Wednesday, March 26, 2014

When People Take The Piss: The Met and The McCann Affair

Another post that I have only the vaguest memory of writing, and only a year ago at that.

When People Take The Piss

I don't suppose I mind so much, if those that are taking the piss can run rings round you intellectually. But what about those that aren't gifted in the grey-cell department, what happens when they start taking the piss?

I suppose there are those just bright enough to realise that taking the piss is not really their forte, best to keep it shut for fear of being exposed as a dull chisel in an otherwise box of sharp ones.

But what about that other breed, those so gor blimey fucking stupid that they haven't the brains to realise just what they sound like when they engage mouth in an attempt to convince you of their own position or argument, the Sarah Palins of this world?

But it is the recent introduction of another Palinesque figure, much nearer to home, that prompts me to say these few words. The fellow in question heads a team of three detective inspectors, five detective sergeants, nineteen detective constables and a handful of civilian helpers; he being of course, Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood, the Sarah Palin of Operation Grange.

Because it is only someone in the Sarah Palin mould that would have the effrontery to stand before us, particularly given all that has been revealed these five years past, and to tell us he, Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood and his team, are treating this review as a case of stranger abduction only. Quite staggering really, that any cop heading an enquiry, sorry review, should predetermine cause and effect in the case of a missing three year old.

And given how this 'review' came to pass, it becomes even more staggering, stunning in fact. At the behest of the last two people to see the girl alive, the two people, who to this day are the only persons of interest in her disappearance. At the behest of the Doctors McCann, via a newspaper group, whose list of crimes and misdemeanours are so great that they cannot even be listed here, but do include helping to derail a murder enquiry.

I guess that should read, some people. Wrote he in despair.

The CEO of that group, Rebecca Brooks, who herself has just been arrested for perverting the course of justice, blackmailed, there is no other word for it; blackmailed the Prime Minister of Great Britain into setting up this sham of a review.

Not only did La Brooks blackmail the PM into setting up this travesty, she dictated what the outcome must be. Because let's face it, this review could never be a bona fide review, the outcome could never be left to chance, could never be left to go where the evidence and indicators took it. Any cop worth his salt would have had a quick shuffty at the files and would have had the parents down the nick and charged even quicker. And not just the parents I add, but the whole sorry lying bunch, the Tapas 7 included.

But Andy Redwood doesn't do that, rather, he liaises with the parents. But exhibiting behaviour even more unacceptable than colluding with the parents, Redwood issues an age progression sketch of Madeleine McCann age nine! Age nine! I ask you.

Just whereabouts does that one fall in Redwood's remit? It's not up to Redwood to start issuing such obscenities, and that's exactly what it is, an obscenity, just the latest in a long line of obscenities. But the release of such a vile thing does serve a purpose, it tells us everything we need to know about this review, its purpose and its outcome, and not least it tells us just how Palinesque is Detective Chief Inspector Andy Redwood.


Anonymous said...

No politics tomorrow. Instead there will be a short post entitled – Amanda Knox, Oscar Pistorius and the McCanns. Guilty as hell.

Scouse Billy
24 May, 2014 - 12:18 pm

Craig, very much looking forward to it.

The McCann case stinks to high heaven – if you’re a blood dog or a cadaver dog, that is.
As for a double bluff – the PR route takes on a life and fund of its own, so there’s no shying away from the ongoing publicity.

Anonymous said...

the McCanns ...stuck in the prison they have built for themselves...