Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Rick Perry Loosing The Plot

He's either cracking up under the pressure, has an undiagnosed brain tumour, or he has found just the right combination of drugs and booze that would be the envy of any serious party animal. The man is totally off his face; he's happy and he ain't feeling no pain. None whatsoever.

Sit down Ricky, I think you've just pissed on your own bonfire.

Move Over, Wacky Cain Ad: Rick Perry Speech Video Deemed "Weird, Rambling, Incoherent" by Press

On Friday night, Rick Perry gave a "loose," "off-the-cuff" speech in New Hampshire that got pundit's tongues wagging over the weekend. What was he doing, exactly?

The Daily Mail rounds up reaction:

Those in attendance said that passion is not a word to describe his performance, off the wall, bizarre and rambling though, were more adequate.

One Republican operative who watched the video called it 'strange and peculiar', and said it could prove fatal to Perry's campaign.

Others questioned whether he was on medication or if he had had a few drinks before he came on stage.

Rachel Maddow tweeted that she thought the video would make her "retract" her predicted Perry comeback, and the folks on Morning Joe digested the video below (second video down), with one guest saying it looked like Perry was doing an impression of Will Ferrell's impression of George W. Bush.

Hardly Presidential. second video

A little bonus clip. Abstinence works but it doesn't.


Anonymous said...

"I'm just going to tell you from my own personal life, absti­nence works" (Rick Perry)


Himself said...

Thank you.

I have seen the thing previously as it happens, but no harm in upping the thing.

Who's it going to be for the Repub nomination? It's too early to follow the circus in any kind of earnest, but from what I have seen; Magic underpants man?

Anonymous said...

"Michelle Bachmann and Rick Perry are pretty much history, and now it's Herman Cain's turn."

"Obama will mop the floor with Mitt Romney. Well, unless the Republicans can bust enough unions and suppress enough democratic votes between now and November 2012."


Anonymous said...


Himself said...

Lol. Bye bye Ricky.

Anonymous said...


Himself said...

Bye bye Herman.

Himself said...