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Metaphoric Comprehension Revisited by Dr Martin Roberts

For your contemplation, another thought provoking hypothesis from the pen of Martin Roberts.

How near the mark it is I couldn't say, but it would go a awful long way in explaining the anomalous behaviour of successive governments in relation to two hitherto unknown chav medics from the boonies.

It might also go some distance in explaining the totally unbefitting arrogance of the last persons to see Madeleine alive and in whose care she "disappeared",  the parents, Kate and Gerry McCann.


 By Dr Martin Roberts
18 September 2015

Attention switching

Pitiful though it may appear to some, I cannot help but notice certain similarities between ostensibly unrelated events. I mean, whatever can the tragedy of 9/11 have in common with the disappearance of Madeleine McCann?

One notable aspect, for me at least, is the common purpose shared by the National Institute for Standards and Technology (NIST for short), whose report into the collapse of the ‘Twin Towers’ was commissioned by the US administration, and Operation Grange, funded, open-endedly it seems, by the UK government. Both are indisputably endeavours to impose upon the general public an official account of what happened in each case – to the World Trade Centre buildings on the one hand, Madeleine McCann on the other. Both are gratuitously disingenuous. So much so that it hardly takes a leap of logic to infer that the truth must still be ‘out there’, since it is nowhere represented by either of these officially sanctioned undertakings.

However, for the sake of parsimony if nothing else, we should confine discussion to the McCann affair and the misdirection inherent in it.

To quote briefly from a recent facebook/forum comment:

“There is no way on this earth that two insignificant doctors and their holiday companions would be protected by the full might of the British government. Some other event was happening in Praia de Luz that week and that some of those in attendance were powerful movers and shakers who needed to be protected at all costs.

“…some seeking the answer to Madeleine's disappearance will be disappointed if the reason for the protection does not lead to a high level paedophile gang. But it won’t because it isn't the reason.”

Of course there are those who adhere to the notion that the McCanns have accomplished all they have by virtue of their being no more than sharp opportunists, who happened to have had their hands on a few useful professional levers and have gone onto greater things inside the signal box since. The battleground for argument here is usually the explicit exemplars of officialdom’s having taken the couple’s part so readily. ‘Extraordinary!’ cry the conspiracy theorists. ‘Par for the course,’ claim the debunkers. But what of a smaller skirmish about which very little has so far been said?

However influential the McCanns and their T7 allies may or may not have been, it is difficult to see how they might have convinced two Police investigators into the McCann disappearance, one of them a senior and well respected officer in the field of missing persons enquiries, that their future careers lay elsewhere – outside the UK even. I refer of course to Martin Grime (now working with the FBI) and Mark Harrison (now a Police Commander in Australia). How did Team McCann accomplish that?

Our anonymous commentator is of the opinion that some powerful entity outside the McCann circle required protection, but not on account of their association with any paedophile ring. That wasn’t the reason. Which begs the obvious question: ‘What was the reason’?

Apparently, “Some other event was happening in Praia de Luz that week and some of those in attendance were powerful movers and shakers who needed to be protected at all costs.”

For ‘abduction by paedophiles’ one might read ‘destroyed by hijacked aircraft’, since both propositions share the same degree of verisimilitude. Operation Grange have of course adopted the fallback position of ‘body snatching by burglars’, in an attempt to incorporate the small detail of Madeleine McCann’s being dead at the time of departure - about as credible as NIST’s computer modelling of the collapse of WTC7, or indeed any of the hundreds of pages that make up the 9/11 Commission Report, for which countless trees were needlessly sacrificed. (Ed see below)

The inevitable lure here, and the one which has engaged so many for so long, is the urge to get to the bottom of what really happened to Madeleine McCann. And this, with the added frisson of possible misdemeanour involving high status individuals, has, for nearly a decade, successfully steered all our gazes away from the true fulcrum of the drama being played out in the Portuguese Algarve. As per the comment above: “Some other event was happening in Praia de Luz that week.” A ‘tomato fest’ it was not.

Keeping secrets

Certain students of the McCann case, as seen through the eyes of the media for the most part, have derided Goncalo Amaral’s repeated assertions that secret service activities lay behind the ruinous political intervention into the police investigation of which he was co-ordinator. Such a view establishes him as a ‘totem’ for conspiracy theorists, who, according to these learned others, lack a firm grasp of reality. Far too many people (‘three score and ten’?) would have to have been involved for it to work, and they couldn’t all keep a secret could they? Not like the thousands employed at Bletchley Park during the Second World War, or the hundred thousand engaged on the Manhattan Project in the USA, where President Truman was over a week in office before he knew anything about it ( (Ed see below)  Then of course we have that inglorious September date in 2001. Has anyone from the directorate ‘squealed’ about that one yet? (And don’t, for goodness’ sake, imagine that’s because there’s nothing to reveal).

Of all those whose opinions concerning the McCann case might be taken seriously, Goncalo Amaral is out in front by a country mile. He was slap bang in the middle of proceedings at the time. So if he reports that a UK police officer (Mark Harrison as it happens) was intercepted by MI5 at Faro Airport then it’s ‘odds on’ the event occurred. So we might ask ourselves, were MI5 tagging along with the diplomatic invasion, like so many opportunist refugees, just in case the people thought by Kate McCann to have been ‘spying’ on her family that week should have absconded with some living embodiment of a state secret or two? Or were they already there?

It’s safe to say that a lot of people were in the Algarve at the time of Madeleine McCann’s disappearance, no doubt representing a variety of nationalities. The T7 were known to each other, but not to fellow diners at the Tapas Restaurant. Even newly-arrived Robert Murat, whose mother’s house was just a short walk from the Ocean Club, was a complete stranger to some, whilst Martin Smith had only seen him on a couple of occasions.

A small township populated by all sorts and frequented by strangers then. Perhaps we should not be surprised therefore at the McCann appeal for holiday-makers at the time to submit to CEOP (led of course by Jim Gamble) any photos that featured unfamiliar faces – you know, the sort of family snap you happen to take just as someone else wanders into view.

Despite Gerry McCann’s personal mantra about the importance of ‘getting information into the investigation’, no photographs trawled in this manner were ever passed onto the PJ, who were conducting it. Furthermore, according to Kate McCann (Crimewatch, June 2007), "Probably about 60% of tourists to this area are British, but following that are the Germans and then the Dutch.” But then we have Gerry’s ‘blog’ of 9 June, 2007, in which he tells us:

“After returning from the beach we did the Irish version of Crimewatch -'Crimecall'. There are a lot of Irish tourists in and around Praia da Luz and although the awareness of Madeleine's disappearance in Ireland is extremely high, we want to ensure that everyone is aware of the appeal and we want the Irish public to come forward with photographs of people who they do not know who were in and around Praia da Luz in the 2 weeks leading up to the 3rd May.”

The Smith family members, whose ‘sighting’ seems to have been of some significance, are of course Irish. Maybe friends of theirs had inadvertently secured an image of the same ‘abductor’ during daylight hours? More generally, and much more likely, such an Irish photographic ‘accident’ might have involved another Irish individual, most probably at a venue frequented by Irish ‘tourists’.

The McCanns and their ‘Tapas’ friends arrived in Praia da Luz over the weekend 28/29 April. Madeleine McCann was publicly reported missing on May 3, whereafter Kate McCann was quite sure ‘They’d been watching us for days’ (well it couldn’t have been a week!). And yet the McCanns, CEOP, and in all likelihood Jim Gamble, who had rather more than one string to his professional bow at the time, were interested in photographs featuring people ‘in and around Praia da Luz in the 2 weeks leading up to the 3rd May’. That’s over a week before the McCanns even arrived.

What surreptitious activity might the suspected abductor(s) have been up to prior to watching the McCanns for a few days? Did they know the McCanns were coming? Had they access to their booking arrangements? Did they take time to reconnoitre likely vantage points for surveillance perhaps? Of course not. Yet someone of interest must have been there, otherwise there would have been no chance of their being captured on film, and concomitantly no point to the appeal for photographs.

The first rule of survival 

‘Take care of no. 1’. It follows that, on a national scale, the first priority of a state is to see to matters of state. And what might matter to the state is not the domestic fate of a young child abroad, nor the criminality, if such it be, of that child’s parents. Thus, faced with the rejection of FOI requests on the grounds that to respond could jeopardize international relations, are we not bound to infer that what was actually being safeguarded was not the good names of a rag-tag bunch of middle-class medics? (See: “A Magical Mystery Tour” and “‘Mad Cow’ Legislation” – McCannfiles, October/November 2009).

So what was happening that spring, in Praia da Luz particularly or the Portuguese Algarve in general, that was neither a tomato fest nor a child abduction? Whatever it was, it was of international significance. Did it have something to do with the Lisbon Treaty perhaps? Nope. That was not signed until December. The Freeport scandal coming to a head? Well that certainly had an international dimension, but it’s difficult to see any immediate connection with the very immediate steps taken to submerge the McCann affair. What say we look at another chain of ‘incidents’ altogether, working backward from 2012?

This from The Portugal News Online of 15 November that year (

“The trial of five men accused of trafficking weapons to supply a dissident faction of the IRA – the Real IRA (RIRA) – began in the Algarve last week under a blanket of tight security.

“Three men from Northern Ireland and two Portuguese nationals are implicated in the case, which dates back to July 2011, when a PJ counter-terrorism unit swooped on a campsite in Olhão and dismantled the set-up.

“Three of the suspects are being held in Portugal, one remains free and the fifth suspect is in Ireland where he is facing extradition.” 

The arrests were in fact reported in the Guardian at the time they occurred (10 July -

Continuing with The Portugal News Online:

“It is not the first time RIRA activity has been exposed in the Algarve. In 2009 two men believed to belong to the Real IRA were found to be using a restaurant in the small fishing village of Alvor as a main European base.

“It was at the Panda Grill on the fringe of the village that Paul Anthony McCaugherty and Michael Gregory allegedly negotiated the buying and selling of weapons for the Real IRA, between 2005 and 2006.”

