arselicking of the Z-List 'celebrities' (yeah, right) he slavishly pursues that, even as we speak, they're putting together a website detailing Triple Chin's most fatuous, most cringeworthy moments, whether real or imagined.

We sincerely hope it won't damage what passes for his 'reputation' beyond repair, but we *do* understand that certain of the allegations made against this utterly repellent excuse for a human being are serious enough to warrant possible litigation.