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Madeleine McCann Bloodhounds At Work: What Americans Didn't See On Oprah

From the statement by Martin Grime, the English dog handler brought in to check out the apartments of the McCanns and those of their holiday companions.

As far as I am aware these dogs have never given a false positive indication in over two hundred cases.

The first film (five minutes) shot in Praia da Luz, scene of crime, is a truncated version of the original.

The second must watch film shot in America relates to a different case entirely. In spite of concerted efforts by the perp to camouflage the cadaver odour of the victim, the dog is having none of it.

"All five apartments were searched using the EVRD. (evidence recovery dog) The only alert indications were at apartment 5a, the reported scene.

The EVRD alerted in the:
Rear bedroom of the apartment in the immediate right hand corner by
the door.
Living room, behind sofa.
Veranda outside parent's bedroom.
Garden area directly under veranda.

My observation of the dog's behaviour in this instance was that the dog's
behaviour changed immediately upon opening the front door to the apartment.
He will normally remain in the sit position until released and tasked to search.
On this occasion he broke the stay and entered the apartment with an above
average interest. His behaviour was such that I believed him to be 'in scent'
and I therefore allowed him to free search without direction to allow him to
identify the source of his interest. He did so alerting in the rear bedroom.

I released him from this and tasked him to continue to search. He did so
alerting in an area to the rear of the sofa in the lounge.
The first alert was given with the dogs head in the air without a positive area
being identified. This is the alert given by him when there is no tangible
evidence to be located only the remaining scent.

The second alert was one where a definitive area was evident. The CSI dog
was therefore deployed who gave specific alert indications to specific areas on the tiled floor area behind the sofa and on the curtain in the area that was in contact with the floor behind the sofa. This would indicate to the likely presence of human blood.

The forensic science support officers were then deployed to recover items for
laboratory analysis.

There were no alert indications from the remaining properties. I did however
see the dog search in the kitchen waste bins. These contained meat
foodstuffs including pork and did not result in any false alert response".

From Crackle: A Nose For Crime

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Anonymous said...

bravo for mr amaral,i only wish that the people of england could read his book

Himself said...

They shall eventually I'm sure, but in the meantime the book is slowly being translated into English and posted online.

I'm being remiss in not providing a link but I shall rectify that now.

Anonymous said...

sadly the premise for your piece is a bit off, there is no such 'no false positive in 200 cases' quote, it was never said, dogs are fallible and just a guide, sadly their reactions and non reactions did not guide the forensic tecs to any evidence that would clarify what happened to Maddie.

Anonymous said...

I recently came accross your blog and have been reading along. I thought I would leave my first comment. I dont know what to say except that I have enjoyed reading. Nice blog. I will keep visiting this blog very often.


Anonymous said...

Me And You And A Dog Named Boo

Himself said...

Good morning Maren, I trust you are well my love?

I have been a tad busy of late, what with one thing or another.

I have Chrome up and running quite well. I just need to figure how to get Chrome to open my email, all emailed links open in Firefox by default, which is a pain. Still nearly there.

The pooch? has to be a big LOL, and even though I don't do Madam anymore, I did save it.

Did you notice the protest in the background?

Anonymous said...

Good evening H, I’m well, thank you m’dear.

I’m always busy or at least I think I am. I just need to figure out how to curb that time-consuming reading addiction. The happy medium.

The foreground Madam is just a bit of nonsense, the background is much more interesting indeed. Perhaps the combination does the trick. And, Bulgarian News Agency of course.

The Chrome thing requires attention, so I’d better make you some coffee.

The best. M

Himself said...

The Chrome thing has had the requisite attention and all is steaming along at a far greater rate of knots than Firefox has done of late.

Of reading, I am nearing the end of Brian Sewell's Outsider 11, quite remarkable really, not least for his equally remarkable memory.

I increased my knowledge of the art world tenfold, that should tell you what it was like previously.

And what a world it is. It is a big world, and the level of academic learning required is quite astounding, and for all involved, not just Sewell.

Part 1: The Outsider Charleston Festvial 2012

Brian Sewell on Harry's Willy

Anonymous said...

Thank you for the links.

Anonymous said...

Only in Europe

Hark! Hark! The Dogs Do Bark!

With Note By Walter Emanuel.

Other European countries are identified by figures which are equally amusing ...

Anonymous said...

Brian Sewell: All those Simon Schama and David Starkey programmes inevitably turn into walking about and arm-waving. Poor Mary Beard, trundling around the ruins of Rome on a bicycle. Why? These devices even creep into news bulletins: some wretched reporter suddenly emerges from behind a car or tree and walks towards the camera. For God's sake, you have news to communicate. Stand still and tell us what it is. I don't want to be entertained, I want to be informed.

Entertaining reading; vielen Dank! X

Anonymous said...

@30 November 2012 19:34

Bulgarian News