Thursday, July 19, 2012

The Planet is Fucked

And so are we. As a species we are far too successful for our own good, especially when it comes to exploiting, with total disregard, our dear Mother Earth, our home.

And when the shills for Big Energy start mumbling about the "Tipping Point" or anybody for that matter, you have my permission to fetch them a hearty slap around the lug 'ole.

The tipping point has long been and gone, all it is down to know, is where abouts we are on the 'Hockey Stick Graph.' The graph is so aptly named, for what is visually obvious, the planet has trundled along quite evenly for millions until it meets the business end of the stick, where it then takes off in an ever steepening curve.

Greenland glacier calves iceberg twice the size of Manhattan
Nasa images show the ice island breaking off the Petermann glacier, for the second time in two years
19 July 2012

The Petermann glacier grinds and slides toward the sea along the northwestern coast of Greenland, terminating in a giant floating ice tongue.

An iceberg twice the size of Manhattan broke free from Greenland's massive Petermann glacier, which could speed up the march of ice into northern waters, scientists said on Wednesday.

This is the second time in less than two years that the Petermann glacier has calved a monstrous ice island. In 2010, it unleashed another massive ice chunk into the sea.

The latest break was observed by Nasa's Aqua satellite, which passes over the North Pole several times a day, and was noted by Trudy Wohlleben of the Canadian Ice Service.

"At this time of year, we're always watching the Petermann glacier," Wohlleben said, because it can spawn big icebergs that invade North Atlantic shipping lanes or imperil oil platforms in the Grand Banks off Newfoundland. A large piece of the 2010 iceberg did just that, but caused no damage, she said by telephone.

Nasa images showed the iceberg calving – breaking off from a floating river of ice called an ice tongue, part of the land-anchored Petermann Glacier – and moving downstream along a fjord on Greenland's north-west coast. A rift in the ice had been identified in 2001, but on Monday a crack was evident.

On Tuesday, the satellite images showed a bigger gap between the glacier and the iceberg, and the ice chunks further downstream were breaking up, Nasa said.

"The floating extension (of the glacier) is breaking apart," Eric Rignot of Nasa's Jet Propulsion Laboratory said in a statement. "It is not a collapse, but it is certainly a significant event."

One difference between the 2010 event and this one is that the present ice island broke off further upstream, where the ice was right up against the fjord's rocky side walls, damming the glacier's seaward movement.

"This piece that has been much further back, may have actually been providing more of a frictional force to cork (the glacier) up than the piece that broke off in 2010, which was much further out," said Andreas Muenchow, an Arctic oceanographer at the University of Delaware.

The 2010 break accelerated the Petermann glacier's movement toward the sea by 10-20%, Muenchow said. The current break could have a greater effect on the glacier's movement.

Coastal glaciers like this floating ice tongue tend to block the ice flow headed for the sea. When ice chunks break loose, the land-based glaciers behind them often move more quickly, Muenchow said.

The accelerated movement of the Petermann Glacier after the 2010 break was "noticeable but not dramatic," he said on his website.

The movement of this huge amount of ice into open water will have no immediate impact on sea levels, since this ice was already part of an ice shelf that was attached to land but extended over water, just as a melting ice cube in a glass of water does not raise the level of water in the glass.

Muenchow said climate change was a factor in the current state of the Petermann glacier. He said this glacier is as far back toward the land as it has been since the start of the industrial revolution more than 150 years ago. Gruniad

Peripheral three minutes, interesting: America's fascination with the apocalypse


Anonymous said...

Call me an "ostrich" if you like but I have to disagree with the words "global warming". I don't think there is such a thing. IMO its "Climate Change" - that's why the "Global Warmists" hijacked it.

How do we know this wouldn't ordinarily have happened in the past. Didn't people and animals once roam on "Gondwanaland" thats the area beyond the Channel which has flooded. Does anyone want to argue with "tree rings".

I don't think anything will help slow down this process and if it has been caused by our misuse of Mother Earth - then Mother Earth will deal with it. Even if it means we are obliterated.

We just have to accept that change is happening and "acclimatize or die".

Himself said...

I wouldn't want to argue with you on what we could semantics.

My position would be climate change due to global warming, but at the end of the day, no matter what you call it, the end result isn't going to go away.

Bottom line is, too many people on the planet, the numbers are already unsustainable.

I suppose the numbers are out there, regarding haves and have nots and all the rest of it. I should imagine the figures for access to clean water are pretty damn scary. Let me look.

A Billion.

And the irony is, we will probably run out of water before we run out of oil.

I don't think anything will help slow down this process and if it has been caused by our misuse of Mother Earth - then Mother Earth will deal with it. Even if it means we are obliterated.

We just have to accept that change is happening and "acclimatize or die".

I couldn't agree with you more.

Let me see if I can find something. Yes here we are.

Climate Chaos: Democracy Now
I first watched this Democracy Now report in the early hours of this morning. I have just watched the thing again to see if I was as still impressed with its content as I was in the wee hours. Yes suitably so.

Journalist and author of a new book, Tropic of Chaos: Climate Change and the New Geography of Violence, Christian Parenti, says much in this interview, and much, that prima facie, I would have never associated with climate change.

I don't know if you watched it at the time, but it is the itallics part that gives it special interest.

And if reports are true, that great swathes of America are facing dust bowl threats, it wouldn't be hard to imagine the knock-on effect of that scenario.

So what's the conclusion with all this?

The planet is fucked.

Now I must look to a "shit you couldn't make up" story from Japan. If I can still find the link that is.

Himself said...

For anyone concerned about climate change, Rex Tillerson, ExxonMobil’s CEO, has the fast and easy solution: he wants you to just stop worrying about it. All those statistics, warming trends, rising ocean levels and severe weather events are nothing more than a little “fear factor” according to a speech given by Tillerson last month.

Tillerson accuses environmental and consumer advocacy groups of fear-mongering when it comes to drilling and fracking for oil and gas, and he believes the general public doesn’t have enough aptitude for math and science to comprehend the drilling process or to determine whether or not it’s safe.

Himself said...

George Zimmerman Says He Wouldn't Do Anything Differently: "It Was God's Plan" for Me to Kill Trayvon Martin

I daren't play it, God and Hannity all in one clip.