Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Come back Nuremberg

The trials, not the rallies.

Libya-France: French lawyer to prosecute NATO for 'crimes' in Libya

French lawyer to prosecute NATO for 'crimes' in Libya - A complaint will be filed in the coming days in Brussels, Belgium, against the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO) for 'crimes' committed in Libya, including the killing of the Libyan leader's son and his three grandchildren, French lawyer Philippe Missamou, announced Thursday to PANA. 'This is a complaint for war crimes and crimes against humanity. I am filing it in Belgium because it is the headquarters of NATO. The Belgian court is competent to assess this complaint,' said the lawyer, who is known for handling political issues. He openly accused NATO of violating the rules of armed conflict in its actions in Libya particularly the protection of civilians. more

Israeli PM's military attache skips UK visit for fear of arrest

Fearing possible arrest over alleged war crimes charges, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's military attache opted to avoid an official visit to Britain this week.

Pro-Palestinian groups have filed a suit in Britain against Maj. -Gen. Yohanan Locker for his involvement in alleged war crimes committed by the Israel Defense Forces (IDF) in Operation Cast Lead, the large-scale military offensive against the Gaza Strip in early 2009.

Locker was deputy chief of the Israel Air Force at the time of the operation, in which some 1,400 Palestinians were killed. more and a strange audio


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NOVEMBER 26, 2012


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By the way, excellent comment in aforementioned article by Simon Aerts (December 25, 2012 7:43 pm).


To Steve and Richard Sherman: I would like to ask them where they got their ridiculous idea that antisemitism has always been a foundation of Dutch culture. As far as I know the opposite has been the case for at least the past four hundred years. When the Jews where expelled from Portugal and Spain in the 16th and 17th century most of them eventually ended up in Amsterdam or somewhere else in the Netherlands. Why? Because the Netherlands where tolerant towards people from different faiths. Among Dutch Jews Amsterdam was even called Jerusalem of the West. Now I’m not claiming there was no antisemitism in the Netherlands at the time, antisemitism was widespread throughout Europe, but to say that antisemitism is a foundation of Dutch culture is just simply wrong. Have you forgotten what a staunch supporter the Netherlands have been to Israel; That my country is one of the few European nations still left that support Israel? Another minor point that I would like to make is that people who are critical of Israels policy’s are not antisemitic. I am saying that because it has recently come to my attention that in many cases anyone who publicly complains about Israels policy is castigated as a antisemite.