Tuesday, September 22, 2015

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Metropolitan Police Service, Leicester Constabulary, UK Home Office. We the people are going to be on the right side of history. Are you?

Whatever stunts you have pulled in the past and plan to pull in the future, all will be to no avail.

Because I can say one thing without fear of contradiction, we shall be proved right before you are. It cannot be otherwise. As well you know.

There is only one truth, and that truth will out.

Appeal to raise money for Maddie cop’s legal costs gets huge cash boost
Portugal Resident
September 22 2015

An anonymous group of Portuguese “business and legal workers” have ploughed over €11,000 (£8000) into the online appeal set up by a young single mother to raise money for beleaguered ex-Maddie cop Gonçalo Amaral. Amaral’s appeal against the €600,000 in damages awarded against him in the civil case taken out by the parents of missing Madeleine is due to be decided by Lisbon’s Appellate Court “any day now”.

The cash boost has brought the Legal Defence for Gonçalo Amaral to over €65,000 (£47,010).

Donated in the Portuguese language, the text claims to be from “an anonymous group of business and legal workers who are appalled by what has happened”.

It continues: “Portugal and Britain are old allies, but the McCanns and the British gutter press have tried to drive a wedge between us.

“We can all see what they are trying to do, freezing Dr Amaral’s assets to prevent him from defending himself, whilst using the donated millions to sue him.

“That is not justice. It is not right.

“The McCanns lost five out of the seven issues, but the British press has not reported that, nor the strong terms used by the judge against their so called ‘evidence’.

“They have to pay 60% of the costs, but the British press has not reported that” either, the text continues, stressing that “this small donation is to ensure that this act of hate and venom does not succeed”.

The donation - arriving in the legal fund in two chunks on Tuesday morning - has been widely shared on social media where a veritable avalanche of support for Amaral has accompanied him for the past eight years. But so far it has been ignored by the British mainstream media.

As to the former PJ detective’s appeal against the ruling that effectively orders him to pay the McCann’s over €600,000 in damages, that is advancing now through the Appellate Court in Lisbon.

As a friend of the former detective’s explained, “it is not a public process. There is no court date.

“At some point, the judges reach a verdict and then they communicate that verdict to all parties. There is however no deadline. It may take weeks or months until we hear anything”.



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Anonymous said...

Just fantastic to see such support for Dr Amaral. Citizens and professionals in Portugal and UK can see the unjustness of the situation and the UK MSM has been exposed for what it is to the world. Kudos to all and my hope justice will prevail for Dr Amaral is stronger.

Recent and current news stories and political events in UK are also exposing UK MSM tactics and citizens are opening their eyes in thousands. A sea change is underway and hopefully a tsunami will hit the UK establishment and cleanse it. Maybe I'm too hopeful but a fundamental shift is underway.

Amanda S

Anonymous said...

The cowardice media and their lovely lovely 30% sales increases are behind this, along with other drivers of phallic symbols for good measure. Kerbleedinching!

Himself said...

Hi Amanda

I still don't fancy his chances no matter how much is collected.

Dirty politics put Amaral in the position he is in,(twice)I can't honestly see those same politics doing much for him this time. A reduction in the amount damages is I think the best he can hope for. But he will still be screwed.

The judge didn't award the Mcs E600,000 off her own bat, no way in the world she did, somebody had a word in her shell like without a doubt.

Whether a similar situation will be in place for the appeals process, I haven't a clue.

The whole thing stinks, not as bad as Op Grange stinks, but then what could? Cadaver odour on mother perhaps?

I know I am not wrong about Grange, but I do hope I'm wrong about this appeal.

We shall have to do what we have become so well accustomed to doing, wait and see.


Anonymous said...

The appeal goes to the same court that kickd the McCanns out last time.

Anonymous said...

This case is a complete farce, in my opinion, of course.

Himself said...

00:23 In itself it means nothing.

09:39 This case is a complete farce.

highmyope1955 said...

Though I wish Dr Amaral every success with his appeal, I am afraid that I agree that the original verdict is suspect. The McCanns seem finally to be aware that the tide of public opinion is now turning against them; the fact that they have expressed gratitude for the latest two million pounds that will go down the Grange drain indicates that.

Farces are supposed to be amusing. Operation Grange is not.

Anonymous said...

Hi Himself,

I expect you are correct. My day of feeling more positive and having a brief belief in miracles has faded back to the brutal reality.

The clearing up/closure of certain blogs, mixing of the #m with others and spam etc. and the supposed six month dead line for OG and everything else signals a 'plausible' close down is being engineered.

Amanda S

Anonymous said...

<The Met will commission a new age-progression image of Madeleine when she is 13.


You couldn't make it up.

highmyope1955 said...

Will not Operation Grange have been wound up by then? The two million pounds was awarded in September, so six months from that is in March.

I wonder if the new image will bring the usual "sightings" by attention-seeking fantasists looking for their fifteen minutes of fame.

Himself said...

Good morning dearheart

I hope they do, and then perhaps once and for all the sheeple might wake up?

Let's face it, the Met have already issued one, which tells me all I need to know about the Met.

But that was under Hyphen-Howe and silly-billy Redwood, but things are soooo different now under Hyphen-Howe and Nicola Wall.


Himself said...


You might say that, I couldn't possibly comment.


Anonymous said...

Oxford Dictionaries:

Manage expectations: seek to prevent disappointment by establishing in advance what can realistically be achieved or delivered by a project, undertaking, course of action etc.

Fuck all.

(And "Click to donate")

Anonymous said...

Such professionalism from an "Official" page #McCann lol



Anonymous said...


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Anonymous said...

For the archives. One of their last tweets before the official Twitter account of the Find Madeleine campaign has been taken down.


Anonymous said...

3 June 2011


Good afternoon everyone. Another busy day. Gerry's birthday is on Sunday; so our weekend will be spent with family and friends.

3 October 2014


McCann said: “I haven’t read her tweets … I think that is an issue, that our behaviour is modified by this.

We do not have any significant presence on social media or online.

Anonymous said...







Anonymous said...

8 August 2014

Dear Metropolitan Police Service (MPS),...

Dear Leicestershire Constabulary,...

5 September 2014


Factors favouring confirmation or denial for S27
Releasing information on this issue would increase public knowledge about our relations with other countries, in particular Portugal.

University of Strathclyde
Submitted an investigative journalism dissertation with original research, analysis and interviews about the Madeleine McCann case.


Himself said...

Standard bullshit/reply letter, but for obvious reasons this caught my eye.

My bold

Balancing Test

Leicestershire Police relies heavily on the public providing information to assist in criminal investigations and has a duty to protect and defend vulnerable individuals.

The public has an expectation that any information they provide will be treated with confidence.

Anything which places that confidence at risk would undermine any trust or confidence individuals have in Leicestershire Police
The effective delivery of operational law enforcement is of paramount importance to Leicestershire Police in their duty to ensure the prevention and detection of crime is carried out and the effective apprehension or prosecution of offenders is maintained.

In addition any disclosure by Leicestershire Police that places the security of the country at risk would undermine any trust or confidence individuals have in us, therefore it is our opinion that for these issues the balance test favours neither confirming nor denying that information is held.



Anonymous said...