Tuesday, November 08, 2011

Ratzinger The Nasty Nazi A Brief History

According to some (apologist) Russian.

It's a read if nothing else.

Could Pope Benedict XVI be a Nazi?
by Arthur Priymak

.....When Joseph and Georg Ratzinger were drafted into the Hitler Youth organization, they agreed because there was no other choice. Georg told reporters in 2008 that the refusal would lead to serious consequences for their family. As a member of Hitler organization, Josef did not attend the mandatory meetings of the organization, which resulted in lost opportunities to study for free. Brothers Ratzinger deemed conscription to the army as a duty to defend their motherland. The Italian newspaper Il Giornale quoted Georg Ratzinger saying that their goals and ideals were the opposite of what Hitler preached, but it was their civic duty and they did not know when the war would be over.

The words of Sarandon about the Pope and the facts of the youth of Benedict XVI make one think: "Could a German Catholic believer be a Nazi? What was the Nazi leadership's attitude towards the Catholic faith?"

Adolf Hitler was born into a Catholic family. After becoming the Fuhrer of the Nazi party, he continued to call himself "Christian." In his speech in 1928 in Lassana, Hitler called the Nazi Party a "Christian movement" that "will not tolerate anyone who attacks the ideas of Christianity." Indeed, at first to be a Catholic believer was considered a good practice in the Nazi Party since the word "Catholic" was synonymous with the word "loyal." The image of the Nazi believer was advantageous since it appealed to ordinary Germans, the old imperial elite, and German industrialists. In many ways, "Christian" image of the Nazi Party helped Hitler to take power.

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When Joseph Ratzinger was elected as pope, he agreed although he had a choice.

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Although the USA has only 6% of the 1.2 billion global Catholic population, it has 19 cardinals including 11 electors, about 10% of the total electors.


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