Tuesday, May 17, 2011

This Week's McCann Statistics

Old adages don't always ring true, and it is of ''There is no such thing as bad publicity'' that I have in mind. It would appear that a certain publication has certainly piqued the public interest, but not I fear as was intended by the responsible party. For three blogs that have not been updated for months, these are remarkable figures.

A Verdade Da Mentira: The Truth About The Lie

Average Per Day 124. Average Visit Length 6:59. Last Hour 5. Today 33. This Week 865.

The McCann Gallery
Average Per Day 154. Average Visit Length 2:06. Last Hour 6. Today 28. This Week 1,075.

Good Quality Wristbands
Average Per Day104. Average Visit Length. 1:39. Last Hour 2. Today.24. This Week 730.

Only in America
Average Per Day 225. Average Visit Length 1:14. Last Hour 11. Today 186. This Week 1,578.

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Anonymous said...

Please come back with some more of your comments and cartoons. We need a modern day Gilray. The media are doing the Mcs proud and we need some balance, otherwise we will be overwhelmed with nausea

Himself said...

I'd be lying if I said I haven't been tempted, but then to what avail? I have said all I possibly can on the subject and to start again, some details in the book apart, I would only be reiterating all that has gone before.

I don't look at the three years spent as time wasted, and I'm sure one day I shall be vindicated in all that I have produced. But enough is enough.

I will say this about the latest bit of nonsense. The Met cannot exonerate the McCanns, and if they try it is meaningless, they can only charge them, with what I don't know, fraud would do for a start I suppose.

But these are only my thoughts for today. I have so little faith in the establishment, and rightly so, that in truth I don't really have a clue what the outcome will be.

I thank you for your encouragement, but I'm afraid I shall have to pass.


Anonymous said...

chrissie wrote:
Just saw this on twitter from 'Himself':


and thats all there is to support the allegation of abduction. jimo i do so love Himself – tanszi