The Telegraph (30.6.2010) explained that these 2009 arrests had proceeded to trial and that

“The trial had heard that the Real IRA was using a restaurant on the Algarve in Portugal as a global hub for weapons shipments to Ireland. McCaugherty met the agent in Portugal and in a number of other locations including Amsterdam and Istanbul.” (

Fully five years ago yet another ‘anonymous donor’ left a comment on a popular blog to the following effect:

“Anonymous 23 April 2010 20:34:00

“In my opinion, Jim Gamble was not looking for photos of possible abductors. He was looking for photos that could have identified MI5 operatives. There is a trial scheduled to take place this month (April 2010) in regard to the Real IRA activities in the Algarve. It may not have to do with that case….”

On the other hand it just might.

Given these suspects were only arrested in 2009, in relation to criminal activities conducted between 2005 and 2006, what were they doing in the intervening period – and where were they doing it? A quick look at the map reveals that the ‘small fishing village of Alvor’, otherwise a European base of operations for illegal arms trafficking, is just beyond the headland from Luz, to the other side of Lagos.

And that ‘agent’ the accused was supposed to have met? The Telegraph (30.6.2010) again explains:

“Paul McCaugherty, 43, was caught trying to buy an arsenal of weapons from an undercover agent posing as a Middle Eastern arms dealer.

“The Security Service agent, known as Ali, spent two years meeting McCaugherty and bugging 90 hours of conversations which became the cornerstone of the prosecution’s case at Belfast Crown Court.”

No one was arrested until 2009 remember, which means that this operation was on-going during 2007, the year the McCanns decided to visit the Algarve. And let’s not overlook the headline afterwards carried by the Telegraph (30.6.2010):

Real IRA commander caught in MI5 arms dealing sting

A Real IRA commander has been convicted of attempting to smuggle weapons and explosives into Northern Ireland after being snared by a daring MI5 sting operation. 

From which it is abundantly clear that MI5 didn’t just wander into the Algarve in the wake of the McCanns. They were already there, and had been for some considerable time.

A stitch in time

Picking up on the earlier perspicacity of ‘Anonymous’, as demonstrated on 23 April that year (2010), if there is one thing about which the security services are undeniably scrupulous it is protection of their assets’ identities, and for very good reason.

Examples of this concern (or lack thereof) are to be found in the furore following members of the Bush administration’s deliberately, and maliciously, ‘outing’ CIA field agent Valerie Plame Wilson, simply to spite her husband, a diplomat who had taken a very public moral stand against US foreign policy in the Middle-East. (Ed. Joe Wilson husband of Valerie Plame revues Bush's memoir link)  On the home front, MI5’s eventual willingness to share CCTV images of two of the alleged 7/7 bombers was counterbalanced by their ‘cropping’ the pictures in such a way as to make reliable identification of the individuals nigh-on impossible.

But that’s just for context. What we have for more immediate consideration is an on-going MI5 operation in the Portuguese Algarve, where suddenly, and without prior warning, Police activity is about to go into overdrive, possibly giving locally based targets entirely the wrong impression that they are on the point of being ‘rumbled’ (a moment that was still two years hence), and jeopardizing years of investment in under-cover infiltration in the process. Not to mention the risk of ‘Ali’s being recognised in a context other than that of his role as a putative arms dealer.

Such would have been the situation had the PJ acted without media or other intrusion on the occasion of Madeleine McCann’s ‘disappearance’.

But isn’t that what they did?

Not really. It’s what they did on the night of May 3rd.

Now consider a UK government and its security services appraised of the possibility of such imminent turmoil before it actually kicked off. Say, a few days before. Time in which to delay ‘abduction’ (in lieu of a death) and instruct ‘Ali’, for example, to adopt a low profile elsewhere for the time being. Police spot checks throughout the Algarve would be inevitable, but significant others would at least be out of the firing line. Had the Portuguese been called to action stations without prior reference to MI5 they would have taken everyone unawares, not just Madeleine McCann’s abductor, had there been one that is.

So Madeleine, instead of dying on the Monday, is abducted, as planned, on the Thursday, giving MI5 the breathing space it needed to manage its own activities in readiness. The very prompt (and loud) international media revelation of Madeleine McCann’s abduction ensured that television watchers everywhere would then know why the PJ, the GNR, and all those helicopters, were suddenly so busy, even those who might have been watching in Alvora, and who obviously hadn’t kidnapped anyone.

I know, I know, ‘if this weren’t so pitiful it would be funny’. But there is a paradox attaching to Madeleine’s disappearance which has yet to be addressed by anyone as far as I am aware, and it is this:

If Madeleine McCann was ‘abducted’ in a hurry on the Thursday night, there was not enough time for her to have lain dead beforehand. And if she died earlier that week, then why would Gerry McCann have waited several days before removing the evidence, only to snatch her corpse out bed at the last minute, just before his wife raised the alarm. The reason for the delay, I suggest, was someone else’s.

And let us not overlook the very significant role in proceedings played by Jim Gamble of CEOP, both at the time and since. Who really conjured up the notion of an extreme paedophile operating in Portugal (Madeleine McCann was barely four years old don’t forget), and who, not long previously, had been steeped in the dark practices of the security services in Northern Ireland?

MI5 eventually secured their targets. The McCanns have their ‘hush money’. And Operation Grange is probably just this current financial year away from ‘capping’ the entire episode like a toxic well (they would have done so sooner had a credible reconciliation been available - remember DCI Redwood’s admission that ‘solution’ was not on the menu?). Oh, and in the wake of the ‘St Andrews Agreement’, the Northern Ireland Assembly was restored and a new Northern Ireland Executive formed - on 8 May 2007.

The chances of the McCanns ever appearing in court as accused parties are exactly those of their daughter being returned to them by an abductor – NIL. Otherwise they would be standing before the judge as accomplices to a deception perpetrated by the very government on whose behalf they were being prosecuted! Or are we also to believe that NORAD could be blind-sided, the Pentagon attacked, and some of Manhattan’s premier real estate flattened by a bunch of dissident Saudis squatting in an Afghan cave?

Martin Roberts


Ed: If after all these years you are still of the opinion that the Twin Towers were knocked down by a bunch of Arabs who couldn't even fly a Cessna, then I suggest you watch this.

If after watching it you are still of that opinion, then I suggest you hand in that part of your cerebral cortex that is redundant.


Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton said...

Hmm, its got me puzzled too :| I have an enormous amount of respect for Dr. Roberts, I have followed him from the start, both he, and Teddy, have been several steps ahead of the rest of us all of the way. This one I am struggling with, but it brings to mind a ferocious response I received to a smartarse tweet of mine about the (names withheld for fear of gawd knows what, but available by PM :) .

It also coincides with a twitter conversation that has been put up over the road. The recent stories of a 'troll being arrested and having his blog taken down', may have been Ted, Only in America and a twitter quarrel with Leicester Police.

From recent news stories, it looks to me as though Operation Grange have only 6 months left. Ergo, it may be time to begin battening down the hatches. :affraid:

Anonymous said...

Dr Martin Roberts are you saying that because the McCann's followed orders from TPTB they have not only 'got away with it' they have also been rewarded?

Himself said...

I have closed the plod blog temporarily in order that the CC of Leicester plod has no excuse for not responding to my original question via twitter.

I await his response.

Martin Roberts said...

Anonymous @18:57


Unless you believe Madeleine McCann to be alive somewhere, then you must recognise that she is by no means the real beneficiary of the Fund established in her name? This is the same fund from which the McCanns have been openly transferring money (as recently explained by their Spokesperson).

If the parents know their daughter Madeleine to be dead, which their verbal demeanour down the years suggests very clearly they do, then the fund must be fraudulent; something I dare say a goodly number of people are trusting in Operation Grange to verify.

If, however, we consider the 'evidence' advertised by OG to date, it quickly becomes apparent that it is by no means sufficient to establish Fraud on the McCanns' part. To accomplish that the incumbent 'team' would have to go back to the very beginning - in the face of a growing clamour that too much has been invested in the inquiry already.

Unless Scotland Yard have been playing an absolute 'blinder' therefore, the McCanns will be left holding the proceeds of their entrepreneurial approach to 'searching'.

Do you not think that reward enough for keeping their mouths tightly shut?

Regards, and thanks for looking in.

Martin R.

Anonymous said...

I think if this scenario had any bearing on the McCann case then it doesn't make sense that op grange would have started and has been ongoing for years.Surely the government would have wanted it all to go away quietly after the PJ investigation was shelved.Remember the McCanns were released of their Arguido status in Portugal so why open the case up again.There had already been a comprehensive investigation done by the PJ.As for 9/11 more people now believe it was an inside job and yet I can't imagine the USA doing another investigation or report on that.

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by a blog administrator.
Himself said...


WUM, not here.

Himself said...


Non sequitur. Be careful, don't insult the writer's intelligence, or mine.

Anonymous said...

An interesting possible connection Dr Roberts.

The Smith sighting becomes very intriguing if there are any legs (excuse me) in this. Especially the likeness to Gerry in the released images of the man that were apparently drawn from the Smith's descriptions.

As an aside, the crying Mrs Fenn reported hearing on 1st May always remains interesting in the back of my mind.

I thank you for the link to that video which I haven't watched fully yet but have flipped through. Some claim Architects and Engineers for 9/11 Truth have been infiltrated by misdirection and cover up factions. Their attacks on Dr Judy Wood's research tends to back this up. Of course every WTC building was destroyed beyond repair on 9/11 not just 3. A significant fact often not made clear.

Sorry for the digression and once again thank you for sharing you work and thoughts, it is greatly appreciated.

Amanda S

Anonymous said...

"Their attacks on Dr Judy Wood's research tends to back this up"

Just to clarify, the attacks on Dr Wood have been personal and of the superficial smear variety, not scientific point by point scientific refutation of her evidence and conclusions which are based on her scientific expertise and the evidence she has found.

Martin Roberts said...

Anonymous 18.9 @23:53

"As for 9/11 more people now believe it was an inside job and yet I can't imagine the USA doing another investigation or report on that".

For sure.

As regards the 'whys and wherefores' of OG, that the case was 'shelved', i.e. not closed, and the Met Police exercise in futility is a conspicuously government-directed enterprise are, I suspect, closely related.

