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Julian Assange Loses Appeal Against Extradition

Now how surprising is that?

Something previous:
But it is that very same treatment of Bradley Manning that may yet be the saviour of Julian Assange. Whereas I don't hold much hope out for Assange at the hands of the crimson robed, bewigged relics of the past that represent the head of our own judicial serpent, he might, as Pilger points out, fair better with the European Court of Human Rights, because I think it is inevitable that this is where Assange will ultimately end up. Because again as John Pilger notes: more
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Julian Assange loses appeal against extradition

High court judges rule the WikiLeaks founder should face accusations of rape in Sweden

The WikiLeaks founder, Julian Assange, has lost his high court appeal against extradition to Sweden to face rape allegations.

Lord Justice Thomas and Mr Justice Ouseley handed down their judgment in the 40-year-old Australian's appeal against a European arrest warrant issued by Swedish prosecutors after rape and sexual assault accusations made by two Swedish women following his visit to Stockholm in August 2010.

The decision means Assange could be removed to Sweden within 10 days, though it is more likely that the earliest time he would find himself on Swedish soil would be around 26 November.

Assange has 14 days to seek leave to appeal to the supreme court if he believes there is a wider issue of "public importance" at stake in the decision. If he is successful in persuading the high court of that, he is likely to remain on conditional bail until a hearing, which is unlikely to take place until next year.

If he is denied the right to appeal then British law enforcement officers will be responsible for arranging his removal to Sweden within 10 days.

The decision comes three and a half months after the end of an appeal hearing in July, when lawyers for Assange argued the arrest warrant was invalid because of significant discrepancies between its allegations of sexual assault and rape and the testimonies of the two women he allegedly had sex with.

Ben Emmerson QC, for Assange, had claimed the warrant "misstates the conduct and is, by that reason alone, an invalid warrant".

He recounted evidence of the encounter on the night of 13 August 2010 between Assange and a woman known as AA, who was hosting Assange at her apartment, during which AA said Assange tried to have sex with her without a condom.

Emmerson said there was no evidence of a lack of consent sufficient for the unlawful coercion allegation contained in the arrest warrant.

He argued the court had to decide only on whether the arrest warrant in connection with the events was valid on "strict and narrow" legal grounds.

Acting for the Swedish director of public prosecutions, Clare Montgomery QC said the charges detailed in the warrant were valid allegations and said AA, and another woman, known as SW, had described "circumstances in which they did not freely consent without coercion".

She said the definition of an extradition offence "means the conduct complained of. It has nothing to do with the evidence."

In February, when Assange challenged the extradition moves at Westminster magistrates court, his legal team warned their client could be at "real risk" of the death penalty of detention in Guantánamo Bay because they feared the US authorities would request his extradition from Sweden to face charges relating to WikiLeaks obtaining and publishing hundreds of thousands of classified US government documents.

The senior district judge threw out the appeal and ordered his extradition, and a week later Assange appealed to the high court.

He changed his legal team and adopted a less vocal strategy.

Assange has in effect been under house arrest at Ellingham Hall in Norfolk since December 2010. He has to sign in at a local police station every day, he wears an electronic tag that monitors his movements and he has to be back inside the house by 10pm each night.

Swedish prosecutors said Assange has been "detained in his absence on probable cause suspected of rape (less severe crime), sexual molestation and unlawful coercion." gruniad


Anonymous said...

I wonder what Anna "Anti-racism, socialism, feminism" Ardin aka Anna "Please read Jacob 4:11-12" Ardin and Sofia Wilén want to achieve. Why not solve their private affair problems the civilized way? After all they weren’t pregnant, were they? Well, fortunately, you would die of embarrassment if one of them were your mother. M

Anonymous said...

A satirical view of sex life of a Swedish feminist.

Himself said...

I can't seem to grasp your point in the first comment, there is a bad link and the other I'm not so sure about. Never mind.

An entertaining second link though I'll readily admit.

I started to watch a movie some months ago based on Valerie Solanas's attempt on Warhol's life. I say started to, but it didn't hold my interest very long.

