Friday, November 18, 2011

'A Symbiotic Relationship' The New Euphemism For Corruption

''which he obtained from the police national computer''

File under: Shit you couldn't make up.

Reporter and Officer Cleared
Vikram Dodd
21 July 2000

A tabloid newspaper journalist and a detective were yesterday cleared of having a corrupt relationship.

Neville Thurlbeck, the News of the World's chief crime reporter, and Detective Constable Richard Farmer were each cleared of conspiracy to corrupt, after a judge at Luton crown court ruled there was no case for either to answer.

Thurlbeck was also cleared of corruptly offering a police officer payment in return for information.

Stephen Kramer QC, prosecuting, had alleged that Thurlbeck paid DC Farmer to supply information about people on confidential police computer records. DC Farmer was said to have supplied information for 36 stories, including an unnamed Labour MP with a conviction for committing an obscene act; a sex offender who raped a child shortly after being released from prison; and an alleged threat to the Queen from stalkers.

Thurlbeck also supplied information, but there was no suggestion that Thurlbeck behaved illegally or benefited financially as a result of his role as a "confidential police source", the court heard.

"This was a symbiotic or two-way relationship," said the judge, Mr Justice McKinnon. "Mr Thurlbeck undoubtedly supplied information to Mr Farmer which was of interest to the police. In return for which, Mr Farmer provided to Mr Thurlbeck, not confidential or sensitive information, but information principally about criminals' previous convictions which he obtained from the police national computer." Gruniad

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