Events have causes, and people are as capable of making the wrong call as the right one on occasion. I don't claim it to be THE answer, but it is at least possible the Home Office imagined, mistakenly, that they could demonstrate the McCanns' innocence for the purposes of the home market, shall we say, and with a view to 'selling' same to the Portuguese. One would need to look closely at activities leading up to the inauguration of OG to be more confident of quite why it was thought to be advantageous, and ultimately to whom.

Himself said...

Amanda S

Their attacks on Dr Judy Wood's research tends to back this up.

Attack they will, because because otherwise they might have to explain where 110 concrete floors disappeared to.

I have not actually read the NIST report, I wonder what they have to say about all the pulverised concrete? Particularly when you consider the tons of re-bar throughout each floor.

I shall go and see if the NIST report is online.

Martin Roberts said...

Anonymous @8:52

Hello Amanda S.

"Of course every WTC building was destroyed beyond repair on 9/11 not just 3. A significant fact often not made clear."

I didn't know that. Interesting. The foresight of 'Lucky Larry' S was quite remarkable. Astonishing even, wouldn't you say?

Kind regards

Martin R.

Himself said...

Happy reading

And, in contrast to the Report's voluminous detail about the plane crashes, fires, and loss of life, it makes no attempt to characterize or explain the demolition-like features of the collapses -- such as their explosiveness, pulverization, verticality and nearly free-fall rapidity -- except for two sentences in a half-page section added to the Final Report to address criticisms of the Draft.

The Pulverisation of Concrete in WTC 1

Himself said...

It won't paste, but read the last two paragraphs page 1.

I haven't waded through the other twenty one pages of bullshit (baffles brains)but I'll wager there are no examples in the text of this occurrence anywhere else in the world.

With the exception of controlled demolition that is.

Who wrote this, Popular Mechanics?

Himself said...

I shall read this later. (possibly, I'm so busy at the moment)

But one only has to look at the first series of photo's to appreciate the amount of energy involved in that depiction.

Gravity it ain't.

Anonymous said...

"I have not actually read the NIST report, I wonder what they have to say about all the pulverised concrete? Particularly when you consider the tons of re-bar throughout each floor."

I tried a while back but could find no mention of the lack of debris, only the collapse itself. Too much for my brain, I have to rely on a variety of interpreters! Pulverized appears to be the implication.

"The foresight of 'Lucky Larry' S was quite remarkable. Astonishing even, wouldn't you say?"
Oh, he's just lucky! He was very lucky the question of asbestos disposal cost in demolition was also negated by the magical disappearance of 99.9% of the towers. Insurance is a wonderful thing when you have his luck.

Dr Woods conclusions are especially interesting as, if on the right track, they are a direct threat to the fossil fuel and power industry. 9/11 has been a boon for the arms industry, bankers and their associates. There are also geopolitical interests of ideological nature that possibly benefit from the war on terror!

So many possible interests converging in one event could be a similarity with the McCann case, though in the latter case restricted to the damage limitation phase.

As they say...follow the money.

Amanda S

Martin Roberts said...

Himself @9:53

"read the last two paragraphs page 1."

And/or the final sentence:

'By way of a footnote to this report, the pulverization of concrete by explosive blast is briefly considered and it is shown that, without the help of gravitational collapse, the degree of concrete pulverization observed during the destruction of WTC 1 would have
required over 600 tonnes of high explosives.'

Conclusion: Explosives insufficient. Gravity assisted.

The same 'gravity' that brought down all those steel columns no doubt. How, exactly, did it manage that?

All those equations wasted on a circular argument. Reminds me of a certain geometrical Limerick:

'There was a young man from Bengal...'

Anonymous said...

Re pancaking and pulverization here's an interesting and relevant quote from Dr Wood, which as a none scientist I have to take as theoretically correct.

"The point of these examples is that kinetic energy cannot be spent in diametrically opposed tasks; that is, cannot be spent in "pulverization" 'and' in "pancaking"."

Where did the towers go page 14.

Martin Roberts said...

A 'McCann' related addendum:

"Police don't want a murder in Portugal and all the publicity about them not having paedophile laws here, so they're blaming us." (Kate McCann, as quoted in the Daily Mirror, 9.9.07).

Main clause: "Police don't want a murder in Portugal" - in September - any more than they will have wanted one in May I imagine.

'Want' suggests an element of choice on the part of 'Police', which they might have in anticipation allied to prevention, but what about in retrospect?

If, four months after the event, they were seeking to forestall Madeleine's death at the hands of an abductor, they were already way too late. In any case, the consensus view of the investigation was that death had already occurred.

So how might 'Police', who 'did not want a murder', have made it 'un-happen', given the choice? And which 'Police' might have been best placed to exercise that option?

Himself said...


Ciggy break.

Did you buy the book? I thought about until I saw the price. Ouch!

Although I have yet to open it, I recently purchased this:

Inspired by Tarpley's take on Bush in the classroom 9/11.

I so liked his take on the immediate, and on the big picture, coup in progress.

Then wind forward if you wish and think Obama.

Now there's a lad that does as he's told.

Nice wife, nice kids.

Yes boss.

Anonymous said...

That the buildings were not brought down by plane strike has been indisputabley proven for years now. As with McCann to continue to argue points ( neglect, paedophilia etc) only serves to stymie conversation on the subject of why not how. The mechanics are now unimportant and to continue such conversations serve very well those whose job it is to steer away from the true reason for the unprecedented media saturation and perceived aid given to the Dr's McCann. Whether national security, war or even the EU debate, highly successful propagandists will be at the very forefront of the attack. We only have to look at the current ' refugee' crisis. While no doubt there are many genuine cases I can't help notice the majority are fit healthy young men who far from suffering the effects of a life threatening journey seem very willing and able to put up a physical fight with border guards. The media, for the most are ignoring this as they are ignoring the why now when their native lands have been in crisis for years? I can't help feeling there is an ulterior motive for the obfuscation just like 9/11 and McCann. Pulling at heartstrings is the perfect strategy to distract whether it be a cute 3 year old or orphans of war and ' terrorism '.

Anonymous said...

Really sorry to be thick, but who killed her then? I always assumed accident, then parental disposal/ cover up. I am now totally confused, though of course open to ideas.
In absolute agreement over 911, though. It's one of my obsessions.

Himself said...

Although we are veering off topic somewhat, I'll let it ride, being just as guilty as anyone.

Martin, a little on those beams, particular the lower of the two diagrams. I'll wager Atlas would have been a happier chappy had he had such kit.

And in compression!!!!!!!

Himself said...

17 posts 9/11

Anonymous said...

"Did you buy the book? I thought about until I saw the price. Ouch!"

My first thought and for months but yes, I bought it in the end and have no regrets at all. Tons of photos, graphs, statements from first responders etc. and well written, understandable text. It fleshes out the talks, so unless you have a fetish or love for text books it isn't really a must have for most lay people with an interest in the subject. I also wished to support her work and efforts.

Anon @ 12.55.
Many say discussing and sharing information on 9/11 etc. is pointless or irrelevant, even serious scholars such as Noam Chomsky call it a distraction. I see that point but I do think it's important because it enables focus on the bigger picture and offers insights into how things are being manipulated. It is also interesting.
I did hint on some of my personal 'why' theories, but why only comes after what, how and who.

Anonymous said...

Yes, apologies for going off topic himself. Also apologies for forgetting to put my name to my posts again!

Amanda S.

Martin Roberts said...

Anonymous @12:55


Similar games played according to similar principles.

Anonymous said...

There were many Doctors present at PDL at the time of Madeleine's disappearance. T9 evidently spent little time with their children as they were in a creche most of the day. T9 have don't recall many leisure activities, so could possibly have been in meetings with other Doctors? The presence of Paul Weinburger, a heart specialist based at Porton Down Salisbury requires further investigation.

Martin Roberts said...

Anonymous @14:17

"The presence of Paul Weinburger, a heart specialist based at Porton Down Salisbury requires further investigation."

Do please share anything of interest that you might discover in the process.

Anonymous said...

If plod responds to your perfectly legitimate questions, perhaps you can ask him why Sgt Taylor made no mention of helium cannisters during the first court session, in where else of course, but good old Leicester. Incidentally, I don't like his face, he makes me feel very uneasy.

dewi lennard said...

Like Anon at 13.16 above, I'm confused.According to Dr Roberts' account, was the death of Madeleine and the presence of her parents and their group in Praia da Luz purely coincidental with the anti-RIRA operation? Or might Gerald McCann have had a connection with IRA skulduggery (pro-IRA or anti-IRA, in some under-cover role) and in that case might he have been there as an essential component of the sting operation? I've often toyed with the idea that his and his father's Donegal past may have some significance, and what Dr Roberts says about the part played by the ubiquitous Gamble has a ring of truth. Even accepting all that Dr Roberts contributes here, I still don't discount VIP paedophilia as having a strong influence on the whole matter. It seems quite compatible to me. Spooks, arms-trading and paedophilia fit very well together.

Anonymous said...

Filthy secretive knowledge affords a brilliant cloak to hide behind. If,that is, you have no moral decency,inherent fortitude or scruples. Who am I describing?

Martin Roberts said...

dewi lennard @17:12

Anything's possible (within reason). Personally I endeavour to fight shy of making assumptions.

Whilst the proximity of the McCanns with MI5 activity on the Algarve, in both time and space, is beyond doubt, the supposition of a personal relationship between Gerry McCann and others who might have been the subject of secret service interest is not essential to the plot, so to speak. Maybe yes, maybe no. I don't think we have a way of knowing.

One thing I feel I must say however (telecomms analysis being very much your territory rather than mine) is that Gerry McCann, whilst he may have been 'team captain' inside the Ocean Club, was definitely not the manager. The tactics were someone else's entirely.

From May 2nd onwards he was accustomed to receiving batches of text messages on a regular basis, following which he would resort to his 'message in' box. He was therefore on the receiving end, as it were, and since one's incoming message bank is not the forum for disseminating outgoing instructions we may assume he didn't offer any.

Furthermore there is nothing to substantiate the various claims that one or other member of the McCann entourage contacted the broadcast media, or that Gerry McCann personally set in train any diplomatic initiatives, however unwittingly that may have been. (This is all verifiable from the Vodafone logs btw).

