Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Nuclear Boy (Fukushima) Is Getting Better and Some Good ol' Gospel

It's great to blog like this on occasion, just let the thread go off where it wants, just like old times in fact. And too much of this serious shite isn't good for man nor beast. Drive on!

A cartoon explaining the events the Fukushima nuclear plant. Aimed at Japanese children and anybody South of the Mason Dixon Line. Oh! and middle America, let's not forget them, because they don't do science in middle America, they do Jesus instead.

Because everybody knows....

Charming! Where was I? middle America and....

Yes, we know where middle America is. What I was trying to say was.....

That's it; in fact.....

Because He got d power to rescue the kiddywinks from Satanic Attacks, and God only knows how many of those there are, I'm tripping over the buggers every day here.

I think we better have the cartoon now before things get out of hand.

Will you stop! you know that's not what I meant, stop being so bloody facetious.

Right so! Nuclear Boy, we can get back Jesus in America later.

Now is that clear t'all you good ol' boys? cos we no you boys ain't too brite nun, in fact y'all ain't to gud neether, in fact in fact, y'all ignurent rasist redneck fuckin assholes and as oh-fence-iv as shit. (Seriously hate filled forum. Link removed) In fact I've had a serious change of mind, if you want to go there, paste this in your browser and change the -com to .com http://vnnforum-com/forumdisplay.php?f=72

Y'all should get some real Jesus in ya and love everybody, specially them young uns, just like Jesus does.

In fact he loves them little chilrun so much I'd say he got a good ol' hardon for them.

But that's all dirty talk, so y'all step up here and get yourselves cleansed.

Right so! I think it's.....

for some music, what's it gonna be, some of that crazy muthafuckin pentecostal shit?

Or some of that even crazier muthafuckin snake handling shit?


Fuck that shit. Let's leave those...

to there own devices and have a bit o' that good ol', middle Ameriki, WASP shit instead, I got it coming out my ears.

Let's get straight in with some real kick ass tunes from..

Followed by Christian Crusaders singing, 'The Fat One's a Fag'

Country Church, country practices, We All Love (our) Sister Mary Beth. Who says K-Mart sucks?

Not half as much as the Paedo Quartet the Baber Shop Quartet The Ministers Quartet love those little boys.

Who says K-Mart sucks?

Oh you hippies you.

Wot, no chain saw?

Is he really?

Don't worry about it because....

Say two fat fags.

Sings: 'Our souls are cheap today, little boys only half a crown, standing up or sitting down'

Masturbate to music with Father White.

But your sister is your mother.

Not half as much I'll wager, as eldest daughter.

But your cherry belongs to Daddy. Who said K....

Because I love breast in aspic.

And don't forget.

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