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Oh Yes Mister Spivey: DCI Andy Redwood and The Met's Search for Madeleine McCann

Some might describe the language below as indecorous. Heartfelt, would be my description.

We never take for granted the continued support and trust which Londoners feel for their Met. - Bernard Hogan-Howe


The Chief Constable of Merseyside Police - Bernard Hogan Howe will lead the release of balloons on the highest point of Liverpool inner city on Mossley Hill Field at 1400 BST.

The balloons will cost a pound to sponsor and all money will go to the Madeleine appeal fund.


And you know its right

The Daily Chimpanzee

I am finding it a real struggle to write about the latest development in the Madeleine McCann case, I gotta tell ya.

And even though I have forced myself to start writing, I’m not going to spend too long rabbiting on about it because it is just too silly for words.

The embarrassing muppet in charge, DCIK Andy Deadwood is an affront to his occupation and I can promise you that I would have no qualms whatsoever about calling the country bumpkin a cunt to his face.

Moreover, this pathetic investigation, whitewash, junket, cash cow, review, or whatever the fuck you want to call the pantomime is costing millions of pounds of your money… And for what?

You are being laughed at… You are having the right fucking piss taken out of you… You are being treated like a cunt.

There are people being handed death sentences in this country every day of the fucking week who could be saved by your money that is being used for nothing other than to keep those responsible for Madeleine McCanns disappearance out of prison… There is no need for an investigation because the cunts already know where to look if they want the case solving.

Your money could be used for the good of the people instead of being used to make our police force the laughing stock of the world.

I mean, watch the video in the Chimp article below and tell me you can take anything that the pathetic twat, Deadwood says seriously.

I have two question for the nonce protecting, wholly corrupt, totally inept, pathetic sounding, twat:


2) How much money has that surreal wild goose chase cost us so far, just to be dropped in favour of a nonce thief who apparently carries out serious sexual assaults on holidaymakers children as they sleep in their beds?

I mean, are you seriously telling us that every fucking holidaymaker on the Algarve leaves their kids home alone to get molested whilst their parents fuck off out?

Or does the nonce cunt - who Deadleg claims to have only just found out exists – only target the children of deaf holidaymakers?

Because that is the kind of shit that Windy Miller is now expecting us to believe, yet not once did the fraud DCI mention the trio that he has been peddling as prime suspects in the interview that appears in Dacre’s Comic book story (found below).

Fuck me, give the cunt enough time and he will be having us believe that Ernie and fucking Bert kidnapped Madeleine on the orders of a Mr Big… Bird.

Honest to fucking Dog, I am sick to fucking death of being mugged off by the government, the judiciary, the odd bod plod squad and every other paedophile infested institution in this fucking toilet of a Cuntry.

In fact, I’m not even going to talk about any more of this new shit that Deadwood is touting as fact… GET KNOCKING ON THE FUCKING McCANNS DOOR OR FUCK OFF YOU USELESS PISS TAKING CUNT.

That is all I have to say on the McCann case. It really is just too pathetic for words… Deadwoods job is not to find that poor innocent lost soul. Deadwoods job is to keep Madeleine McCanns remains from ever being found.

Deadwood is not a policeman. He makes my fucking skin crawl, and if I ever meet the low life snake cunt I shall fucking tell him so too because I am sick to death of been mugged off by the likes of him and every other foul pox infested cockroach covering up for the nonce elite.

Fuck me we could expect better results than Deadwood can deliver if the useless twat swapped jobs with his Uncle Wurzel… The prick is nothing other than a fucking Tractor driver disguised as a fucking Chief Inspector… GRRRRR.

Everytime I see him give interviews I half expect him to pop a long bit of grass into his mouth, or spark up one of them corn cob pipes at any given moment.

So, instead of wasting my time talking about the totally inept, create a debt, carrot crunching, rug munching, appallingly educated, needs to be eradicated, high ranking, try wanking, freemason, free basin, freefuckingloading, gob shite, wash white, goodnight, smeg type, Deadwood – OH YEAH! NOW THATS WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT, Y’ALL GO BACK AND RAP THAT SHIT – let me tell you about our useless nonce infested police force.

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