Tuesday, March 15, 2011



Anonymous said...

I saw this image yesterday and it is getting worse by the minute. I truly fear for them and cannot even begin to understand the fear they themselves hold right now.
Also now confirming radioactivity is in the air.


Moving on, also sickened by this senseless act of barbarism. Animals slaughtered with the go ahead of Council Officials.

The World is a very sick and cruel place.


Himself said...

It must be awful for them all, but for those that have lost loved ones, to try and grieve their losses amid all this, it barely bears thinking about.

The Cows: All tooled up and no-one to shoot.

On a slightly lighter note. I'm coming home today, by way of a change, via an unknown country route.

With the aid of my mother and father of tow ropes and a wagon at the scene, we managed to tow a stalled tractor and its trailer sufficiently to clear enough room on this country road for traffic to pass.

After everything had quietened down, I said to lady tractor driver, ''Yon sheep looks a bit poorly'' In the adjacent field was a woolly bugger, flat on its back with four stiff legs in the air, rigor if ever I saw it.

Off she goes and turns this rascal over and off it trots as right as rain. Evidently if they get that way when they are in lamb, they struggle for a while and then give up.

So there you go, you larn a bit o' summat every day, oh arr oh arr.