I take the view that Mitchell's role, inter alia, was that of maintaining the McCanns as the focus of interest, in order to deflect any inquisitiveness in other areas (the story of Gerry McCann's 'phoning a non-existent member of the diplomatic corps is a classic case in point).

How many of us, when strolling along the High Street, have our attention commandeered by shop fronts, bright lights, large lettering etc. and fail even to notice the small brass plaques behind which the real players operate? (The Government broker in the early 70s was a firm called Mullens & Co., and you wouldn't have known where to find them unless someone gave you the address).

Whatever explanatory framework we may choose to put forward, it has to be capable of explaining all of the many anomalies of which we are aware. The paradigm has to be complete.

I sense one here with the potential to be so, but I am in no position to be dogmatic (unlike those who insist upon Jim Gamble's naïve innocence regarding the Wayback machine's detection of CEOP's 'jumping the gun'. (Anyone whose computer does not tell the time accurately, or whose bank has EVER credited their account retrospectively, can call me a fool for believing so if they like, but with the master Atomic clock housed in Washington DC of all places, digital accuracy 'across the pond' has surely to be a 'given'.


Martin R.

Denise Ryans said...

Is it significant that Philip Hodge (nephew of Margaret Hodge) was in the Luz area at the time of Madeleine's disappearance. It has been reported that he 'liked' young girls.

dewi lennard said...

Hello Martin
Thank you for your detailed reply. May I comment on a couple of paragraphs:
"From May 2nd onwards he was accustomed to receiving batches of text messages on a regular basis, following which he would resort to his 'message in' box. He was therefore on the receiving end, as it were, and since one's incoming message bank is not the forum for disseminating outgoing instructions we may assume he didn't offer any."
Agree absolutely, especially with regard to the batch which took up several hours on 2 May.

" Furthermore there is nothing to substantiate the various claims that one or other member of the McCann entourage contacted the broadcast media,"
Not so sure about this! Rachel Oldfield was very busy over the night of 3/4 May, and the first of her "external" contacts was apparently with the wife/home of James Landale, BBC journalist and two years later Chief Political Correspondent for BBC News Channel.

Anonymous said...

Thank you to Dr Roberts for quoting from my article at the beginning of his piece ( which was not anonymous) . The theme of the full piece tallies with his comment @17.24 in that whoever or whatever the reason for an obvious smokescreen, those running the show would not be so remiss as to leave clues such as WBM there to be stumbled upon. Anything such as the pointers, I believe, to paedophilia are likely to be deliberate red herrings. Given that some of the contents of the released files have been withheld surely such obvious ' clues ' would also be? Isn't laying a false trail the usual M O of those wishing to deceive?

Anonymous said...

Dr Roberts you have given a great answer to Dewi Lenard @17:12 which I feel should have been in your actual post. Just one question, if the Mccann's reported Madeleine's disappearance earlier in the week who did they report it to if not the PJ? This is assuming the PJ wouldn't know about the undercover operations.

Martin Roberts said...

Denise Ryans @20:42

"Is it significant that Philip Hodge (nephew of Margaret Hodge) was in the Luz area at the time of Madeleine's disappearance."

I don't know. Is it? Is it any more significant than Sir Cliff Richard's being associated with the nearby Boa Vista golf club?

I dare say a number of recognisable/socially important were in Luz at the time, perhaps even living there, but that's hardly a criterion for attributing guilt.

Martin Roberts said...

dewi lennard @20:46

Hello and thank you, both for your earlier detailed analyses of the comms. traffic (no idea how you did it, but it was sure interesting) and your comment here about RO.

I confess I had the SKY News story in mind when I made that remark about the broadcast media (see my previous MC essay on this OIA blog). I accept that the heading has a wider embrace and I'll see if I can't 'catch up' on your James Landale pointer in due course - not tonight though (I'm 'pooped').

Kind regards

Martin R.

Martin Roberts said...

Anonymous @21:19

"...answer to Dewi Lenard @17:12 which I feel should have been in your actual post."

Sorry. Some things only occur to me when the dog takes me for a walk!

" Just one question, if the Mccann's reported Madeleine's disappearance earlier in the week who did they report it to if not the PJ? This is assuming the PJ wouldn't know about the undercover operations."


Some time ago I arrived at the conclusion that the FO were given their 'nudge' from within the UK (the initiative did not originate with McCanns abroad or their relatives at home). If we knew what the chain of contact was, i.e. Portugal - London (and return) we'd be holding the court cards.

I wish, like you, I had that answer.

Martin Roberts said...

Anonymous @21:13

Hello Vikki

"Thank you to Dr Roberts for quoting from my article at the beginning of his piece (which was not anonymous)."

I do apologize. As you will have gathered I encountered your text on CMOMM. Unfortunately I didn't register the connection between reference to your authorship at the top and the article itself further down the page (sometimes the obvious escapes me I'm afraid).

As an aside I read your comments very shortly after watching a Swedish crime drama which first set me thinking. It was the coalescence of the two which prompted me then to consider the Irish angle.

Strange how these trains of thought develop.


Martin R.

Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton said...

I think the alibis were established, (hastily) before the police were called and even while they were there (how arrogant is that?). And I believe the collective alibi was drawn up and devised between the group without any outside help.

I know that Dr. Martin is looking at the two incidents separately, and that it was a quirk of fate that tied the two together. I struggle however to get past the fact (and to me it is a fact)that the body of poor Madeleine was moved in the McCanns' own hire car. If the cream of Britain's special forces were involved at that stage, leaving the 'subjects' to move the body themselves was an extremely shoddy, and indeed highly risky, mistake. And Mark Harrison, of course, put a ruddy great spoke in the wheel by advising the Portuguese police to look at the parents.

Admittedly, government agencies will often work in direct opposition to each other - they are each competing for funds - and can blame each other when things, inevitably, go wrong. I imagine the final scenes will be a bloodbath reminiscent of a Roman Arena when the knives come out and the backstabbing begins.

Whenever I try to judge a person's character, I use the rather arrogant, 'would I personally employ them'? Don't get me wrong, some of the best people I know are unemployable, and I wouldn't trust them to walk the dog, but there are some unpleasant people who are just down right snakey and who are already plotting to step into your still warm shoes while they are attempting to dispose of your dismembered body parts.

Do the seasoned detectives who interview and interact with Kate and Gerry, see wholesome, devoted parents who were victims of a heinous crime, or are they lying through their teeth. Doctors are the most devious of criminals, as Sherlock Holmes said must better than I, they are certainly the most cold blooded.

I do not dismiss the possibility of a NI connection, but it would come from the Ulster and Londonderry side, not the IRA. I appreciate that is not what you are implying, but some are reading it that way. In a nutshell, I doubt there is much love lost between Gamble, the IRA and the incumbent British government at that time. Iirc, the British Government were trying to establish peace in NI, and were going out of their way to accommodate the IRA and former members thereof. Their aim, or at least the aim of Mo Molam, was to bring peace. Why stir up the IRA at a time when they were negotiating the release and forgiveness of 'political' prisoners?

Apologies for waffling Dr. Martin, but your theory has intrigued me. I am proud to say I have followed you from the start, and you and Teddy, have never disappointed!

Anonymous said...

Dr. Martin, if I accept what you say you're thinking about, and think the same, immediately not only The Question comes up, but the question of what happened as well, in need of an answer in order to bring back any causality between Maddie's disappearance and the role playing around it.
A circle.

If there's wrongful death or murder. Who're you gonna call? No one, if you did it. Or you call the police for whatever reason.

So what could have happened that made them not call the police, but somehow raise MI5's awareness? I'd be almost tempted to speculate wildly and think it would not be in a death scenario.

Kind regards,


dewi lennard said...

Martin: I was puzzling, above, as to whether your theory visualised the McCanns as just happening to be there when the anti-"Real IRA" op was at risk, or whether their presence was a part of that operation. Musing about this overnight (no dog to walk!), I realised that the answer to this might lie in the fact that McCann was falsifying the creche attendance records from 29 April, and attempting to imitate the initials of one Robert Naylor, whose daughter Gerry was already taking to creche and continued to do so on six occasions. I am convinced McCann did this in order to sign into creche a second child, possibly called Madalene R. There is no doubt that Gerry repeatedly signed two girls (Miss Naylor and one purporting to be his daughter) into the attendance book. Miss Naylor had and continues to have a close friend (possibly her cousin) called Madalene R. If I am right - and I have no doubt about the dual signings, only a slight reservation about the identity of the girl representing Madeleine - then there was a great deal of pre-planning and cunning involved in this affair.

Martin Roberts said...

Rosalinda, Cristobell Hutton @01:19

"I struggle however to get past the fact (and to me it is a fact)that the body of poor Madeleine was moved in the McCanns' own hire car"

That was weeks later.

"If the cream of Britain's special forces were involved at that stage..."

I doubt they were.

"And Mark Harrison, of course, put a ruddy great spoke in the wheel by advising the Portuguese police to look at the parents"

For which he (and his agent Grime) paid the price.

"I do not dismiss the possibility of a NI connection, but it would come from the Ulster and Londonderry side, not the IRA. I appreciate that is not what you are implying, but some are reading it that way"

We cannot be held responsible for the reading skills of others.

"Why stir up the IRA at a time when they were negotiating the release and forgiveness of 'political' prisoners?"

I am sure the secret services have their motives, and to which we are not privy. Surveillance, arrests and trials concerning arms deals conducted in the Portuguese Algarve are all matters of fact, not surmise.


Martin R.

Martin Roberts said...

Anonymous @07:05

Hi Marco

"So what could have happened that made them not call the police, but somehow raise MI5's awareness?"

Another good question, the answer to which resides, I suspect in the identity of 'them', which may prove to be someone other than a member of the T9.


Martin R.

Martin R. said...

dewi lennard @09:34

Hello dewi

I've been aware of your work on those crèche sheets for some time. We have been ploughing separate furrows you and I but ultimately they converge. Coincidence? Hardly.

"there was a great deal of pre-planning and cunning involved in this affair."

Which brings us yet again to the pivotal question of whether Dr Gerry McCann was some kind of frustrated 'Moriarty' or the 'driver' sat outside the Ocean Club. I know which horse my money's on.

Kind regards

Martin R.

