Saturday, March 08, 2014

Taking The Piss Abducted Child Issue

Like I said, nobody takes the piss like the English. Well it is, if we include a dim Scouser and a mealy-mouthed Scots git, in the same category.

Oh! and the media of of course, we should never forget their part in this little pantomime.

Oh! and the boys in . . . p'raps not, no need to mention those lads. Is there?

A tip of the hat, HiDeHo4


Anonymous said...

world hottest celebrities LOL

Himself said...

What was it the time before, hot hookers from the Punjab?

Anonymous said...

All locked away in their bedrooms, talking to each other online, according to Kate McCann in her account of the truth. In the early days this upset her tremendously, but gradually she grew a protected shell.

From a McCann supporter:

Not a threat a promise. Matthew Take care for now. #mccann

You will figure when my husband gets to you. We know where you live :-)) Your bullying has gone too far now. #mccann

#mccann My husband and I will be paying you a visit. Be ready :-))

Thanks for that :-)) You will regret it #mccann

From Arold, the husband:

Finally found the courage to stand up to my bullying other half Must tweet from the attic - she keeps the keys down her bra and I don't venture there

Well, according to Kate McCann, the behaviour of psychiatric patients can be unpredictable. The responsible parent can turn her hand to anything, as we know. She also has something with bedrooms.

To quote Kate McCann: From Gerry’s stories it sounds as if it was a fun, loud and colourful household, quite mad at times. It must have been hard, too: seven people living in a one-bedroom place in a Glasgow tenement - and that was without the occasional 'lodger' with nowhere else to go who’d be offered a berth on the floor.

Need I say more.

Back to the grind m’dear.

Anonymous said...


May 25, 2007
from interview Sky News’ Ian Woods with Kate and Gerry McCann

At the 9:45 mark

IW: Have you got no plans to go back to the UK for the foreseeable future?
KM: [both shake heads] No.

IW: I think that everyone has just been incredibly impressed with you as a couple and how you've dealt with this. There was a period after a week or so where you looked as if you were almost broken and who could not understand that? And then there seemed to be a sort of a strength come from somewhere. Is that a fair point? Is that what happened and what brought it about?
KM: I think that's definitely true, isn't it [looks at Gerry and sighs]
GM: Certainly, you know, at the end of that first week there was so much emotion that we had spent and we actually had a period where we discussed this openly that we felt devoid, completely devoid of emotion. The analogy that I like to use is a bit like when we were students and you'd got to your overdraft limit and you'd gone beyond it and there was just nothing left in the tank.

completely devoid of emotion. Indeed.

Anonymous said...

Local residents also think the digs are futile. One elderly British expat believed the Met police were “trying to prove a point” and “keep their jobs”.

She added: “I wonder what the British taxpayer thinks? After all, they are paying for it!”

The woman said locals were “mad” and “feel it (the digging)could ruin our tourism”.

She said: “The resort was busy over Easter and although it’s quietened down we’re heading into the main holiday season.

“I can’t imagine any family with young children would want to see officers digging up the ground.”

Meanwhile in Rothley

A close friend of Kate and Gerry has revealed they have asked Scotland Yard to delay any ground searches in Praia da Luz until after they have “celebrated” the youngster’s special day, with a cake and presents at home in Rothley, Leicestershire.

Beyond disgusting.