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Kate McCann Forty Eight Innocuous Questions: What Americans Didn't See On Oprah

Kate McCann was probably unaware at the that her refusal to answer these forty eight innocuous questions would one day become public knowledge with the release of the case files.

Innocuous enough by anybodies standard, particularly if your child had been abducted, but number forty one might raise an eyebrow.


1. On the 3rd of May 2007, at around 10 p.m., when you entered the apartment, what did you see, what did you do, where did you search, what did you handle?

2. Did you search in the bedroom closet?

3. (Two photographs of her bedroom's closet are exhibited) Can you describe its contents?

4. Why are the curtains in front of the side window, behind the sofa (photograph is exhibited) ruffled? Did someone pass behind that sofa?

5. How long did the search that you made in the apartment after detecting the disappearance of your daughter Madeleine take?

6. Why did you say straight away that Madeleine had been abducted?

7. Presuming that Madeleine had been abducted, why did you leave the twins alone at home while you went to the Tapas to raise the alarm? Even because the supposed abductor could still be inside the apartment.

8. Why didn't you ask the twins at that moment what had happened to their sister, or why didn't you ask them at a later point in time?

9. When you raised the alarm at the Tapas, what exactly did you say and what were the words?

10. What happened after you raised the alarm at the Tapas?

11. Why did you go to warn your friends instead of calling out from the balcony?

12. Who contacted the authorities?

13. Who participated in the searches?

14. Did anyone outside of the group learn about Maddie's disappearance during the following minutes?

15. Did any neighbour offer you help after the disappearance?

16. What does the expression "we let her down" mean?

17. Did Jane mention to you that she had seen a man with a child that night?

18. How were the authorities contacted and which police force was called?

19. During the searches, and already with the police present, in what locations was Maddie searched for, how and in what manner?

20. Why didn't the twins wake up during that search, or when they went to the upper floor?

21. Who did you call after the facts?

22. Did you call SKY News?

23. Did you know about the danger of calling the media, because that could influence the abductor?

24. Did you request the presence of a priest?

25. How was Madeleine's face publicised, with a photograph, or other media?

26. Is it true that during the search you remained seated on Maddie's bed without moving?

27. How did you behave that evening?

28. Did you manage to sleep?

29. Before the trip to Portugal, did you comment on a bad feeling or a bad premonition?

30. What was Madeleine's behaviour?

31. Did Maddie suffer of any disease or did she take any kind of medication?

32. What was the relationship like between Madeleine and her siblings?

33. What was the relationship like between Madeleine and her siblings, her friends and her colleagues at school?

34. Concerning your professional life, in how many and in which hospitals have you worked?

35. What is your medical specialty?

36. Did you work by shifts, in emergency rooms or in other departments?

37. Did you work on a daily basis?

38. Did you stop working at a certain point in time? Why?

39. Do your twin children have difficulty in falling asleep, are they unruly and does that upset you?

40. Is it true that at certain times you were desperate over your children's attitude and that left you upset?

41. Is it true that in England you considered the possibility of handing over Madeleine's guardianship to a relative?

42. In England, did you give your children medication? What type of medication?

43. Within the process, you were shown films of a forensic character, where the dogs can be seen marking indications of human cadaver odour and equally human blood traces, and only of human origin, as well as all the comments that were made by the responsible expert. After the visualisation, and after cadaver odour was signalled in your bedroom next to the wardrobe and behind the sofa that was pushed against the living room window, you said that you could not explain anything apart from what you had already said?

44. You said that you could not explain anything apart from what you had already said, concerning the marking of human blood behind the sofa by the detection dog?

45. You said that you could not explain anything apart from what you had already said, concerning the marking of cadaver odour in the boot of the vehicle that you rented a month after the disappearance?

46. You said that you could not explain anything apart from what you had already said, concerning the marking of human blood in the boot of the vehicle?

47. You said that you could not explain anything apart from what you had already said, upon being confronted with the result of the collection of Maddie's DNA, which was analysed by a British lab, behind the sofa and inside the vehicle's boot?

48. Did you have any responsibility or intervention in the disappearance of your daughter?

Here is the one question that she did answer

Are you aware of the fact that by not answering these questions you may compromise the investigation, which is trying to find out what happened to your daughter?
She said "Yes, if the investigation thinks so".


Anonymous said...

Answer to Question 41: It is false. Questions for the Police-
1.Is it fair to say that you actually don't have a clue to what is going on in this case after 2 years?
2.Have you finally realized that standard police procedure will not,
and has not aided in solving this particular "child kidnap" case?.
3.And finally, does this crime warrant the death penalty considering the fact that several appeals have been made to the guilty?.