Anonymous said...

Read a discussion "off tag" on Twitter years ago now between Lee "Madz" Madden (Antonella Lazzeri's ex) and an Irishman called George Madden who was a prolific, vociferous and very aggressive McCann supporter. They were discussing the RIRA and Gerry Adams, the latter whose brother was arrested for 16 years for raping his own daughter Also witnessed Claire aka Sorcha - a "useful idiot" type McCann supporter shouting "up the RA" to goad a proddy on Facebook. What the hell are the ties that bind?

Anonymous said...

Now I KNOW I'm thick!

I thought something happened in the apartment, the body was moved, hidden and disposed of and then a timeline prepared to deflect any guilt/ responsibility from the parents.

I understood that we were probably misled over the actual date of the death.

I had absolutely no idea that so many other factors may be involved and still don't understand what they are.

Can anyone direct me to any other resources?

Anonymous said...

"The paradigm has to be complete. I sense one here with the potential to be so"

Indeed so.

Whatever else might be said about the pantomime that ensued from May 3rd, it was , by any estimation sufficient. i.e sufficient such that Madeleine's body has never been found, that Dr Amaral's position was eventually made untenable, that SY decamped from the scene (in unison with the McCanns), and that DCI Redwood should regale us with stories of crime sprees (unrecorded by the
PJ). Quite the package tour.

"Conspiracies", I think, are rarely more than the intersection of diverse interests, each playing across a single concern. This paradigm expresses that perfectly.

That isn't to say that other, perhaps more "just" interests were not (are not?) trying to impose themselves, but events, speak for themselves.

Aah the 29th!

Regards as always,


JNH said...

Hi all, I've never commented here previously, but I do follow the truly superb blog. Teddy, Dewi and I also follow each other on twitter (as well as others appearing here), so we have shared private exchanges over there at times. I attended Brenda's final inquest hearing, over which there are still numerous questions, of course. :(

But this blog post is compelling argument, and the reason I really wanted to comment, was to raise the topic of Murat here. I've chatted privately, again, with Dewi about him, and this made me wonder how RM's association with the case may have played a part? Do either of you have any opinion on that? I do have specific information regarding Murat, not well-known I'd say, which may have provided him with cover, if he needed to do that for some reason.

Thanks for the brilliant reading and regards,


Anonymous said...

I am new to your blog.

Two points:
1) The McScam case has been 'dodgy' from DAY ONE. The fact that Jim 'Trust me I am a Policeman/Paedofinder General' Gamble got involved makes it even more suspicious. Gamble has to be the most corrupt and disgusting 'officer' of all time. Ask Ronnie Flannigan why he left the RUC. Ask Gamble about why Teresa May sacked him after she found out all his lies about Operation Ore following the O'Shea Appeal. Ask him why he ran a personal campaign against TC to remove her children because she criticised him on multiple media platforms. Ask him who authorised an illegal raid at 11 pm on her home to remove her computer.

2) As for the Twin Towers, as an individual who personally knows one of the designers/Engineers, I know why they fell. Simple answer, there was a built in design flaw. They knew it was there. The justification at the time of building was 'Why spend the extra money? There is no way someone is going to try and fly a 747 into them.'


Himself said...

Good day gentlefolk.

All very civilised in my absence, thank you.

Anon 19 September 2015 at 13:35

If you will pardon the pun, Chomsky falls down badly on this one. So much so, and in spite of his track record, I might go as far to say he comes across as a tad Woodward-esque. (Bob)

In General

Regarding the Six Counties connection, and I say this without any documentation, all my previous reams of research being passed to researcher extraordinaire Winnower1 (twitter) when I decided to stop blogging this McCann circus. Yes I know, don't laugh.

But pass my documentation to Win I did. She, like myself, advocated that so many roads led to the North of Ireland that it had to be more than coincidence.

I did, once upon a time, sit down and try to connect all the dots. In short I was overwhelmed; there was such an overload of data, I just couldn't put it all together.

But if we just consider the number cops, mainly ACPO but not exclusively, that have connections to the province and to the McCann case, it does raise an eyebrow to say the least.

I'm sorry I can't elaborate further. As I say, I have no research and the old memory box ain't what it used to be.

Not least connected to both the McCanns and the Six Counties is our old mucker Jim Gamble, he of Operation Ballast fame. Though Jimmy with his usual semantics will tell you he was never mentioned in Ballast. (nobody was actually named in the report)

That's not to say you would have a great deal of trouble in identifying just who Nula O'Loan was talking about within Special Branch and the RUC.

Your can read selected highlights of that report here:

If you haven't as yet, give it a try, it's not over-long by any means.

And this is a fellow who has the best interests of kids at heart.

Shame about all the newly created orphans under the Gamble/Flanagan watch.

Afore I go, there is this piece on dear Ronnie Flanagan. But it's not actually Flanagan that is on trial, although he should be, but rather the "information branch of the British state" the BBC.

I have digressed, what harm? as the Irish would say.

I do have a busy few days ahead of me, but I shall pop in from time to time. Hardly seems necessary, what with everyone playing so nicely.

Should this thread continue to grow as it is doing, there is a chance that some comments may end up in Blogger's sin bin aka spam folder. Please don't keep trying to post the same comment, if Blogger takes it into its head that you are a spammer, then no amount of attempts will alter the fact. Just leave a short note in the comments and I will sort it. Perhaps Martin might even make me aware by email should we have such an occurrence?

I will however be off line from Wednesday for about a week.

So behave.

Good thread Martin, good input you guys n' dolls, thank you all.

Himself said...


Murat is dirty, believe me.

And Dr Roberts.

Himself said...

Anon 13:08

Follow the links in my 13:52 comment, right up your street.

Ask him why he ran a personal campaign against TC to remove her children because she criticised him on multiple media platforms. Ask him who authorised an illegal raid at 11 pm on her home to remove her computer.

Please feel free to elaborate, I'm sure it won't be me alone that would find it of interest.

Himself said...

Martin, from Maren, bless her.

US arms group heads for Lisbon

Dead Microbiologist Kelly
Was Chief At Porton Down

In July 2002, the Carlyle Group took a 34% stake in QinetiQ. (formerly Porton Down)

Carlyle Group, didn't John Major have his finger in that pie once upon a time?

And one or two others no doubt.

Anonymous said...

Your system doesn't allow my comment in full: Part One
As they have literally left me with NOTHING to lose.....
In preparation for the O'Shea Appeal....8 copies of the real Operation Ore databases were 'distributed'. One was provided by the gent who originally went to 'Heaven and Earth and Hell' to get it. (It will become apparent soon how true that comment is.)It is no secret that a particular Computer Forensics Expert was falsely accused; his copy was seized. He was 'knocked' out of action for 10 months. (See Port vs Bates)
Meanwhile little old TC was at 'war' with Gamble. She had the 'ear' of Sky News, Radio 5, the Telegraph, the Guardian. The other women campaigners gave in to the pressure and permanently 'got rid' of their long term partners/husbands. (But remember TC is not 'PC')TC kept reporting the fraud...TC kept saying 'Ore was not about child was about a lot more.' TC stated 'Child abuse is horrific and paedophilia is a disgusting mental illness.'

In 2009, an anonymous allegation of child neglect was made against TC. TC tried to 'sort it out'; She was hauled into her local Social Services office only to be met by an officer from CEOP. 'If you do not shut up we will take your child; have no doubt'; the gent in question tried to leap over a desk to what she perceived to choke her; TC's Husband jumped up and said 'You try to attack my wife again, and I will kill you.' (We had already noted that the CC TV was turned off.) He was told 'Leave or I will have you arrested and claim you are a paedo.'
3 months go by and TC and Family are waiting. Nothing happens. Husband suggests for Stinky's Birthday, lets take him on a mini holiday. Great!!! But we have pets....we need someone to housesit. So we ask the completely cleared man who got the Ore evidence to housesit. (By this time he was broke and homeless; he had been exonerated in Ore and was angry: he was also very ill; he had been living in the woods.)

So TC and Husband and Stinky go on holiday; for 4 days. Day 3; phone call from the police get home now and bring stinky to the police at 8 am tomorrow morning.

Anonymous said...

(Apologies Chelsea Harbour Hotel; I did steal 3 bottles of Heineken from the mini bar)

Get home; 'They have been'....We look around...everything is there but our computers.

Put Stinky to bed. 'War Council' in the 3 Heinekens...'How we going to handle this?' Next we know, front door smashed; I ran for Stinky. Held back by two plod. Husband (ex military and rugby player) tries to block the exit. Friend is thrown up a wall by his throat 'Get out of our way'. Three adults arrested; screaming child taken away.

Adults kept in 'cells' for 28 hours; finally Parents are told the 'charge'; 'You didn't go on holiday- you went to sell him to paedo ring'. Justification for why so long 'You were all drunk'.

Then they got more inventive....'We assumed the house was abandoned'. 'How, everything was there, we had a friend housesitting to feed the cats.' 'Yeah, but the fridge in the kitchen was disconnected and empty.' Never one to mince her words,TC said 'You F'ing is broken! Did you check the unlocked fridge in the garage which is an American one and we could not get it through the kitchen door. Did you also check my coat or handbag; £180 bill from Tesco 3 days ago?' 'We didn't think of that.' 'Well,you claim you had a warrant to search the entire property.' Back to the cells for parents so they can go back and video the contents of the fridge. 'Oh you told the truth.'

Parents finally released. Get home; child's mattress is gone.

Anonymous said...

4 months later....'We have dropped all the original charges but we have checked the computers; there is an indecent image at level one on a computer-who put it there?' (This was dropped as well when TC had it described to her and said 'Ah, yes, SKY NEWS...the Elton John Story about the photos he lent to the Tate Gallery in Gateshead; the pic was in it....So if you want to charge me, charge Murdock as well.')

Meanwhile in Family Court; CEOP write a 'Threshold Statement'; this is where they say parenting is inadequate. 'The Housesitter is an unconvicted child sex offender.' SS and Family Court do a 'Finding of Fact'; the parents MAY have left child alone with a potential child abuser.' Child must be permanently removed on the grounds of 'risk of sexual harm'.

