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King Juan Carlos of Spain Tossed by World Wildlife Fund

What is it about the over privileged, or royalty for that matter, that they embrace the killing of wild animals with a passion that simply appalls the rest of us?

Being a Brit, I'm more than well aware of our own historical record, where the privileged and invariably chinless turned Africa into their own personal shooting gallery. Slaughtering as they did, by the tens of, if not hundreds of thousands, some of the most beautiful and magnificent creatures ever to grace this planet.

But for the most part, the part apart that is, from our present day over privileged chinless wonders, the Windsor-Saxe-Coburg-Gothas, who continue to blast feathered creatures from the sky, that shameful period in our history, is just that, history.

But the same can't be said however for Spain's own over privileged equivalent Saxe-Coburg-Gothas, King Juan Carlos is still indulging his own personal inadequacies by slaughtering God's* creatures every chance he gets. And let us be honest here, nothing highlights a persons' inadequacies and flaws of character, as does that of wanting to kill an animal for 'sport.'

But it is not just a flawed character that plays a role here, the 'over privileged' aspect is not to be ignored. Were, King Juan Carlos Alfonso Victor Maria de Borbon y Borbon, not paid out of the public purse, and was just plain old Juan Carlos and scratched a living by the sweat of his brow, I wonder where he would find the $30,000 requirement to enable him to shoot an Elephant?

Yes, can you imagine it, this insidious piece of shit, this pathetic example of humanity, this King. forked out thirty thousand dollars to shoot a fucking Jumbo. How very fucking Regal is that?

I won't list the rest of his 'bag,' that you can find in the second article below, the petition, the one calling for Juan Carlos to be tossed from, and no, I'm not making this up, his position as the Honorary President of the Spanish branch of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund).

What part the petition played in the outcome I have no idea, I never sign such things, they are a perfect waste of time in my opinion. But whatever pressures were exerted and from whichever direction, Juan Carlos is toast, tossed, gone, he is no more vis a vis his role at the WWF.

Spain's king loses WWF title over elephant hunt

Conservation group's Spanish chapter strips him of honorary presidency
by Harold Heckle
21 July 2012

MADRID — The World Wildlife Fund's branch in Spain has ousted King Juan Carlos as its honorary president — a title he'd held since 1968 — after deciding his recent elephant hunting safari was incompatible with its goal of conserving endangered species.

The announcement Saturday was the latest in a string of bad news for Spain's royal family, which has been embarrassed by legal and other scandals.

The fund said in a statement that "although such hunting is legal and regulated" it had "received many expressions of distress from its members and society in general." It said members voted at a meeting Saturday in Madrid to "to get rid of the honorary President" by a substantial majority of 226 votes to 13.

The Royal Palace declined immediate comment on the announcement.

Many Spaniards were dumbfounded when news broke in April that the king had made a secret journey to hunt elephants in Botswana even though it was widely known he was president of the Spanish branch of the fund.

Such an opulent indulgence also angered Spaniards at a time when national unemployment hovers around 25 percent, the economy is contracting and there are fears the country may need an international financial bailout.

The Spanish public learned of the safari only after the king had to fly back in a private jet to receive emergency medical attention for a broken hip suffered during the trip.

In an unprecedented act of royal contrition, a sheepish Juan Carlos apologized, saying as he left the hospital: "I am very sorry. I made a mistake. It won't happen again."

It was a poignant moment because the royal family had been under intense media scrutiny for all the wrong reasons.

The king's son-in-law, Inaki Urdangarin, is a suspect in a corruption case, accused of having used his position to embezzle several million euros in public contracts through a supposedly not-for-profit foundation he'd set up.

Over Easter, the king's 13-year-old grandson, Felipe Juan Froilan, shot himself in the foot with a shotgun, even though Spanish law dictates you must be 14 to handle a gun.

The king on Tuesday decided to take a pay cut in solidarity with civil servants who are to lose their traditional Christmas bonuses as part of the government's most recent austerity drive.

The salaries of Juan Carlos and Crown Prince Felipe will be reduced about 7 percent — to about 272,000 euros ($334,000) and 131,000 euros ($160,000) respectively — in line with government policy, the Royal Palace said.