Whereas you already know I admire intellect in women, I also admire femininity, and I have to admit, the highly stylised femininity with all of its bows and lace and flounces of Harajuku, lolita fashion.

So no great regrets in never knowing the featured 'ladies' in the story.

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Looks like the establishment have got the press on side.

You couldn't get much more low key than that.

Anonymous said...

profile neurose
socialism out, libertarian in
new: political analyst

The image of Sweden?
and Anna Ardin is in it, too

Himself said...

Thanks Maren, I'm only just getting round to your links, I think I have my problems sorted though.

I have a cousin in Sweden who visits the UK on occasion, I've no idea of his politics, but it might be interesting to hear what he has to say.

Or not.

Anonymous said...

for the ism collection (about) a methodist

There are a wide range of theological and political beliefs in The United Methodist Church. For example, former Republican President George W. Bush is a member, and former Vice President Dick Cheney attends the United Methodist Church (though he is not a member). Democrat Hillary Clinton is a member of the United Methodist Church.

Anonymous said...

more, and Julia Gillard is in it, too.

Himself said...

More stuff and nonsense.

But the strident cow has one thing in her favour.

This week, Prime Minister Julia Gillard, raised in a Methodist home but now an atheist

I don't follow Ausy politics, but I get the impression her hold on her premiership is very tentative.

There is one thing for sure though, historically, we all know on which side she will come down.

Anonymous said...

Himself said...


Now following.

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Mornin' Chuck.

Is that just general information, or is there something specific that I'm not grasping?

Anonymous said...

Brotherhood Movement

Um...wouldn't the other person know beforehand? Are you talking about sex with blind people? - achilleselbow

Himself said...

Right so, gotcha.

Have a look at the Kate McCann post Maren.

I'm just about to search the Telegraph, trying a different route.

Anonymous said...

Mary Charlene‏@IamEnidColeslaw

Confession: I am a virgin. All of my sex tweets were inspired by stuff I've seen friends doing. The rest is blind guessing.

Himself said...

And the moon is made of green cheese.

Morning Maren, how are you m'darlin?

Feel a bit rough myself.

No babies yet (day three) if there is nothing by tomorrow I think I will stick them in the pots.

I have just suffered a serious assault on my senses, see comments.

I'm just waiting for my new woman that does. I suppose I should deal with all the info in the comments, but truth be told, I haven't much heart for it this morning.

Perhaps another cup of tea might sort me out a tad.

I promised myself I would do a Lady Meyer begging bowl type of graphic, maybe later.


Anonymous said...

Hi H, patience with the babies can do wonders, maximum ten days.

I'll watch the vids later, the same old song I guess, fear, power and money.

As for the info in the comments, just links, not important at all, don't deal with them. The main idea, it's all about "me", Catherine, Kate and so on. Poor kids, involuntarily "famous", left with Google and mother's account of the truth, shared with the world.

Let's drink tea Mx

Anonymous said...

Just an addition.

"It’s a very intimate book and I know what my daughter is like, she is a very private person." - Susan Healy, grandmother

Himself said...

Said of the world's most recognisable chav, "she is a very private person." - Susan Healy, grandmother

Anonymous said...

One Sweden

Anna "freezing with the world's coolest smartest people" Ardin plays the xenophobia card.

Himself said...

Google Translate is not playing for me today.

But all the texts of that ilk were mentioned in the Four Corners program.

Stinks rotten.

Anonymous said...

"Miss A, the second accuser, has deleted tweets. But the tweets contain nothing about being asleep or not. I know this personally since I was the one that discovered the deleted tweets."

"I know this personally since I was the one that discovered the deleted tweets."

You couldn't make it up!

Himself said...

I think somebody needs a life.

Anonymous said...

she's indirectly informed

Himself said...

As you do!

As you do.

Anonymous said...

Replaced by a donkey, after a while, I remember. Ox and ass?

Anonymous said...

unter dem Teppich, sounds familiar

Himself said...

Good morning fair maid.

Well what can I say?

Sexism all round I guess. Only brave (or foolish) men use PMS in an argument. Not to mention (comment) Anna probably will have to be content with their small electrical friends, now that she had become notorious the world over :) True as it may come to be.