(During this period of course Stinky was suffering REAL harm; multiple accidents that have now rendered his right hand permanently deformed,found drunk in the street with no supervisor at age 7; reported sexual abuse in foster care. All ignored)**

**The LA/SS response when all done 'We have removed their right to be registered foster carers'.

Housesitter could no longer handle the title of 'potential child abuser'; committed suicide.

As for the Husband; the day after the final order was made was rushed to hospital. 7 surgeries later....he is very ill with cancer being the most mild of his physical problems.

As for TC; she still will not shut up. LA (having done a SAR and FOI) have branded her 'insane' and 'impossible to work with'. The CEOP 'guy' who was also their Head of Service (now interesting?) was sacked in May 2015. TC has filed a suit with the RCJ. TC is allowed no contact with Stinky until she accepts she is a)wrong about everything b)accepts that she is severely mentally ill* and c) agrees to be heavily medicated and placed in a mental institution.

*TC asked for a referral to her local NHS Mental Health. What did the Psychiatrist find? She is not mentally ill; she is just a strong personality which the LA seem not to understand, she does not require medication or hospitalisation and if you bother to read her lever arch file of evidence; she is not a 'conspiracy theorist'; everything she says is true.

In between they gave me an Osman Letter of Protection.....caused by the LA 'mixing up files'. A nasty neighbour was sent 'by accident' a letter calling me a 'potential paedo sympathiser/advocate.' My home was attacked and one of the pets murdered; but, hey, 'If you work with us and do as you are told, maybe we will let you see Stinky.'

Anonymous said...

I also am confused about exactly what is supposed to have happened to Madeleine, when, by whom and who covered it up when it happened. I have read the blogs with interest but am at a loss as to why the McCanns would have contacted someone in MI5 to help them cover up the death of their child at the beginning of the holiday and then have carried on as 'normal' for several days. Popular belief is that Madeleine had an accident, if that is so why were the parents so keen to pretend she had been abducted, especially if this was at the beginning of the holiday when there was no history of 'neglect' by then. I get the Irish connection but still not sure how this really affects the McCann case. Anyone with any sense would have know that an abducted child would cause a great deal of police activity in a holiday resort so why would the sting operation be at risk, having a picture of an undercover operative in Luz at the time would hardly have caused any problems in my view if he was supposed to be in Portugal anyway, or have I missed the point.

Anonymous said...

I can say now: in 1997, we went to the Canary Islands on holiday; we got to the hotel. Unpacked, etc, etc, etc. Went to look around. Of course our 4 year old cut his knee on a huge rock! Within 2 hours. We ran him to the local 'medic'. 'No sand and no sea for him'. We had planned to put our kids into the 'kids club' for 2 hours a day and for one evening for about 2-3 hours to have some time alone. (We must sound the worst.) After this,we did let our daughter go to the 'kids club'; we did not let our 4 year old go without one of us being there. We cancelled the 'registered' babysitter for the one night we planned to go out. WE were quite happy to be with our children on a family holiday and get bread, cheese, olives, meats and wine and 'food for kids' and sit around with a really crappy BBC signal in our holiday.

In 2007, we got a hotel upgrade from my Husband's job. We had a suite. Our son was 5 (I divorced the first jerk and remarried a great guy) We thought we would take a chance on the 5* hotel 'babysitting service'. We got all ready for a night 'out on the town'. Babysitter turned up; she was lovely. We left trying to have a good time. We could barely eat our very expensive meal and the wine. ....'The suite had a was a circular one..'what if he wants to play hide and seek and she doesn't catch him in time.?'

We came back to them playing 'boggle'; 'Why are you back so fast? Have I done a bad job?' 'You have been excellent and we thank you, you will be paid for the night.'

(We 'wrote off' the £150 meal; and just got some room service.)

What is my point? Parents are afraid to take any chance with their children and leave them alone with a 'stranger'. (Even if they are shown a DBS/ECRB Certificate.)

Who created this....well, Gamble, Turner, Hughes, Lemon, Nelson and 'their gang' created this situation.

Martin Roberts said...

Anonymous @19:26

"I have read the blogs with interest but am at a loss as to why the McCanns would have contacted someone in MI5 to help them cover up the death of their child at the beginning of the holiday."

Did they?

"having a picture of an undercover operative in Luz at the time would hardly have caused any problems in my view if he was supposed to be in Portugal anyway, or have I missed the point?"


dewi lennard said...

The one firm conclusion that I draw from my work on the creche records, is that a group of con-men and women, of whom GMcC probably wasn't the leader, or the brains, went to the OC with a central aim in mind. That was, to present another child as Madeleine McCann and to maintain said child in the creche daily (as far as was within their capabilities) until they were ready to spring the "abduction" lie. Madeleine probably died early in the "holiday", but no way were they ever going to declare that or her disappearance to any police force before they were good and ready, on the Thursday.
To paraphrase Martin: the conveyance of the body in the Renault took place weeks later. I don't think so. I think it was that same week. If the transparent Kate can boldly say, as she has "how would it have been possible for the body fluids to have got into the car, when we didn't hire it until a month later?" - that statement tells me that the fluids did, indeed, get into the car much earlier. In whose hands the car was, is another matter. And the deplorable state of the car-hire records, the black hole covering some four weeks, and where the records exist, some anomalies in the km readings, all indicate to me the significance of the history of the car-hire.
Enough for now. Get me onto the subject of Murat another day!

Martin Roberts said...

dewi lennard @15:25

Your take on the hire car is v. interesting. 'Teddy' and I have previously examined Kate's 'move the body' message, in which context the 'person who was with Madeleine' would clearly have benefitted from having something to move her in!

(Isn't there some suspicion also that the same car was previously hired by a member of GM's golf club back home? I'm a little hazy on that though).

What I can say is that we still have our teeth into the not-so-small matter of 5J and Robert Murat's 'interventionist' approach to assistance with enquiries at the OC. Hopefully we'll 'get you onto that subject before too long therefore.'

Kind regards

Martin R.

Martin Roberts said...

Agnos @11:13

I must apologize for not acknowledging sooner (I feel somewhat like one of those chess exhibitionists playing multiple games at the moment).

Suffice to say that your own reference to 'sufficiency' is, as always, the most succinct of arguments - a one-word answer to all those puzzled as to why HMG appear not to have done 'this and that' so as to tie up loose ends.

Kind regards

Martin R.

dewi lennard said...

I've no wish to stir up the old familiar hornets-nest (I hear one or two buzzing around with anticipation!!) so yes, let's leave Murat for another day.
Suffice it to ask: on the subject of the security services, I don't suppose all those men and women in the occasional pay of the UK Govt, in various places such as the Algarve, Marbella, Morocco etc etc., go around in shades and with "S-P-O-O-K" written all over them. Some of them might be quite far removed from our concept of a spook. Is it probable that a number of ex-pats, people of dual nationality, trusted locals, and so on, might form quite a little circle of willing helpers and informants?
And if so, might some of them have been pressed into service to aid the McCanns and their bosses? That fellow who stored the Renault in his garage, to give but one example. I won't give any more, today.

Martin Roberts said...
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dewi lennard said...
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Anonymous said...

Martin @16.16

No need for any apology! I'm more than happy to make any contribution to the debate. You do appear to keep rattling some cages!

This post strikes me as significant for many reasons, not least, of course, for its bearing upon previous discussions.

The hypothesis of a cover up having been instituted as collateral (as it were) to an entirely different affair speaks volumes to me. This isn't to diminish the possibilities that arise from within the McCann case itself, but it does place them in a different context. Of course there are no clean scenarios from which it's possible to explain Madeleine's "disappearance". Whether or not the circumstances of Madeleine's death were the motive cause of HMG intervention, that such interventions were made has meant that the die was cast. And the passage of time has served only to magnify the travesty of that decision.

@Dewi, I await with much interest.

Kind regards,


Anonymous said...
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Anonymous said...

Martin R.

As well as reading a thought-provoking piece of writing and interesting comments, I learned the meaning and origin of the idiom “keep your powder dry”.

“I feel somewhat like one of those chess exhibitionists playing multiple games at the moment.” That’s beautifully phrased.

Dank u wel en hartelijke groeten,


Jennifer harrison said...

Always wondered if the pedophilia thing was just an angle, such as rather cop bad comments regarding neglect opposed to alleged abduction, hence nothing done about Gasper statements. Also who released the video from the bus trip to the OC, pics released that are questionable...

su said...

Apropro the security forces.
Do you recall we were told that the satellites were on Morocco at the time.
I don't buy that.
But something intelligence could arrange.

dewi lennard said...

Help me out, guys. I'm a bit tired and the brain's gone numb. If MBM died on (say) the Monday, and the parents were normal humans, a mortuary car or ambulance would have rolled up to 5A. No great police activity would have taken place to disrupt any spook operation nearby. If she had been abducted that night, no force on earth would have prevented a massive police operation to find her, with all the accompanying media attendance. Nobody would have said "ah, but we've got a security op going on this week, let's leave it be for a while".
See what I mean? I've lost the thread.

Anonymous said...

Hi Dewi,
This is just my personal reading, so certainly not authoritative!

The precise details of MBM's death remain untouched by this. The various theories of neglect, mistreatment, accident etc. are as open to consideration as they always were.

All that this hypothesis presupposes (I believe) is that MBM died earlier than officially stated (in support of your own theory) and that the circumstances, with respect to the parents, were such that calling for an ambulance was never going to happen. All of this remains the same. The question of the Gaspar's statement etc and its possible meaning for Madeleine's fate remains as open as ever, as does the hypothesis of neglect/accident.

Irrespective of anything else then, it was certain that the Algarve was going to become the epicentre of huge activity. Something was going to be either staged or pleaded such that the PJ would be obliged to mobilise and potentially disrupt a "sting" of huge import to HMG.

Faced with such an inevitability the issue thus becomes one of "management": some operatives were to be mobilised(?), others removed. There would need to be a stall for a few days perhaps? And only then could the balloon go up: "they've taken her!"

Of course the media were always going to descend upon PdL and the "missing child" was going to be a front page splash. But the importance here, as ever, would be timing. We know that the preferred option for the Portuguese authorities would have been a low key media presence, particularly in the earliest stages of mobilisation and search.

But this possibility was denied them.