The king and prince acted voluntarily in cutting their salaries, the palace said. MSNBC

Spain’s King Juan Carlos: (call to) resign as Honorary President WWF (World Wildlife Fund)

Undated, sometime in 2012
Petition now closed

King Juan Carlos of Spain is the Honorary President of the Spanish branch of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund). The WWF is an international environmental organization advocating, amongst others, the protection of the African bush elephant (Loxodonta africana) because the conservation status of this animal is considered vulnerable!

Recently Spain’s King Juan Carlos went for a private hunting trip to Botswana where he killed an African elephant, a species which conservation status is deemed “vulnerable”!

"He had a hunting permit for hunting elephant," said Jeff Ramsay (Botswana government spokesman). King Juan Carlos is well known to be an enthusiastic hunter, which is his favorite pursuit!

Across Africa last year, some 12,000 elephants are shot illegally, mostly by poachers. Spain's King Juan Carlos paid 30.000$ for his hunting liscense, to get a trophy of a killed elephant and therefor got the permit to kill an African Elephant!

Spain’s King Juan Carlos is also a great fan and supporter of bullfights, in which bulls get tortured for hours and finally stabbed to death! The king reportedly killed a Russian bear which had been made drunk with "vodka and honey"!

A Honorary President of the WWF (World Wildlife Fund) can NOT be a passionate hunter, someone who kills animals for fun. That is a catastrophe, an insult to all animal rights activists and absolutely revolting!

We the undersigned petition you, Spain’s King Juan Carlos, to resign as a Honorary President WWF (World Wildlife Fund). Show some final respect to the animals and give up your Spanish WWF presidency.

We call everybody NOT to donate any money to WWF, until the animal killer Spain's King Juan Carlos finally resigns or the WWF makes an clear statement to this scandal!

update: the real proof of hypocrisy: "Spanish king apologizes for Botswana hunting trip". King Juan Carlos is a trophy hunter since more then 20 years! Now he should apologize for shooting Mitrofan, the tame Russian bear.
He should also apologize for shooting something like nine bears in a row in Romania, including a pregnant she-bear. And while he's at it, he should apologize for his support of bullfighting.

How can the WWF accept him as a Honorary President?? The WWF knew about his passion for hunting and still does not find it necessary to exclude Juan Carlos from their organization! Is it only about collecting LOTS and LOTS of donations??! Please rethink your WWF membership if WWF does NOT react on this scandal!

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Good afternoon H,

I couldn’t agree with you more.

As for the petition, I also never sign such things, but the accompanying story gets the message across and gives rise to comments.

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Thanks Chuck, link fixed.

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Elephants are being killed in Africa at an alarming rate as international demand soars for ivory. Much of the demand comes from increasingly affluent Asian countries, particularly China and Thailand.

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Tweeted, thanks.

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Africa's Lion Population And Habitat Quickly Disappearing Thanks To Humans, Study Says

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and then we have the Chinese, another despicable race of fucks, who don't give a fuck about anything or anybody.

"In China, if you love animals you want to kill yourself every day out of despair."

I can't say any more.

Anonymous said...

Poachers killed a family of 11 elephants in the biggest single mass shooting of the animals on record in Kenya, wildlife officials said today.

A gang of about 10 attackers hacked off the elephants' tusks in Tsavo East National Park on Saturday, officials said - the latest sign of a resurgence of mostly Asian demand for ivory jewellery and ornaments.

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"In China, if you love animals you want to kill yourself every day out of despair."

Just what the truth is,

It's the feathers.

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Morning Chuck.

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King Juan Carlos, 75, was credited with guiding Spain through its transition to democracy in the late 1970s, after the death of the military dictator Francisco Franco. But Spanish public approval of the royals has fallen in recent years, particularly after the king was discovered to have gone elephant hunting in Africa last spring while the rest of Spain was gripped by recession, a trip that cost many times the average Spaniard's annual income.,0,222229.story

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And we are about to bury one evidently. (raises eyebrow)

Anonymous said...

Exorcist squad hired to fight Satan in Madrid

The church has selected eight recruits who will undergo special training to combat what has been described as an "unprecedented rise" in cases of "demonic possession".

No priests are currently licensed to perform exorcisms in the Madrid area, and all would-be banishers of evil must be personally approved by the Archbishop himself.

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Thanks Chuck, that's got to be worth a tweet, or a blog update, I should do something with the blog, I really should.

The Twitter course I guess.

But I love his subtle piss taking throughout the article.