This crime will be solved- because you realize that the same could happen to you and your children. I hope that scares you and changes your understanding of these matters. Repent of the evil that you have done and then ask for God's help- He may just help you in your confusion...I am speaking softly to you as a Father to his child. Listen carefully and you will learn something...There is no mystery here.

Himself said...

A pox and contempt on your drivel, yourself and your god.

Anonymous said...

thats how much kate mccann wanted to help the pj to find madeleine.couldnt even be bothered to answer these simple questions.
sick person she is

Anonymous said...

"Yes,if the investigation thinks so".
Furthermore- accusations need to be made by more than one person- and naturally backed by solid evidence.The evidence in this case is not strong enough to accuse the Mccanns of any wrongdoing, save to wildly speculate about what may of happened. Judging from the reaction of the Mccann's I would say that Maddie was kidnapped from the apartment with access being breached through the front door with the aid of a key or other means. An "inside job" if you will.The possibility of her being alive is extremely good as links to another case seem to suggest that she was taken by a couple wanting a child, due to a miscarriage or the inability to adopt. Anna Stams evidence/statement of a child in Amsterdam seems to fit the bill of a couple on the run. The child had said that she was taken from her holiday. A link to a small circus was claimed by the couple (probably a lie). It is not known how Maddie could possibly travel this distance without a passport,unless she is using another child's passport.Justice should not be influenced by a crowd, which I am sad to say has happened in this case so far.However we should not condemn speculation as it is the path to the truth in a kidnap case. What has become clearly evident in this case is the hidden hostility between European nations and the UK. This cannot be denied. It has also become clear that people's attitudes to kidnap are appalling and some views that have been expressed are sick and evil. The corrosion of societies values in the last ten years is unbelievable, probably because of the influence of pornography and other "freedoms". A final appeal should now be made to the kidnappers. As the Lord is the highest authority I need you to know- "YOU WILL BE FOUND".
Oh, my good freind the pox is curable- what scares me is the SWINE FLU. My gypsy lady does not even want to send the kids to school anymore! Think on that...

Himself said...

Anonymous 6th July.

In the eventuality that you seek the help that you quite obviously require, might I suggest you source it in this world as opposed to the one you inhabit.

Anonymous said...

You are quite correct. I do need help. I worked Child Kidnap for a year and a half (94-96). In my experience I can tell and show you many things but mostly that decent help is very hard to find in this filthy business. But what is important my freind, is that people get their kids back.I do this job because I am the best hunter in the world. Not for any other reason, but to prove it to myself. We shall see if this is still the case. I believe it is. From my experience in this business, I believe that Maddeleine was kidnapped and did not die on the 3/4/2007.There are many reasons why this is true- you amongst others just do not know about them. It is relatively easy to forgive...

Anonymous said...

Anon 14 July 2009 22:18

I agree, decent help is very hard to find in this filthy business.
We just do not know about them, but do the McCanns know that you are the best hunter in the world?

Anonymous said...

Discussion in 'Crime' started by Bunk Moreland, Dec 11, 2012
Unsolved MM

declared war on ...
Q 41: Philomena?

Himself said...

Good morning Petal.

Q41 I wouldn't have the slightest idea.

Debunker is leading them up the garden path. Or trying to.

Google 'shill' (US)

I see the Tony Rose coconut reared its ugly head.

One of my followers knows or is related to Martin Grimes. All she would disclose is, the details would amaze you, or words to that effect.

Anonymous said...

26TH, JUNE 2009

Typhaine Taton Is France’s Madeleine McCann.




Typhaine Taton: Mother and Step-father Guilty of Murder and Faking Abduction

Himself said...

As will be every other case of a missing child, the first thought is "done a McCann"

That's why I say, time is our friend and the McCann's enemy.

Although it doesn't always feel that way does it?

I suppose I better dress my lazy arse and go to the library, not a bit of anything to read in the house.

I have only just finished reading Chico Buarque, only for the reason of reading two or three books in between.

And of course, because it is probably the cleverest bit of writing I have ever read.

He doesn't just put you in the hospital room with a rambling old man; you are the rambling old man, and the only way you can read the the thing is at a hundred miles an hour.

A couple of chapters and you're worn out.

As I say. it's clever writing.

Anonymous said...

It's Not too Late for McCann Parents to Take Polygraphs

Himself said...

In yer dreams lady, in yer dreams.

Good morning Chuck, I left you a strange link by the the way, on the Lazzeri post.

Anonymous said...

"It seems remarkable that just days after the McCanns were saying they thought Madeleine was still alive and missing, now they're talking about a body," a source said. "I don’t know if this is really the McCanns speaking or just one of the people working on their publicity campaign but it is not the kind of comment to impress a team of detectives who think you’re guilty."

Anonymous said...;topic=2334.0;attach=2644

Anonymous said...

August 7th, 2008