Saturday, March 19, 2011

Playboy: An Interview With Helen Thomas

PLAYBOY: Did you go into journalism because you wanted to make a difference?

THOMAS: Hell no. I got into it because I am very nosy,

Something a little different, because quite frankly I feel as though I'm drowning in a sea of hypocrisy regarding four fifths of the news stories that are doing the rounds.

This interview between Playboy and the irrepressible ninety year old Helen Thomas is actually a delightful read. The ever tenacious and still very much on the ball, Ms Thomas reflects on subjects many, on Presidents past and present, a few Veeps, her life, both early and as a journo. Recommended.

So is this how you pictured retirement?

THOMAS: I’m not retired! I was fired. In fact, I’ll die with my boots on. I’m still writing and I’ll continue to write and ask hard questions. I will never bow out of journalism.

PLAYBOY: Take us back to the White House courtyard on May 27 when Rabbi David Nesenoff pointed his camera at you and asked for your comments on Israel.

THOMAS: He pulled that thing out like a jackknife. I mean, he started out very nice, introducing me to these two young boys who wanted to be in journalism. He said, “Got any advice? Go for it.” I didn’t know it was Jewish Heritage Month, which is why he was at the White House and also why he asked “So what do you think of Israel?” That’s when I said, “They should get the hell out of Palestine.”

PLAYBOY: Did you realize how controversial those words were as you spoke them?

THOMAS: I knew I’d hit the third rail. You cannot say anything about Israel in this country. But I’ve lived with this cause for many years. Everybody knows my feelings that the Palestinians have been shortchanged in every way. Sure, the Israelis have a right to exist—but where they were born, not to come and take someone else’s home. I’ve had it up to here with the violations against the Palestinians. Why shouldn’t I say it? I knew exactly what I was doing—I was going for broke. I had reached the point of no return. You finally get fed up.

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Anonymous said...

Helen Thomas certainly has not lost her mind, an interesting woman. Thank you H for the interview link.

Himself said...

My pleasure Maren.

SteelMagnolia said...

Aint she grand..

Himself said...

She's an institution, or was. I didn't know she had been sacked though, the last I recall of Helen, was her being sent to the back of the classroom by a petty Bush administration.

Anonymous said...

Pioneer journalist Helen Thomas dies at 92

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

She was special. She’ll be sorely missed. She spoke truth to power. Too few like her remain. Washington targets those who do.