Thursday, May 05, 2011

Daily Mail. I Think You Need Some New Bin Laden Graphics

It was only the mention elsewhere on the web of a particular photograph that caused me to visit the Daily Mail. Because in truth, I loath the shitty little rag, and you might understand part of that loathing if you take a look at the Mail, getting it wrong yet again, in its rush to wave the American Swastika in its great big, ''we got bin Laden'' page.

That particular photograph was said to show some technical innovations to the tail rotor of the downed helicopter used on the raid. I must stress, it was only my interest as an engineer, not an admirer of weapons of war that took me there.

Whether I agree with the killing of bin Laden in the manner we have supposedly witnessed, I really wouldn't like to say. But what I do find a bit unacceptable, is the carnival atmosphere celebrating his death, by no other means than state sponsored murder.

It does no harm to remember, amid all this jingoistic shite and support the troops bullshit, that these brave defenders of American freedom, would shoot you dead without batting an eyelid, if so ordered.

Obama watched Bin Laden die on live video as shoot-out beamed to White House

Obama watched assault on compound housing Bin Laden in real time
Compound was yards from Pakistan's 'Sandhurst' military academy
DNA tests 99.9 per cent certain man killed WAS Bin Laden
U.S. embassies on alert over Al Qaeda reprisal attacks
Obama and George W. Bush both declare: 'Justice has been done'

President Obama was watching on a TV screen as a commando gunned down Osama bin Laden. Via a video camera fixed to the helmet of a U.S. Navy Seal, the leader of the free world saw the terror chief shot in the left eye.

The Seal then carried out what is known in the military as a ‘double tap’ – shooting him again, probably in the chest, to make certain he was dead.

The footage of the battle in Bin Laden’s Pakistani hideout – which played out like an episode of 24 – is said to show one of his wives acting as a human shield to protect him as he blasted away with an AK47 assault rifle.

She died, along with three other men, including one of Bin Laden’s sons. Within hours, the Al Qaeda leader’s body was buried at sea. blah blah

Number 7

The daughter has reportedly told her Pakistani investigators that the US forces captured her father alive but shot him dead in front of family members.
According to sources, Bin Laden was staying on the ground floor of the house and was dragged on the floor to the helicopter after being shot dead by US commandos. Al Arabiya
The CIA categorically denies Well that's alright then.

The photograph in question.

“Not a single bullet was fired from the compound at the US forces and their choppers. Their chopper developed some technical fault and crashed and the wreckage was left on the spot,” a well-informed official explained. Al Arabiya


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