In accordance with Martin's hypothesis, it was denied them for good reason: the PJ/GNR activity needed to be advertised to all and sundry from the very beginning. Had there been any doubt about the reason for the road blocks, helicopters etc. then certain horses might have bolted.

It is interesting to me that this hypothesis, whilst delineating a primary motive that might have brought HMG onto the scene, remains open to the several other agendas that have also become involved. The opportunistic agenda of the media remains exactly as we know it to be, as does the agenda of those for whom the suspicious death of any child (under what type of circumstance?) will be reason enough "not to go there" i.e. Not to ask.

(Again, just my thoughts)



Martin Roberts said...

Dewi Lennard 23.9 @21:27

Hello Dewi

For my part I should perhaps defer to Agnos (above) who seems to understand me better than I do!

I think we are all of the same mind as regards the McCanns not being the concertmasters in this.

I might just add that RM (that other mysterious player in the drama) was found by the PJ to have been at the Palmeras golf club on the afternoon of May 3 (you probably knew that anyway). What strikes me about that little occurrence is the location of said club - well to the East of Lagos, and more proximal to Alvor than Luz therefore.

Why the away fixture, and whom did he meet? McCann? (who was by that time already receiving his instructions by text and voicemail).

But these are issues for another day. Since we are on the same page, at least, we should 'bookmark' the topic of RM for future discussion.

Kind regards

Martin R.

Martin Roberts said...

Agnos @9:12

Good day, and thank you.

As that familiar cliché would have it: I couldn't have put it better myself.

Kind regards

Martin R.

dewi lennard said...

Thank you, Agnos, that was very concise. To quote one passage: There would need to be a stall for a few days perhaps? And only then could the balloon go up: "they've taken her!" I'm quite sure that the McCanns had a pre-conceived plan which was put into practice the moment they arrived, and that the final denouement was always planned to take place 24 hours after Gerry had finished receiving that long batch of messages we have all heard about (that occurred on 2 May). Depending when the sting took place, and the dastardly Real-IRA plan was thwarted, one might hazard an intelligent guess as to whether the long drawn-out "abduction" process was alien to the sting operation, or was an essential part of it.
Did HM Ambassador dictate to the PJ that this was an abduction, thus opening the gate at just the right moment for a massive police operation? Was Buck simply making the best of a nasty situation that had arisen at an untimely moment? Or was Madeleine's death, removal from the scene, and the subsequent abduction lie all part of the overall plan?
Who was pulling Gerry's strings?

Anonymous said...

Thanks Dewi, my guess (just that) would be that the "abduction" and the sting were indeed "alien" to one another - if for no other reason than the earliest RIRA arrests not being made until 2009. The "abduction" thus happened midstream. By 2009 anyone seeking to take advantage of the Algarve's wonderful coastline might have been reassured to know that the "search for Madeleine" was being directed every which way but Portugal (as memory serves from the "sightings"!)


Martin Roberts said...

Some interesting background information courtesy of a contributor elsewhere:


10 January 2005

And for those with time on their hands, a somewhat lengthy comment by 'Lazzeri' (not the Sun journalist of that name):

One which provokes the question:

What manner of 'pup' might the McCanns have been able to sell their new found friends, such that they would line up behind them without demur? Given their relative unfamiliarity to each other, one might suppose the more likely reaction to any announcement of some fatal, non-accidental trauma, would be, 'this is where I get off', not 'this is OUR secret'.

Cheers all!

dewi lennard said...

On reflection, I think it requires a massive leap of imagination to link the staged abduction of Madeleine to RIRA/security activity which took place from 2005 (or possibly earlier) onwards and did not result in arrests until 2009. I tend to reserve judgement on the claim and motives of the Facebook Anonymous person who tells us that some undefined event was taking place and that we should forget all about a paedophile ring.
Having said that, I don't by any means rule out that there could be an Irish dimension to the determination of the UK and PT Governments to bury the Madeleine case and prevent any discussion of it in our lifetimes. I should have to rely for clarification on my twitter friend who had made an in-depth study of this probability. At present, I can only point to the McCann family past (his father was landlord of a pub on the border between the Republic and Northern Ireland), and to the persistence with which persons with Irish background crop up in the story. Robert Naylor's wife, and probably the Rider woman too. As for any others, I'll defer to my twitter friend.

Martin Roberts said...

Dewi Lennard @16:56

Hi Dewi

Fair comment, say I.

Given the various chasms in our knowledge of events 'leaps of the imagination' are somewhat inevitable I fancy.

One thing we do not have to guess at of course is the nationality of the group that interacted with a possible abductor, and whose paterfamilias was convinced the man was NOT Robert Murat.


Martin R.

Martin Roberts said...

A 'must see' kindly contributed via the 'safe deposit box' earlier:

Anonymous said...

'a solution for this situation'

14 May 2007

Place, falling into, people?

Mrtin R.

dewi lennard said...

Whether or not any particular "operation" or train of events will ever be shown to be connected to the Madeleine McCann mystery, I think the answer lies in Gerry's past. I suppose the incoming funds, partly spontaneous and partly sponsored by agencies such as the Leicestershire Constabulary (in the form of their link to the Fund) could be seen as his pension.
Did somebody ask about Murat? I think he was a useful idiot. (Another who has had a nice lump-sum, if not a pension). The UK community of diplomats and their cronies and families, many connected with the port trade, must have had - and continue to have, not only in Portugal - a network of informants and helpers. Murat, according to my interpretation, was called in to provide some essential services.

Martin Roberts said...

Dewi Lennard @16:15

Hello Dewi

"Murat, according to my interpretation, was called in to provide some essential services."

We may have turned the page here but we're still reading at the same pace!

RM - Useful both as a PJ infiltrator and a 'pawn sacrifice' when called for. 'Untouchable' as the abductor, since there wasn't one, and such was not his role in any event.

Agreed too vis-à-vis the 'pension' payments. 'Half a mil' here and there would make for a fairly secure cork I should have thought.

Speaking of which, there is of course that family thing. There's a certain sense of security to be had when one branch owns half the ruddy country!

Pass to the left, eh, what?

Kind regards

Martin R.

Anonymous said...

Kate and Gerry McCann's news briefing BBC News video

30 May 2007
Transcript by Nigel Moore

Gerry McCann: "Yep... We'll just finish by saying that, from this website... the Find website, there is also a link to CEOP, C E O P - which is the Child Exploitation and Online Protection Agency, based in the United Kingdom - for anyone who is listening, who may have been in the Algarve, there is a facility to upload photographs, particularly if you have any of, errr... people in the background of photographs who you don't recognise and we would welcome these particularly in the two weeks leading up to Madeleine's abduction, so, the two weeks prior to the third of May of this year. And any information will help the police investigation. Thank you."


As you say “you know, the sort of family snap you happen to take just as someone else wanders into view.”

Anonymous said...

On the link MR gave 29 September 2015 at 09:56
I note a misprint/error. Lots of interesting words/phrases used to describe what has happened in both interviews.

" Madeleine vanished on ...May 2... after her parents left her, and her brother and sister, both aged 2, alone while they went to a nearby restaurant within their hotel complex at Praia da Luz, a vacation resort in Portugal's Algarve region."

Not significant I expect but jumped out at me.

Amanda S

dewi lennard said...

Ah, CEOP!! The Irish dimension again.

Martin Roberts said...

Anonymous 19.9 @ 21:19
Marco 20.9 @ 07:05
Dewi Lennard 29.9 @16:15

A propos The Question: 'Who ya gonna call?'

The story here ( might be of relevance in this context.

Speaking on behalf of Mr Michael Garveigh his lawyer said: "The person he trusted told law enforcement officers that he was a British intelligence officer and Mr Garveigh did not correct that impression."

There's no smoke without fire, so they say. Perhaps we should entertain the possibility that MG was indeed connected to MI5, or knew someone else who was, and who therefore gave him the idea for his posing. A family member maybe? One who was still resident in the Algarve? (MG was in the USA).

His father John Garveigh was a part-owner of the Ocean Club at the time of the McCanns' visit, when the principals were endeavouring to conclude its sale to Mark Warner (or so I understand from the link given above).

If, in the event of some catastrophe, the first point of contact outside of the 'Tapas' circle should have been senior personnel at the OC, it seems to me at least possible that one or other family member with MI5 connections could have taken it upon themselves to set the security hares running - a risky thing to do as a knee-jerk reaction, but reasonable if justified as 'in order to protect other goings on'.

I think Robert Murat was at his family's 'beck and call' also. He certainly does not appear to have been in any rush to sign divorce papers, or whatever, once he landed.

Cheers all!

Martin R.

Anonymous said...

Many thanks, Martin, for another insightful essay and many thanks to everyone for the helpful comments on observations. As I said elsewhere, Agnos is cool. Thank you, most generous Himself, for being and for being nobody’s fool.

A much younger member of my household: “What is ‘onlyinamerica’”
Me: “A blog”
Amymomh: “What is it about?”
Me: “About everything!”

Another heartfelt piece at

Any thoughts on Google’s inability to find ‘gofundme Gonçalo Amaral’?

Now back to baking bread, helping those who appear unable help themselves and contemplating the omnipresent implicate order mothered by the silent self-referential flower which blooms through the night.

Peace to the Little One, Miriam, Gonçalo and all.

Tomorrow is another day, and mindful of Martin’s remark to the effect that anonymous blogging tends to entail confusion, I will be signing off as ‘rtgr’, as in ‘remember the Golden Rule’.


dewi lennard said...