But that's by the by really in this wriggling can of worms that this case is.

The 7 points I have read before. That alone in any normal court would scupper the prosecutions case. In fact I would go so far as to say, that in most civilised countries the prosecutor wouldn't touch the case with a long pole knowing that that existed.

But Sweden holds sex offence cases behind closed doors, two judges and one lay person I think, so they can choose to ignore whatever they wish if it suits them.

Not my idea of justice.

Replaced by a donkey, after a while, I remember. Ox and ass?

No capiche.

Himself said...

I can't be bothered reading it all, I've just breezed through it.

But if Naomi Wolf is to be believed regarding the normal disinterest of the cops, this seems very protracted to me.

Himself said...

Assange tag translated. (for anybody)

Anonymous said...

Good evening m’dear,

I had a post flashback due to your link.

Well, I searched for almost an hour when suddenly I got the idea of typing "ox" in the search bar, how efficient.


At that time, I thought the abductor in the pic was the ox carrying M (image 1, 2), later replaced by a pony, a sort of a donkey (photo of a pony carrying Madeleine on Kate’s desk, image 3). Hence ox and ass, don’t ask, English was never my strong point.

I’m currently doing an interesting course. Mx

Himself said...

You have a better memory than I Gunga Din.

And that post, extremely cryptic.

Last line.

Anonymous said...

Just for the record m’darlin’, I have no association with these "women's rights" women, in any shape or form whatsoever.

Love the poet.

Just a thought you know, sounds familiar.


Himself said...

I didn't for one minute think you did, and yes, it sounds awfully familiar.

I’m currently doing an interesting course. Mx

Pray pardon me, I never enquired as to what?

Himself said...

Maren my love, a question if I may?

Do you recall at anytime me posting about the Antikythera Mechanism or the two thousand year old computer?

I don't know whether I'm loosing the plot or what, but no amount of searching comes up with a result, and I could have sworn that I featured the thing.


Anonymous said...

English in all its glory. Mx

Anonymous said...

Good evening H, I don't recall you posting about the Antikythera Mechanism. Searched without success, but I'm not giving up. Later. Maren

Himself said...

Pray trouble yourself no more Maren, I have a new post up with previously unavailable embeddable video.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Now how surprising is that?

Back on topic.

Himself said...

Good morning m'dear.

I'm just in the middle of reading this.

Anonymous said...

From revenge to Zimbabwe.
det är ju fullständigt barockt (it’s completely absurd)

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...
link above changed from fish to human

Sorry, I couldn't resist, profile neurose.

Natalie Portman?

Himself said...

How many "real Ardins" are there?

Anonymous said...

None, nonetheless.

Can anyone become a political analyst in Sweden?

Today I see Natalie Portman is out and so are the isms. It's a new avatar Jag tycker om dig (I like you).

And this woman wants to be taken seriously.

It's a scary world we live in. Mx

Anonymous said...

"I think about you" is the literal and perhaps better translation.

Himself said...

Anonymous said...

Borgström has often attracted attention with his controversial behaviour. He claims that all men carry a collective guilt for violence against women and has in this context supported Gudrun Schyman's "Tax on Men".

He also attracted attention in March 2006 when he demanded that Sweden boycott the 2006 World Cup in Germany "in protest against the increase in the trafficking in women that the event is expected to result in".

In 2010 Borgström successfully appealed the decision to close the sexual assault case against WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange, and became the legal representative of the two Swedish women who have accused Assange of sexual misconduct.

Good night H, tax-free, from a consciously sleeping person. X

Anonymous said...

There are other things as well. The fact that the Swedish Chief Prosecutor Eva Finne, initially declared that "I don’t think there is reason to suspect that he has committed rape," and cancelled the warrant (Aug. 22, 2010), which was only subsequently reopened by another special prosecutor, speaks volumes.

Anonymous said...

I would never share my bed with him and vice versa, but I feel so sorry for Julian Assange.
Anonymous Beauty.

Himself said...

It's a cesspit of political and feminist intrigue dontcha think?

And yes, I think he would be crap in bed.