Thursday, March 31, 2011

Outside The UK? I Have a Treat For You: Brian Cox Wonders of the Universe

Let me rephrase that, I have a treat for you courtesy of iplayerrips, gawd bless 'im.

I have just been catching up on iplayer, the latest episode (4) of Brian Cox's second masterpiece series, Wonders of the Universe. Going in search of a decent trailer or two, in order to give you taste, I hardly expected to find the thing ripped and upped. So here is part one episode one, the rest available on Youtube.

Episode two I found particularly enthralling, going so far as to say, that I learnt more about the Universe in those sixty minutes than I have in the last sixty years. The facts and figures given out were simply mind blowing. Can you conceive a Red Giant, Beetle Juice, so colossal that our entire solar system would fit within? A Red Giant I add, that could quite easily go Super Nova tomorrow. Now wouldn't that be a nice event to witness in one's lifetime?


Program details, but I won't hotlink it.

But I wouldn't be, being myself, if I didn't bring you five minutes from the other side.


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