I promised to add some thoughts (all my own) about Robert Murat. I think he's a small but important cog - a low-level agent, a runner, a gopher - for one of the UK security agencies. Recruited and handsomely paid on an as-and-when-needed basis. I'll give three factors which lead me to this conclusion. First, the social environment from which he comes. I would use the word "family" if it were not for the fact that we have only suspicion, and not proof, that he is related to Symington of the Ocean Club, of the port wine dynasty, and therefore very close to UK diplomacy in Porto, Lisbon, and the Algarve. In other words, easily at the disposal of Ambassador Buck.
Secondly, whatever the rocky nature of the start of his relationship with the local PJ, he soon acquired immunity from persecution and prosecution. Witness the fact that, despite the PJ having apparent knowledge of some dubious (some say extremely nasty) activity on his computer drives, his lawyer was able to stop any discussion of this at interview, and nothing more was heard about it.
Another facet of this immunity, is that he blithely gave two completely opposite versions of the truth in statements to the PJ, first in May and later, given a second bite at the cherry, in July 2007. These contradictions were never followed up by those interviewing him under caution. How many of us could pull off such a trick unless we were being protected?
My third is speculative. Murat hired a car locally on 12th May 2007, and returned it on 15th. His local PJ interrogator told him that records showed it had been driven 700km over those 3-4 days. Murat simply said that the records of the car hire company must be defective - he had used it only to drive a few km locally. Again this was never followed up by rigorous interrogation.
He was charged on 14th May, and as we know, was only released from suspicion some months later. My speculative theory, is that Murat drove the car to Lisbon, where he would have spent several hours over a couple of days with, I suspect, UK diplomats and high-ranking officers of the Interior Ministry including the HQ of the PJ. I believe that he was told that he was going to be charged, but not to worry, everything would turn out OK and he would be richly rewarded.
That could explain why he acquired immunity from proper interrogation, however contradictory his statements, and also why the Faro PJ were ever after that unable to pursue a case against the McCanns and against Murat for leading the pursuit of justice into a labyrinth of untruths and confusion.

Himself said...

Hello Dewi

Without parsing your comment, having spent long enough looking for just one item of reference and failed. Which car was Murat driving when tailed by the PJ?

And I'm not sure if he didn't twig that he was being tailed, even down to employing a little field craft, as you do. I have been going through the emails 'twixt Martin and myself, but there's a million of them.

He has gone very quiet of late, Martin that is. Probably having a well earned break, so I won't be asking him anything on the subject.

I might have another breeze through stuff later on, I know vehicles were a particular topic of discussion.

As later I shall digest your comment to the fullest.


Himself said...


In reply to your tweet, I have just enquired of Martin's welfare.


Martin Roberts said...

Dewi Lennard 26.10 @16:03

Hello, and thank you for your reasoning. The idea that RM was on the 'inside' far better accommodates all we know of his activities than supposing he was merely a hapless do-gooder, there by chance. Things would become a lot clearer if we knew the identity of whoever jerked his chain sufficiently for him to down tools while in Exeter and hot foot it to Portugal!


Martin R.

Anonymous said...

Martin R
Dewi Lennard 26.10 at 16:03

Good morning.

It so happens just a couple of days ago I took the liberty of paying you homage elsewhere, Martin. Good you are back sharp as always, you must have been cogitating, walking the dog…

Can’t help remembering the lovable Eddie and Keelar, and, mention the dogs, that kind man Gerry always having a dog’s dinner at the ready.

Great post, Dewi, thanks for your insights, love your style. Knew the facts but did not see how they could plausibly fit so well into the larger puzzle, something new to think about while baking and smelling the bloody flowers: a kind stranger suggested do this I should. Would much rather relax with that self-referential thingy which blooms through the night and have no worry about my blocked nose. You insights, dear Dewi, are now my precious toys.

Need I say ‘thank you, Himself,’ for keeping your house in impeccable order, your eyes peeled and ear to the ground? Great blog, great crowd, generous master – feels like being at home.

Peace, guys.


An afterthought.

I have been listening to, looking at and reading Gerry for years, he is a kind man, for sure: a catholic, consultant on the matters of heart, loves children, his wife and dogs.

Am I simple-minded? The kind stranger (Anthony?) might have been taking the piss…
Am I being bloody-minded thinking thus of the kind stranger?

These are the questions.

The Tao is a silent flower, another day, Martin is back, the sun is out, I feel like singing!

Anonymous said...

Himself said...

Linked from

Anonymous said...

25 July 2011

"Their arrests are the result of a joint investigation by the the National Counter Terrorism Unit of the Judicial Police and British counter-terrorism authorities, which is thought to have begun four years ago.

The PSNI may have been involved in the operation, as police sources confirmed officers had been previously sent to the region regarding potentially suspicious activities."

Martin Roberts said...

Anonymous @08:11

Many thanks for the link.

Kate McCann's "Police don't want a murder in Portugal" assumes even greater meaning suddenly.



Anonymous said...

Hi M.R.

I concur. As you once said "KM's second phrase does not sit comfortably with the initial clause. It reads like a 'forced marriage' between two ideas wedded more from necessity than natural association."

Kind regards,


dewi lennard said...

Hello rtgr, whoever you are. Sincere thanks for your kind remarks. I only wish that, together, we could put together the final pieces of this puzzle. Maybe we shall, one day. A few brains, which should include Martin's and Goncalo's, around a table laden with good Portuguese wine and some tasty sardines, and we'd have it cracked.

Himself said...

Especially Goncalo, particularly if he is privy to the content of the deleted texts, which he will be.

For therein I think lay 90% of the answers to this case.

Plonk and sardines a bonus.

Martin Roberts said...

Himself @15:44

Even identifying the sender (from their mobile number) would be a revelation, I suspect!

Himself said...

Those numbers I assume, having never been disclosed?

Didn't some higher police or judicial body deem pre 3rd May communications inadmissible, if my memory serves?

Martin Roberts said...

Himself @19:12

We know the numbers alright - just not the name(s) behind them (at least I don't. I shouldn't care to speak for DL).

As to the inadmissibility angle - I think you're right. Damn convenient if you ask me (no, don't), May 2 falling just the wrong side of the judicial timeline (or the right side, depending on one's point of view).

Himself said...

Indeedy Martin. A fellow might be forgiven in thinking the fix was going in from the outset. It strikes me as odd that the largest PJ investigation in the history of Portugal should be hobbled by such a technicality. If indeed it was a technicality and not what it appears to be, instructions from on high.

Unless DL knows different I fancy the phone numbers, although known to the PJ, were redacted prior to release to the public at large.

Madeleine McCann Was Not Abducted Part Two, The Deleted Phone Logs

Anonymous said...

dewi lennard 10 November 2015 at 15:19
Himself, Maren, Agnos, Martin et al.

Hi, Dewi

You post has caught me unawares. Your sincerity and openness have hit me hard (in a good way).

Tangentially. Just had a brief exchange with kind and interesting Agnos wherein Epistemology was mentioned and consequently the first sentence of your post left me wondering whether in everyday discourse one’s implied intention would be better served by saying, convention aside, ‘whatever you are’ instead of ‘whoever you are’, as the former covers a wider range of possibilities. What do you think?

Many pieces of the puzzle will likely remain beyond our grasp for a long time, I guess, if not forever. But proceed doing the puzzle we may, “…the rest is not our business.”

Being with those I like I like. Not sure wine I like. Something stronger than wine and sardines I like. And you I like.

Greetings, Himself, Agnos, Martin, Maren et al.

Thank you for your great posts. You are the salt of the earth. Together you stand! I embrace you and hold you close.

Himself, I hope your mum is ok. I wish her all the best, my old son. Trust me, I know how it feels. And thank you for your patience, art and kind words.

Peace to The Little One, Miriam and all

“Au fond de l'Inconnu pour trouver du nouveau! ” (Charles Baudelaire)

“Да.” (“Yes”) (28 June 1922. Velimir Khlebnikov. Attributed last word)

“Pissing. Shittng.” (Zen poem)


dewi lennard said...

Martin - re your comment on 10th Nov at 2013. "We know the numbers, alright!" But I don't! There are 25 pings on KM's mobile from 28/4 to 1/5 inclusive whose numbers I don't know. A forum friend and I spent some small -no, quite large - amounts of euros applying to a site which identified some known numbers, and we would love to have a crack at these 25. Especially since we discovered a means of doing this for free. Of course, not all numbers are knowable.
If you know these 25 (or so) numbers, please get in touch. Or, maybe you can discover their owners with as much ease, or difficulty, as I can.
Regards, Dewi.

dewi lennard said...

To Anon, 10th at 1519. "Not sure you like wine". That removes at least one of the persons I thought you might be, who has a prodigious liking for wine!!!

Himself said...

Dewi 13:08

Interesting. It was only yesterday I was asking Martin if anybody had looked into these numbers at the time that he knew of, and do you yourself host a blog?

dewi lennard said...

No, I don't have a blog. I'm here, and on twitter. That's it!

Himself said...


Martin Roberts said...

Dewi Lennard @13:08

Dewi, I do apologize for seemingly over-simplifying the case. I was thinking of the texts etc. communicated to GM, and the Vodaphone logs, which are as good as complete in that regard. KM is, I accept, a different kettle of fish. The sheer volume of her calls makes it better than an even money bet there are contacts of more than a little interest among them but, as we both know, these details have either not been forthcoming from the service in question or deliberately withheld from the files. Regrettably I am unable to improve upon your own efforts in that respect.

Kind regards

Martin R.

dewi lennard said...

No problem, Martin. I understand now. I'm quite sure that the answer is, that they have been deliberately withheld. The PJ's own ping-maps show that KM made a raft of contacts on 1 May, especially during the evening just before Mrs Fenn heard screaming. But the relevant Annex in the PJ's 113-page report (it would have been Annex 37), has always been missing.
Speaking of things going missing, my copy of that report in Adobe Reader is no longer accessible. Other inconsequential things I had downloaded there (bills, copies of air tickets etc etc) are available, but not the PJ report. Any idea how that would happen?

Anonymous said...

Himself, Dewi, Martin

Very interesting. Can't comment now: otherwise engaged. Later.



Anonymous said...


I don't whether this helps:

earlier versions of Reader or Acrobat are not as strict as newer versions in their compliance to PDF standards. So, even though you could open a particular PDF in an older version of the app, you may not be able to open it in the latest version.

I believe that Adobe have been forced to tighten up their security and parsing strategies meaning that some older documents are no longer being recognised. Maybe that simple?

(I'm gonna resist calling it a "glitch"!)



dewi lennard said...

Thanks, Agnos. I think that may be the answer, and perhaps has something to do with the sheer size of the PJ report.
I'll see if I made a copy anywhere. In fact, I know I made at least one, which I gave to the Spanish police at the end of a long and fruitful interview with them. Never heard any more, of course!

Anonymous said...