Wednesday, June 17, 2009

"Such a fun group of ladies"

I can't think there are many people on the western side of the pond that are not familiar with the Louisiana lunatic from "Trading Spouses" but on this side, who knows?

Perhaps like myself you might have only viewed the "homecoming" clip or there again it's quite possible this might be all novel to you.

The least I say about the woman the better but I shall post said clip first to give you an insight into this god warrior from Louisiana.

But as wild and as whacky as she be it's not actually her that I wish to draw your attention to, rather it is the group of Louisiana Christians that the daughter describes as "such a fun group of ladies."

As well we know the success of "wife Swap" and the like depends on drawing the swaps from the extreme ends of lifestyles and often religious beliefs and believe me this program was no exception to that rule.

The second clip, about number four in the broadcast, shows the meeting between this fun group of ladies and the stand-in mother.

How would I describe these good Christian ladies? perhaps it would be easier if I let the thesaurus do it for me.

Sanctimonious, Pecksniffian, bigoted, canting, deceiving, false, goody-goody, holier-than-thou, hypocritical, pharisaical, pietistic, pious, preachy, self-satisfied, smug, stuffy, unctous.

Or quite simply, horrible people.

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Anonymous said...

"You're not a christian, in other words" to a woman who says that she believes in God and explains (we're all one and we're all equal) "equal with the rapists, the terrorists..."

It's admirable the way Jeanne Flisher stays civilized among these scary christian nazi women. M