Sunday, June 28, 2009

Max Mosley: Quote Of The Year


"I am under pressure now from all over the world to stand for re-election,"

This below was originally meant to be one of two but when he said he was standing down I didn't pursue the second one.

What a delusional fucktard if ever there was.

Moving away from Herr Flick to take a look at the quality of the TV coverage, I didn't think ITV did a bad job of previous years coverage, but the BBC, and I'm far from alone in saying this, absolutely spot on, a first class show all round. Not least because the Beeb had the good sense to bring on board Martin Brundle in spite of mean, petty, vindictive attempts by the FIA (Mosley) to block his move to the new BBC team.

But, ain't there always a but?

But this fellow, again I'm not alone in my opinion, contributes absolutely nothing to the quality of the broadcast.

It took me about two minutes of the first race to form my opinion, but when on the first wet race, behind the safety car, this fellow confirmed he has no place in Formula One by giving out the sector times of various cars.

One commenter on the very readable Jake Humphrey's blog put it this way:

Secondly! Jonathan Legard. I will try to be as polite as I can about him. He tries his best. But to me at least, his commentary is woefully short of the expected level of what is, overall, the best F1 coverage ever. Cold, sterile, unenthusiastic, overdramatic when he doesn't need to be, unable to build tension, cliche-ridden, and worse, that Sinful quality he has of talking over Martin Brundle. Jonathan also seems distant from the rest of the team and from my perspective at least, he also seems distant from the sport itself.
Nuff said.

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